Swiftech H2O Drive X2 Liquid Cooling Kit Review


You can see how the Swiftech H2O Drive X2 system is much more compact than older Swiftech AIO versions.


The pump (which is actually a MCP-50X pump bottom) is screwed directly to the back of the acrylic reservoir.


Here is a closeup of the Swiftech pump (a MCP 50x pump base) that screws directly to the reservoir.


The fillport (which is G1/4) is at one end of the unit. So, if you need to use it, you’ll either have to mount the unit vertical, or do it while the unit is outside of your case.


The Drive X2 “Prestige” Kit, includes Two (2) Noiseblocker Fans (either 120mm or 140mm, depending on your model).


Noiseblocker fans are known as one of the best fans available. They are PWM, have rubber anti-vibration pads, sleeved cables, and a very unique blade design. This unique design where the blades are connected to each other at their ends makes for a very quiet fan.


The waterblock also has G1/4 fittings (barb/clamp for standard, or compression for “Prestige”) and RGB lighting.


The waterblock is made using a nickel plated copper base with an acrylic top. Check out the mirror finish on the block!


The tubing is clear-ish. It is 5/8″ outside diameter and 1/2″ Inside diameter. So, flow should never be a problem.


The Fan/RGB controller runs off of SATA power, plus a PWM motherboard header.

It has One (1) output for your pump, Three (3) PWM Fan outputs, Three (3) RGB lighting outputs and the RGB light switch. Pushing the RGB switch toggles through each color plus Three (3) levels of brightness for each color. It can be mounted by Two (2) screws or has 3M double sided tape on the back.


Now lets talk about the coolant color die. The kit comes with all Three (3) primary colors of die. This means that if you mix the right quantities of each color, you should be able to make any color from clear to black.

Note: Do Not Consume!


The kit also comes with a 1 gram applicator of thermal compound, which should be enough for a couple of applications.



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