Noctua IndustrialPPC 24V Fans and Chromax Accessories Review

Final Thoughts

I think it’s clear that Noctua’s industrialPPC fans are meant for a different application than standard PC use, one that can get the full function of the 24 volt range of these fans. Modders could very well make use of these fans given that they’re exposed to many situations that the average PC user isn’t, such as industrial equipment like laser cutters, CNCs and the like. These fans, like the 12V varieties, are exceptional in quality and performance, but I struggle with the price point being around $30.00 if you’re only going to be using them in 12V situations. I’d much rather have the full fan speed of 2000 or 3000 RPM at my finger tips and whittle that down with PWM control, a common feature on today’s motherboards. If you’re in a situation where controling the fan speed isn’t an option, then the 24V models would be a great option as they’re cut down by the voltage already.

For the modding crowd, I think Chromax is where the bread and butter lies with these recent releases from Noctua. Now, finally, the entire enthusiast PC community can quit griping about Noctuas only coming in brown! You can get the best fans out there in customizable color schemes. I used the 24V fans and the Chromax pads in my recent NZXT Manta review and they worked great. If you want to add a splash of accent color to a build, Chromax is a perfect solution. I went with white pads on the visible side of the fan for some flash and black on the mounting surface for discreteness and but also to have the anti-vibration effect.

As I mentioned above, the 24V industrialPPC fans (all variants) can be had for around $30 through various e-tailers. The Chromax accessory packs (six different colors) can be found for $7-10 with each containing either 16 anti-vibration pads or 16 anti-vibration fan mounts.


These fans are truly knock-outs and the Chromax accessories add an awesome level of customization that Noctua fans have always lacked.  It’s an easy Mod Zoo Approved stamp for me!


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