Swiftech H2O Drive X2 Liquid Cooling Kit Review

In The Box:

It’s great to see pictures on the box of the actual product, in full color (not some artists rendering).


Plus, a list of the actual box contents in Six (6) different languages.


It’s also great to see actual sizes and specifications right on the box. You don’t have to buy it before you know the specs (or if it fits).


I also really love the way the packing shows some of the color choices attainable, with the included coolant color dies and RGB lighting.


Open the box and you are greeted by rubberized foam packing, not a cardboard tray like most of the other AIOs.


I would have liked to see a true custom fit foam surround, which would give even more confidence.


But, once you remove the unit from the box, you will start to see the high build quality.


Plus, the fact that it is fully assembled, and is technically ready to run.


The additional parts and accessories include:

  • (3) Coolant Color Dies.
  • (8) Fan/Rad Screws.
  • (8) Fan/Case Screws.
  • RGB/Fan Controller.
  • Swiftech Decal/Badge.
  • Thermal Compound.
  • AMD CPU Mounts.


Plus, a complete “Quick Installation Guide”, showing waterblock installs on one side, and wiring hookup on the other.

Sockets Included are:

  • Intel LGA-1150/1151
  • Intel LGA-1155/1156
  • Intel LGA-2011/2011-3
  • AMD AM2+/AM3+



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