Tesoro GRAM Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard

Closer Look

The first thing I saw was this extremely well designed box. Walking through shelf after shelf of merchandise, this is a box that would stand out in the crowd.

The back continues this trend, giving a brief breakdown of the highlights and letting the bright strong colors speak to the customer.

Inside the box, the keyboard is cradled in a bed of sturdy foam that is more than enough to ensure the device will survive all but the worst shipping accidents.

Included with the keyboard is a small and neatly presented ‘Quick Start Guide’ as well as the detachable braided 1.8 meter (~6 feet) USB A to Mini cable.

Not included is a driver CD, so you will have to to the Tesoro web site (www.tesorotec.com) for drivers and firmware updates.

The font on the keys is a kind of futuristic style that instead of being printed on the keys directly are instead voids in the black dye that covers the otherwise translucent keys. The dye layer is fairly thick, but does have the chance that it will start to wear through with time and typing, so you will need to keep that in mind over the years.

Below the F key designations, you can see the ‘Fn’ options for five configurable profiles, a full keyboard lockout (To allow you to demonstrate the key triggered lighting effects without effecting the PC) and media control shortcuts.

The remaining keys are in a pretty standard setup, with the navigation keys easy to reach from the arrows. The ‘Fn’ options include switching between full PC mode to ‘Game’ mode (with the start key locked out), changing the key rollover from nkey to 6key depending on the age of your game or motherboard, and lighting mode shortcuts on the arrows (Brightness on up and down as well as lighting mode change on left and right).

At ~17.5 inches wide (~45cm), this keyboard is the same width as your standard keyboard but due to it’s overall thinness, it FEELS much smaller than it really is.

From the side angles, you can get a feel for the overall thinness. Also, you can see the red base of the switch. Tesoro also has a thin blue switch model available.

Here you can really see how thin the keyboard is. On the bottom, Tesoro included some non slip feet that do a good job. The USB Mini port, however, offers no side to side support for the cable, meaning over time there will be a lot of stress on the internal connector.

Let’s take a look at the lighting and software

Coming up next ….. Software and LEDs

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