Phanteks EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass Review

External Features

You can feel the amazing build quality of the Phanteks Evolv ATX TG the minute you get it out of the box. The aluminum front and top panel are made from heavy 3mm thick aluminum panels. No cheap, cheesy, plastic panels here! Plus, the tempered glass side panels add a touch of class to an already classy case.


The back side of the case also features a smoked tempered glass panel. Now I understand that some folks do not like this option as it forces them to do an exceptionally good job of cable management. But, I feel that having matching panels, gives the case a nice clean look. If Phanteks had opted for a solid back panel, I think the case would have looked “cheap”.


The front of the case is exceptionally clean. The front panel has a floating design, and is held in place using ball and socket mounts. There are small openings on either side for the front panel, plus, a little bit of gap at the bottom for air flow. I never thought of the Evolv as a case for those who are looking for the optimal airflow in their case. If that is something you must have, please take a look at the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M as an option. The little slit towards the bottom is the front power indicator, and is RGB controlled using the built in controller.


The top of the front panel flips open and reveals the front I/O options. Two USB 3.0 ports, microphone and headphone jacks, and finally the RGB cycle and mode selector button (formerly the reset button). Some folks might want to see extra USB 3.0 or some USB 3.1 ports in the front as well. Maybe that is something we will see when Phanteks does another update to the Evolv. Holding down the RGB button for two seconds or more will change the LED modes, a quick single press will change colors in the default mode, and a long press will allow you to tun off all LEDs on the case.


To remove the front panel, you just have to pull from the bottom opening, and it will come right off to reveal the huge dust filter.


The dust filter covers the whole front and helps make sure that dust stays out. You can also see the little RGB front LED bulb sticking out (towards the bottom right of the front).


The dust filter can easily be removed for cleaning or washing as needed. There is a handle on the top to allow you to easily remove the dust filter. The case comes with 3x 140mm fans, 2 are installed in the front, and 1 is pre-installed in the back. In the event you want to take the top panel off, you must remove four screws. Two are pictured above (the two outer screws on the top), and the other two are on the back. The front screws are longer than the back screws, so please keep that in mind.


The back of the case is pretty simple and clean as well. There are seven PCIe expansion slots (pretty standard for a mid tower case), a fan mount that can hold a 140mm or a 120mm fan with a pre-installed 140mm fan. You can also adjust the height of the fan to make sure that you do not have any clearance issues with any fans or radiators in the top of the case (or align the rear fan to your CPU cooler fan). The little slots by the PCIe covers are actually there to allow for a res to be mounted. The bottom of the case features a PSU mount, and a removable dust filter. If you take the two screws on the top off, you can remove the top panel as well.


Here is how the case looks like with the top panel off. The power button is on the top of the case, and is RGB lit as well. Like the front, the top panel does not have any design on it either. There are openings on both sides of the top panel that allow for some air flow. Both the top and the front panels act like exoskeletons, and the actual case is made from steel. With this approach, the case is able to get the strength of steel, and the look of high quality of aluminum. The actual RGB controller resides in the top of the case, under the power switch. There are two RGB LEDs on the top that can be controlled along with the front LED, (and optional LED strips) with just one button.


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