Noctua IndustrialPPC 24V Fans and Chromax Accessories Review

If you’re a PC builder, modder, or enthusiast, odds are you’re familiar with brown fans. Why? Because brown fans have been the trademark of Austrian fan and cooling solution manufacturer Noctua. As an enthusiast, you want the best for your system and you’ve done your research and have found out that Noctua’s products are often at the top of performance charts, the crème de la crème of the cooling world. There was always a problem with Noctua products and color conscious PC builders: brown clashed with mainstream color schemes.

Much to the joy of fan enthusiasts, Noctua announced their Redux and IndistrialPPC lines a little over two years ago. Both of these lines would offer fans of the renowned fans a long clamored-for feature: a non-brown option. Noctua has recently decided to build on the IndustrialPPC line via a 24V fan line as well as expand its color options with Chromax accessory packs. Let’s check them out!

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