Noctua IndustrialPPC 24V Fans and Chromax Accessories Review


Let’s take a minute and talk about these. I’m cool with the brown, but we’re modders and color is a huge part of our game. These little guys are begging to be opened up to the rainbow spectrum and that’s just what Noctua did.

Chromax accessories include alternate anti-vibration pads and Noctua’s anti-vibration fan mounts, both of which are available in six colors besides brown!

You’ll find the color of either the pads or mounts printed on the front of the box as well as a picture on the back.

Each Chromax corner pad pack includes sixteen pads, enough for two fans with one color or four fans if you only do colors on one side.

The anti-vibration mounts also come with sixteen in a pack, enough to mount four fans.

Color-wise you’ve got the major bases covered: black, white, yellow, red, blue, and green.

The anti-vibration fan mounts are available in the same colors and match flawlessly.

Pad installation is incredibly easy; the soft silicone pads have two retention pins molded on and the outer edge of the pad wraps around the fan frame. The pads themselves are resilient and after multiple installs show no sign of wear.

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