Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts

The Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming is a great addition to the G1 Gaming line of motherboards, and all at a great price! It has support for all of the high end components you can throw at it. An average user can setup this board to max out those components, without any issues. The added RGB option, coupled with the Gigabyte Ultra Durable build quality, allows you to create a great and memorable build. Some folks might be turned off by the white heat-sinks and accents. But, I think at the end of the day, it helps create a unique look. The board jumps out visually in the build, given that most cases are black on the inside.

There is space to add an M.2 WiFi module on the board. But, I wish that Gigabyte would include the WiFi adapter, or, at the least include the WiFi antenna cables that you would need. One thing that I do feel the board lacks is a debug LED display. I feel they come in really handy if something does not work out as intended. A lack of debug LED is not the end of the world, and honestly I did not have any issues with this build (or the re-build with the custom loop). The hybrid fan headers work really, really great with the DDC pump (with PWM control), and I can easily control the pump speed without any issues. The X99 Ultra Gaming board is a perfect board for someone who wants a board with RGB features, great performance, and doesn’t want to break the bank.



  • Stainless steel reinforced PCIe and memory slots.
  • Support for Haswell-E / Broadwell-E processors.
  • Great individualization using built in RGB lights.
  • Option to add and control external RGB LED strips.
  • Plenty of storage options (U.2, M.2, NVMe/SATA).
  • Second M.2 slot for the addition of a WIFI module.
  • Hybrid fan headers for water pump or AIO coolers.
  • Improved x16 slot spacing for better cooling in SLI.


  • Lack of Debug LEDs (or CPU/Memory test LEDs).
  • No ability to individually control LED by location.
  • The board could use one or two extra fan headers.


Final Score:

The X99 Ultra Gaming allows for a great build experience. The White heat sink covers and added RGB support allow for some unique looks, that cannot be replicated with other boards. Great DDR4 XMP support and the ability to run SLI in x16 x16 mode, means that you can create a build that isn’t just pretty.




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