Thermal Take Core P5 Case Review

As if all the other accessories were not enough, the Core P5 also comes with a nice pump mounting bracket. Now if for some reason you are not running a custom loop in this case, you can use that pump bracket as an Action Figure stand for your build as well.


Next up are the PCIe extension cable mounting brackets. This bracket allows you to support the weight of you GPU so that the included extension cable is not getting any extra damaging pressure. This also makes installing a GPU to the case a very easy task. These brackets are only needed if you are going to mount your GPU vertically.


The Core P5 also comes with a nice PCI mounting bracket that has eight slots. In theory you can do a build that is running four GPUs as long as they don’t take more than 2 slots each. Given that its a simple PCI bracket, it can be mounted for either horizontal or vertical GPU mounting.


For vertical GPU mounting, you need to use the included GPU mounting bracket. The GPU mounting bracket installs very easily, and has a nice big cut out for routing the PCIe extender cables.


But wait there is more, you also get the PSU mounting brackets in the accessory box. This bracket has multiple mounting locations based on your PSU length, so installing a standard ATX PSU should not be an issue.


For those who do not want to mount this case on the wall, you can use the included feet to keep the case standing on your desk. The feet are made of steel, with plastic covers on the top, the bottom have some rubber pads to prevent scratching and sliding on a hard surface. Make sure that your feet are properly torqued or your case might wobble a bit.


Finally the case also comes with four chrome standoffs that you have to mount to the for corners, and the clear acrylic panel is held on to those.


Keep in mind that the standoffs are finger magnets so be careful when handling them with extra oily hands or after doing that bad thing that you guys do. [Editor: What? Flinging Poo?]

As I had mentioned earlier, you can install the PCI bracket horizontally as we have done for the longest time. Keep in mind that case only comes with 1 PCIe extender cable, so if you need to run more than one GPU you would have to either get multiple extender cables, or mount the PCI bracket horizontally.

Here is how the case looks like the vertical PCI bracket installed. One of the key features on this case is the ability to mount GPUs vertically, and the bracket allows you to do that.


Here is a view of the rear of the case with the panel off. As you can see that the CPU cutout is blocked off by the HDD mounting bracket. This could be an issue if you forgot to mount the CPU cooler before mounting the motherboard to the case. Well fear not, the HDD bracket can be removed as it is held in place using couple screws on each side.

Here is how much space you get to install the any CPU cooler you want. I normally recommend that you install your CPU, and CPU cooler or water-block before installing the motherboard into the case.


Now as I was doing the build, my Z97 Formula board did not want to play nice with the grommets on the case. As you can see I had to push the grommets a bit out of the way so that I can screw in the motherboard.


Talking about grommets, one of the other issues that I faced was that the fact that there are not enough grommets to route cables from the PSU. There is only one grommet in the bottom that you can use to route your cables, and if you are using a BIG PSU like the Corsair AX1200i pictured above cable routing can be a little unpleasant. The PSU covers some of the grommet, reducing the amount of space we have available for routing cables. Keep in mind this is an issue only for those with really big PSUs, rest should be perfectly fine.

Building with the Core P5 is the easiest thing anyone can do. There is nothing around the case that will restrict your or for those who have fat fingers to get into places where other cases might not make it easy. Add in the fact that the case comes un-assembled, you can chose to only install what you want so clutter is reduced.


The ability to vertically mount a GPU is really nice, and allows you to fill up the space and showcase your GPU in a nice way. I also feel that this design allows you to get the best thermal performance for your CPU and your GPU as the components are not in a case where you can have hot air trapped and being circulated. I do hope that with the core P5 you are using a nice custom loop, and not some all in one cooler (get the Core P3 for that), or mount a Hyper 212 on a case this big (fine for testing hardware).


Overall I was really happy with this case, and I feel it is great case for showcasing the nice hardware that you have. I feel vertical mounting of the GPUs is the way forward as it allows the best cooling, and gives you the best view of a very key component on a nice gaming rig. Add in ample water-cooling room, and the Core P5 does not disappoint for its price. Call it what you want, this case is unique and ThermalTake has made the wall mount PC a very mainstream design thanks to its price.


For those interested here are the build specs:

Motherboard – Gigabyte Z87 OC
CPU – Intel i7 – 4770K
GPU – Asus GTX 980 Ti Strix OC
PSU – Corsair AX1200i
SSD – Intel 300 series
CPU Block – EK Supremacy
Reservoir – XSPC Photon 270 with DDC Pump
Pump – Swiftech MCP 35x
Fans – Enermax TB Silence PWM fans (x4)
Radiator – HardwareLabs GTX 480
Tubing – PETG 1/2″OD tubing from MNPCTECH.COM
Fittings – Primochill Hardline Fittings

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