Thermaltake Core x71 Full Tower Case Review

External Features:

The first thing to note is that the Core x71 is a pretty large case.  The front is covered with mesh, though not 100% of it is pass-through.  There is a large side window on the top section, and more mesh over the bottom section.

The top of the case has the standard headphone and microphone jacks, reset switch, hard drive activity light, power switch (which is lit), two (2) USB 3.o ports, and two (2) USB 2.0 ports.  The top panel also has a magnetic dust filter covering almost all of it.

The rear of the case has a couple pass through holes with grommets,  space to mount up to a 140mm fan (included), eight (8) PCI expansion slots, and two (2) locations for the PSU.  The right side panel is blank, with the lower section having more of the slotted mesh.

The bottom of the x71 has a full length removable dust filter that slides out either the front or back, and tall case feet with rubber pads.

Under the removable dust filter, there is room to mount up to two (2) 140mm fans.

The top dust filter is held in place with magnetic strips attached around the perimeter, allowing for easy removal and replacement.  There is no top panel otherwise, so with out the mesh filter all the fan grills and mounting slots are exposed.

There is room in the top for mounting up to three (3) 120mm, three (3) 140mm, or two (2) 200mm fans.  Thermaltake have used a combination of slots and holes for the various fan mounting configurations.

Behind the front panel, there is another removable mesh fan filter, room for up to three (3) 120mm, three (3) 140mm (a pair of 140mm Riing fans included), or two (2) 200mm fans.



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