Deepcool Dukase Mid-Tower Case Review

External Features

The Deepcool Dukase has a front panel that covers the front air intake, and features a bump out side window.


The top of the chassis has a top panel over the fan holes, as well as a single USB 3.0, single USB 2.0, audio and mic ports, power and reset buttons, and a built in fan controller.


With the top panel removed, we can see that there is space for up to two (2) 120mm or two (2) 140mm fans.


The front door swings open to reveal the air intake, as well as room for two (2) 5.25″ bays and a single 3.5″ bay (using a 5.25″ bay behind it)


Behind the front panel, we can see that they’ve used plastic mesh for an air filter, which is nice.  There is also room here for mounting two (2) 120mm or one (1) 140mm fan.  It would have been nice to have more mounting locations for the 140mm fan (more on that later).


The rear of the Dukase shows a pretty standard seven (7) expansion slots, a single 120mm fan, and the PSU mounting location.  The right side panel is the same shape as the left with a solid panel and no window.  The bump out is nice for cable management, if you need it.



The bottom of the case has four (4) feet with rubber pads, as well as a mesh filter for the PSU intake.


Coming up next ….. Internal Features

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