Phanteks EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass Review

Internal Features

In order to take the side panels off, you just have to remove the four thumb screws for each side. The glass panel actually sits on four rubber mounts. So, its not going to fall as long your case is on a flat surface or not tipping towards the side you are removing.

Note: be careful when you place the panel somewhere, as tempered glass can break accidentally (it’s not fun to clean).


The thumbscrews that hold the side panels are foam backed so that they do not rub against the glass when tightening them to the case. Another case of Phanteks making sure that all little things are covered.


The inside of the case is the same as the Evolv ATX Classic. There are no optical bay drives, and it’s a very clean layout. All those holes on the right hand side are actually there for a purpose, they allow you to install almost any kind of tube reservoir to the case. The case features a really huge CPU cutout, ample amount of cable routing grommets, a nice SSD mount in the front (in the event you want to showcase your storage). The PSU shroud is ventilated to allow for maximum airflow inside the case. For those who need to use more than two 3.5″ HDDs, you can install them using the optional brackets (two included) in the front of the case. The little Phanteks cover plates that you see towards the front, are removable and allow for easy cable pass-through, this way you can keep the case looking clean when not installing any drivers in the front.  Also notice that Phanteks has nice foam material along the edges of the case to prevent any damage to the glass panel.


The front SSD mount is compatible with Phanteks Drop N Lock SSD mount. The case comes with 2 SSD mounts, and extra ones can be purchased from them directly.


The front of the PSU shroud features a removable multi-purpose mid plate. If you plan on running a 360mm radiator in the front, you will have to remove the mid plate in order to allow the radiator or any other item to pass through. The mid plate can also be used for mounting pumps as needed. The case also includes a dedicated pump mount if this location doesn’t work for you.


The case also features a removable top fan mount bracket. This bracket allows you to install the fans or the radiators outside of the case, and drop the mount in when ready. This way you don’t have to worry about working in tight quarters. The bracket is held in place using 5 silver screws in total, two in the front and three in the back. Keep in mind that the bracket will not slide back in if you have fans or a radiator installed on the top of the bracket. The empty space on the top is kinda needed so that the fans can pull or push some air out the top vents.


The back of the case has the same design as we saw in the Classic Evolv ATX, only difference now is addition of the RGB strip connector cable. This cable can be used to connect a Phanteks RGB cable, and having the case’s controller control all the LEDs from one location, and have them all be the same color or mode. Also notice that Phanteks has nice foam material along the edges of the case to prevent any damage to the glass panel. For those who want to use 3.5″ HDDs, there is space in the front bottom of the case for couple 3.5″ or 2.5″ drives. The PSU must be installed from this side as well, and can be a little tricky if you using a big PSU like the AX1200i as the opening can be a little small to slide the PSU in without any issues. There are plenty of cable tie down locations, and it won’t be a Phanteks case if it did not have their Velcro cable straps in the back.


The case features a really nice PWM fan splitter that can control up-to six fans at the same time, the fan hub can be powered using a SATA power plug if needed. The LED controller is powered using a SATA connector as well (thank you Phanteks for not using any molex connectors on your cases). The back also allows you to install couple SSDs using the Drop N Lock brackets.


Phanteks does include some of the best HDD mounting brackets in the industry, and they are easiest to use by far. The brackets can hold a 3.5″ HDD or a 2.5″HDD/SSD as needed. The bottom HDD mount can be removed if you are planning on running a longer radiator in the front. To remove the HDD bracket, all you have to do is take out eight screws in total. Four screws are on the top by the multi purpose mid plate, and four screws are on the bottom of the case.


You can easily access the four screws that need to be removed in order to remove the HDD bracket from the bottom of the case. The aluminum feet have rubber pads on them to prevent any surface scratches or damages. Please make sure that you remove both side panels before tipping the case on either side to prevent any accidental damage.


The case comes with a really nice accessory box and a really nicely detailed user manual. The manual contains information that does help a person figure out where to put certain components, and get the best build out of the case. I wish a certain Swedish furniture manufacturer would adopt the kind of detail that Phanteks puts in their user manuals along with some other case makers.


Inside the box you get a some zip ties, couple 3.5″ HDD mounting brackets, a nice pump mount with anti vibration padding, a little plastic box with extra screws and build hardware (all companies should do this as well), RMA and technical support information, and finally the user manual. The quality of the hardware included makes you feel that the price you paid was worth it, the little plastic container with different types of screws is another great example of creating a high quality product inside out.

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