InWin 909 Full Tower Case Review

Final Thoughts

Overall the InWin 909 is a very impressive case. Its unique layout allows you to push the boundaries of your build. Which is something that you could not do with the InWin 904. The 909 is a great example of a company designing cases, that don’t feel like an old design. InWin has been bringing some great and fresh ideas to the case market. Add in their choice of high end materials, like aluminum, and tempered glass, and the case looks like a work of art (even when there is nothing in it). I’m a fan of simple and elegant, and the InWin 909 wins my heart for that. The 909 is not the perfect case. It is a very nice case, plus it’s a great addition to a very elegant line of cases that already exist. InWin incorporated the feedback from the community, but, didn’t alter the design too much, maintaining the unique signature look of the 900 series cases. At a price of $449 for the InWin 909, it is not a cheap case. But, unlike a lot of cases at this price point, the 909 feels like an exotic sports car, that’s been built using only the best materials out there.

I do feel that if you were to install any fans in the front, they would barely get any air, as there are no vents in the front. There is a filtered bottom intake that will allow you to get some air flow in. However, the back of the case is great for air flow. So, you should get better cooling performance from the InWin 909, when compared to the In Win 904. The unique design comes with one issue, if you are a person who plugs and unplugs items from the back of their motherboard on a frequent basis, this case might not be for you, as you will have to remove a side panel in order to access the rear I/O. Also, some people might not like the fact that the included extension cables are not sleeved. I do wish that those were sleeved black. But, I also feel that if you are buying this case, you will most likely have some sleeved cables already (or sleeve your own cables).


The In-Win 909 is available at Newegg for $449 (Silver), and $419 (Black) at the time of review.



  • Thermally isolated design keeps components cool.
  • NO Compromise on storage space when it comes to 3.5″ HDDs, or 2.5″ SSDs.
  • All aluminum construction, with a uni-body front panel design.
  • Unique rear panel design, allowing for bigger radiators in the back of the case (up to 360mm or 280mm)


  • Must remove a side panel to access motherboard rear I/O.
  • Lack of air intake area for the front fans.



Given the unique design, and the choice of materials used for the InWin 909, it is a case that is fully worthy of the Mod Zoo seal of approval. If you want an exotic case, that not only looks the part, but, also lets you create an exotic build as well. Then the InWin 909 should be on your list.






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