Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review

Product Showcase

The motherboard comes in very sturdy packaging ,with some of the key features listed on the top of the box.


Open the top flap, and you are greeted with a glimpse of the contents inside. The bottom of that flap includes a picture of the board, with the LEDs glowing. This will give you an idea as to what the board looks like with the LEDs on.

Like most motherboard boxes, the back of the box has quick specs, along with key features highlighted for you. Honestly, I would love motherboard manufacturers to switch to a very clean box, as I don’t believe that anyone really cares about the specs on the box. Thanks to online shopping and availability of information on the internet, the need for having flashy packaging with specs all over is kind of a mute point now (I guess I have been using too many Apple products).


The actual board is wrapped in a good quality anti-static bag, and is nestled in thick foam protecting it from any potential damage during transit.


The board comes with a decent amount of accessories. Some of the key items that are unique to the new line of RGB boards is a standard RGB connector cable. This cable allows you to connect an RGB 5050 LED strip to the board, and control the lights from the BIOS (or the included app).

Included Accessories:

  • RGB Connector Cable.
  • (6) silver SATA 3 Cables.
  • Rear I/O Shield (black).
  • 2-Way SLI Bridge (flexible).
  • 3-Way SLI Bridge (hard).
  • (2) Velcro Wire Straps.
  • Cable Labeling Stickers.
  • Gigabyte G Connector.
  • Motherboard Users Manual.
  • 3 into 1 EPS Power Adapter.


This 3 into 1 EPS Power Adapter should be used if you are planning on doing extreme overclocking, and need extra CPU power.

You also get a door hangar to let your others know when is it not okay to disturb you.


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