Tesoro GRAM Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard

Software and LEDs

Given the recent flood of RGB LED products, it’s kind of hard to get excited about lighting these days, but I will give Tesoro credit for giving you the option of being subtle with the lighting effects by allowing you to set the brightness of every effect instead of keeping them on ‘BLIND’ at all times.

On the black deck, the back glow on the LEDs is subtle enough not to be MASSIVELY distracting to touch typists, but is eye catching enough that it will stand out when you want to grab someone’s attention. Any fire based theme would definitely benefit from the red this board generates.

For those of you looking to do a Star Trek Borg based theme on a future mod, the full green with the black deck would be a wicked addtion.

Often, in my experience, Blue LEDs tend to be overwhelming and painful to look at straight on, but Tesoro manages to capture the color without the pain. I find I can type on the deck in full darkness without any discomfort.

Sometimes the blend colors are difficult to get just right, but to my eyes, the yellow looks pretty good.

A good example of the difficulty in getting pure ‘blended’ color is the ‘white’ (Setting all three Red, Green and Blue to 255) is that the white has a distinctly purple cast to my eyes as well as to my camera.

Where the LEDs really show their muscle, in my opinion, is in the Rainbow mode.

If you want to draw people to your desk based on your keyboard alone, Rainbow is the key.

The GRAM configuration software is fairly straight forward to use and easy to figure out. Across the top, you see the 6 profiles that are selectable for configuration.

You can select individual configurations for each key by first selecting one of the 5 profiles and then selecting a key.

Each key can be assigned with a custom macro for either application automation, or, for the intended audience of this keyboard, stringing together long keyboard commands to either communicate in game or to dish out some wicked strings of spell damage.

Each key can be custom assigned different key values so you can collapse commands that are often across the board from each other without needing to wade through game menus to find the Key Assignment, or, if the game doesn’t ALLOW you to reassign in game.

With the SYNC Program function, each profile allows you to assign up to 5 applications that, when executed, will automatically cause the keyboard to switch to that profile. Alternatively, you can select a program under the Launch Program button that will execute when you select the profile on the keyboard itself.

Illumination let’s you set the entire board’s color in one setting. Lighting Effects brings up a selection of 8 options:

  1. Standard (fully lit)
  2. Trigger (key lights when struck, then fades out)
  3. Ripple (a line of light spreads out from the key across the height of the keyboard then fades)
  4. Firework (a small ‘burst’ of the color you select plus white surround the key, then fades)
  5. Radiation (a line of light spreads out from the key along the same row, then fades)
  6. Breathing (full keyboard fades from black to full illumination in your selected color)
  7. Rainbow Wave (entire keyboard cycles through full colors from left to right)
  8. Spectrum Colors (select different colors for different keys and choose ‘Shine’, ‘Breathing’ or ‘Trigger’ lighting)

With all this to digest, how did the keyboard rank in my book?

Coming up next ….. Conclusion

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