Phanteks EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass Review

Final Thoughts

The Phanteks Evolv ATX is already a great case, and the Tempered Glass edition takes this great case to a new level of greatness. The fit and finish on this case are next to none, and it just oozes of quality from all parts of the case. The combination of Aluminum and Steel create a case that just doesn’t look good, but it is also very solid. I have had the pleasure or working with cases in my lab that are pure aluminum and let me say this, as nice as those cases are I feel they are not sturdy enough when you have a full build inside of them. The Evolv series of cases are perfect for those who want something that looks unique, and high quality. The case does lack the amount of airflow that we see in other cases, and Phanteks has done a great job to maximize airflow given how the vents are setup on the Evolv. With my custom loop in place, none of my components ever went above 48°C even under heavy load conditions, and I’m perfectly happy with those temps. In the end, the Evolv line allows you to create great looking builds that not just look good when turned on, but also look great when turned off.


  • Built in RGB controller
  • Support for adding multiple RGB LED Strips
  • Great build quality
  • Ample mount of accessories included with the build to allow for almost any configuration
  • Great slide out fan/radiator mounts
  • Clean and easy to use internal layout


  • None

Given the price and build quality of the case, and adding in the feaures, I have no problems but giving it 5 nanners. Great job Phanteks, and we await how you will top this….


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