Deepcool Dukase Mid-Tower Case Review

Internal Features

On the inside of the Dukase, there is a PSU shroud that hides all the wires, your 3.5″ drives, and the power supply.  The indented stripe is designed for an LED strip, so you can use it to light up the inside of the case.


The 5.25″ drive bays use tool-less holders on this side of the case. The one for the 3.5″ drive, however, still uses screws.


There are two (2) 2.5″ drive trays that mount to the top of the PSU shroud, and can be removed with a single thumbscrew on each.  A third 2.5″ drive can be mounted on the back of the side wall, below the 5.25″ bays as well.


From the back side of the motherboard tray there are a lot of spaces to route cables, and a nice large cutout for a CPU backplate.  It would have been nice to have a few more cable tie points between the grommets (left/right of them), but was able to manage with the ones that were there.


There is room for mounting two (2) 3.5″ drives with the pair of drive trays in the lower section of the Dukase.  Each can be removed with a thumbscrew and slide in or out of place.  A third 3.5″ drive can be installed below the 5.25″ bays.


Something they’ve definitely done right, is allow the 5.25″ bays to be completely removed with just a screwdriver (no rivets involved).  This is always nice, but I would like to see better radiator support for the front, otherwise this is almost a useless feature (apart from aesthetics).


The top panel can also pop off, and takes with it all the front I/O cables, and buttons.


With no exterior panels on this case, it looks surprisingly spacious.  This would be an extremely easy case to mod, with such easy access to everything.


The bottom two (2) 3.5″ drive bays can be removed by removing the four (4) screws that the mounting panel uses.  This allows the entire bottom section to be open for whatever.


There is only about 1/2″ of space behind the motherboard to run cables, but also keep in mind that there is the bump out on the panel, which helps a lot.


Up at the front there is about 3/4″ of space to run wires, by the 5.25″ bays.



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