Silverstone RVZ02 Mini-ITX Case Review


With smaller ITX form factor gaining traction in the last few years, it’s no surprise to see more cases geared toward these systems, hitting the market. Whether you’re after a portable LAN system, a home theater PC, or something to save desk space, the appeal of small form factor cases is real. Trouble lies in trying to cram a full size graphics card into a small case. Sure you want it small, but you want powerful too. Silverstone’s Raven Z line is built for that challenge, and the RVZ02 is the case for the job.

Spurred on by the rush of “Steam Box” cases, the RVZ02 is Silverstone’s second take on such a case. Coming in at only 12 liters in volume, it’s a tiny case capable of fitting a 13” graphics card. You can find the case at a variety of retailers; it’s currently available for $79.99 (Windowed) and $64.99 (Non-Windowed) at newegg.

Let’s check out the tech specs, you can find them here at Silverstone’s product page for the RVZ02.



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