Swiftech H2O Drive X2 Liquid Cooling Kit Review


The idea of having an expandable, All In One (AIO) liquid cooling kit, is certainly moving in a positive direction. It fills a needed step directly between a basic AIO CPU liquid cooler and building a full custom loop. You could say, “It’s like an AIO liquid cooler on steroids”.  The use of G1/4 fittings (barb or compression) certainly makes the thought of expansion a much easier endeavor. Just get yourself a GPU Waterblock, a few more fittings, a little more tubing and there you go …… expanded!

While the new X2 series is much more compact than the older Swiftech AIO series (ultima, edge, etc.), it still has fitment limitations. The radiator and reservoir can only be used together, due to fittings and connections. This means it can only go in your case in certain orientations. There have also been some reports that earlier models have leaked in those fittings. To date, our current review sample has had no such leaks. The pump (MCP-50X) could be used separately (when someone decides to manufacturer pump tops for it).  However, the waterblock and fans can certainly be used, if you graduate to a full custom loop.

If I were to compare the Swiftech X2 kit exclusively to all other AIO liquid cooling kits, it would definitely be at the top of the heap. It’s unique looks, RGB lighting with colored die and quality components puts it miles ahead of the competition. If you are going to stick with the same rig, and maybe expand to water cooling your GPU, this kit is for you. However, if you change cases often, fitment might be an issue. So, you might be better off investing in individual liquid cooling components. Which, of course, Swiftech also sells!



  • All the parts in the kit are high quality components.
  • Easily expandable by adding a GPU loop to system.
  • Outperforms every one of the AIO coolers I’ve tested.
  • RGB Controller can adjust both color and brightness.
  • Included die for coloring water adds to individuality.
  • Some of the kit’s parts could be used in a custom loop.


  • Radiator/Reservoir is still too bulky for some installs.
  • Fan/RGB Controller only works as a PWM Fan Hub.
  • The RGB Light Controller lacks full RGB color control.
  • Pump, Reservoir & Radiator can only be used together.
  • Limited orientation and no option for Push/Pull Fans.
  • Reports of leaks in acrylic reservoir are disconcerting.


The Swiftech H2O Drive X2 Liquid CPU Cooling Kit is certainly a great way to dip your toes into water cooling. I’m pretty sure once you do, you will progress to expanding it (or maybe even move to a full custom loop). If I were just comparing it to all other non-expandable AIO coolers, I would give it a Five (5) out of Five (5) rating. But, it was not without it’s problems like fitment, orientation and specialized parts. For this, I give it Four (4) ‘nanners out of Five (5).

But, that said …… It’s still a step above all other AIO coolers! So, of course it’s Mod Zoo approved!


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