Deepcool Dukase Mid-Tower Case Review

System Install

If you feel so inclined, there is room for a 360mm radiator to live in the front of the Dukase.  You’ll have to do a little bit of work, however, as this isn’t supported by Deepcool.


Likewise, although not supported, there is also enough room for a 360mm radiator in the top of the chassis.  This would probably require more work than the front, but we’re modders, right?


There are plenty of cutouts for routing wires around the motherboard.  With an ATX motherboard installed, you lose access to the left column of cutouts, but the three (3) that are there should be more than sufficient.


There is room for mounting a 240mm radiator plus fans in the top of the case, but the dimensions are limited to a total of 56mm in thickness (fan + radiator).

There is plenty of space for GPUs, up to 390mm.


With the 5.25″ drive bays removed, there is a decent amount of space to fit a reservoir, pump, or combination thereof as well.  It may require some drilling to use screws, but pretty easy.  Just note this adds new limitations to GPU length.




The power supply can be mounted with the fan either up or down, but there is no vent in the PSU shroud to allow easy air intake from the PSU.


It would have been pretty nice to have a removable panel to allow a larger radiator to be installed in the front, but I was still able to get a 140mm radiator installed, sort of (see below).


Although the 140mm radiator fits at the top, I had to pass the screws through some of the triangular mesh, rather than fan holes.  As a result, I could only get three (3) of the screws to line up.  An optional set of fan screw holes would be nice here.  Better yet, throw some slots in there to allow even more options.



With the PSU shroud it’s fairly easy to install a pretty clean system.  The watercooling was pretty easy.



Overall the system Deepcool Dukase was a pretty decent case to build in.  It’s certainly not something you’d confuse for a high end case geared towards watercooling, but I’d say it’s pretty capable for the price point.


Coming up next ….. Final Thoughts

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