Tesoro GRAM Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard


In the realm of mechanical keyboards, size often is a (forgive the pun) large factor in the fit and finish of your keyboard. The Venerable IBM Model M takes up a fair amount of real estate on the desk, and if you find a good mechanical deck with a small footprint, the height of the switches often makes the keyboard feel awkward.

Enter the Tesoro GRAM Spectrum – A keyboard designed around the thin AGILE key switch, manages to capture a smaller footprint and blends it with a lower key height to give you a keyboard that is sleek, stylish and feels like a great mechanical board under your hands. Toss in RGB backlights on each switch for 16.8 million color combinations as well as a thin and sporty looking plastic body with an aluminum face plate and you have a keyboard that looks great as well.

Color Black/ White
Processor 32bit ARM Cortex Premium
Memory 512KB (4Mb) Onboard Memory
Switch Gaming Grade
Key lifespan 60 million keystrokes
Material Plastic/ Iron
Ultra-polling Rate 1000Hz
Connection USB
Key Rollover Full N-Key / 6 Key Rollover
Backlit 16.8M RGB color
Lighting Effects Yes
Special keys Keyboard lock, Reset Hotkey, Instant Macro Recording, Instant Profile Switch
Multimedia Keys 6
Cable 1.8 meters, braided, detachable
Weight Keyboard: 1.05kg
Dimensions Keyboard: 445x136x24.5mm

Let’s get a better look at the keyboard.

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