Swiftech H2O Drive X2 Liquid Cooling Kit Review

Greg (PCpackrat) from MunkyMods, takes a look at Swiftech’s newest revision of their AIO Liquid Cooling Kit!


For more than a decade, Swiftech has been known as a leader in liquid cooling for personal computers. Swiftech has spent years designing award winning heatsinks, reservoirs, co-designing pumps (in an exclusive agreement with Laing Pumps), and producing All-In-One liquid CPU cooling kits. With names like H2O Ultima, and H2O Edge, these All-In-One (AIO) kits gave you a complete liquid CPU cooling loop, but, with the possibility of expanding it to cool your GPU. In the past, the H2O Ultima and H2O Edge kits had no style, with the bulky reservoir on one end, and the pump on the other end. This also meant you needed extra room to fit the whole rig.

After the H2O Ultima and Edge Kits, Swiftech did a full redesign of their AIO liquid cooling kit. The H2O X line, which included the H220 X, H240 X and H320 X had a new style. The reservoir (clear acrylic) was now on the front, bottom edge of the radiator, with the pump right behind the reservoir. This made the unit more compact, reducing the total length, to roughly the same length of a standard radiator. Now you could use this kit in more cases, with less fitment problems.

Today we will take a look at the new Swiftech H2O Drive X2 series of AIO liquid CPU coolers, which is an update to the H2O X series. The Drive X2 line consists of the H220 X2 (Two 120mm fans/240mm), the H240 X2 (Two 140mm fans/280mm) and the H320 X2 (Three 120mm fans/360mm). The part number convention is “H”+ the number of fans (“2” or “3”) + size of fans (“20” for 120mm or “40” for 140mm). Each of these models is also available as a “Prestige” model. The Prestige kits include better fittings (compression instead of barb/clamp fittings) and better fans (“Noiseblockers” in stead of standard). So today, the unit we are testing, is the “H240 Drive X2 Prestige kit”, a 280mm radiator with two (2) 140mm Noiseblocker fans.

Specifications taken for the Swiftech Website:

Radiator with patent pending integrated pump and reservoir (1 each)
Radiator body
Material Brass tubes, louvered copper fins
Body dimensions 140 mm x 293 mm x 28 mm
Fill-port thread class G 1/4
Compression fittings Lok-Seal swivel for 5/8″ tubing OD
Installation hardware
  • Standard: (8) coarse thread fans screws
  • Alternate: (8) 6-32 x 1 3/16 (30mm)  Philips screws
Lighting type ALED
Material Acrylic
Capacity 109 ml
Lighting type ALED
Pump speed control PWM
Pump Speed range 1200 ~ 3000 RPM
Pump nominal voltage 12 VDC
Pump nominal power 6W
Max. Static Pressure 2.8 mH₂O
Max. discharge 11 l/mn
Redundant fail safe
  • Software current limiting fail-safe and
  • Hardware shutoff built-into the pump power wires. The hardware fail safe is only triggered in case of a firmware malfunction.
Pump Bearing type Ceramic shaft, PTFE bearing
Pump Power connector SATA
Pump RPM & PWM connector Mini 4-pin
Pump MTBF 60,000 hours
ROHS Compliant
Pre-installed NB-eLoop™ Fan (2 each)
Dimensions 140 mm x 140 mm x 25 mm
Speed control PWM
Speed range PWM adjustable 500 ~ 1800 RPM
Airflow < 123 CFM
Static pressure <2.35 mmH₂O
Noise level <36,4 dB/A
Nominal Voltage 12 v
Power input < 3.6 W
Connector Mini 4-pin
MTBF 60,000 hours
ROHS Compliant
Apogee™ XL2 Waterblock (1 each)
Housing material Clear acrylic
Base plate material C110 copper
Cooling engine 0.25mm x 0.25mm  micro-pin array
Compression fittings Lok-Seal swivel 45 degree elbows
Port thread G1/4 standard
Installation hardware & processor + socket compatibility
  • For Intel LGA 1150/51/55/56
    • M4 to M3 Standoffs + Back-plate
  • For Intel LGA 2011
    • (4) Spring loaded screws with M4 thread
  • For AMD AM2, AM3, FM1,FM2, 939
    • (2) Pre-assembled brackets & spring loaded screws
    • Bracket installation screws
Lighting type ALED
Tubing & Coolant
Material PVC tubing
Color Clear
Dimensions 5/8″ x 3/8″ (16/10mm)
Coolant Pre-filled with non-toxic propylene glycol coolant mix
Clamps (4 each)
Material Black anodized aluminum
PWM splitter (1 each)
PWM Ports 4
RPM signal port Channel 1
ALED connectors 3
2 pin connector 1
Power connector SATA
PWM/RPM connector Mini 4-pin
Installation hardware Peel-off sticker,  mounting screws & nuts
ROHS Compliant
Tim-Mate 2, 1g syringe thermal compound
Quick Installation Guide


Radiator Dimensions

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