ID-Cooling Stream 1 Case Review

Exterior Features

The obvious things to point out on the exterior of the Stream 1 is that it’s a tubular chassis, and has all smoked side panels.  They are not tempered glass, but rather acrylic.  This saves weight, but I’d rather have tempered glass at this price point.


On the right side of the chassis we see the same smoked acrylic window as the other side, so you’ll want to tidy up your cables when building.  The front of the chassis also has the standard I/O that you would expect; a pair of USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks, power and reset buttons, and power and HDD lights.


The back of the chassis has room for the power supply.  This can only be mounted one way, with the exhaust facing down, and the intake fan facing in towards the case.



Each side panel can be removed by simply taking off the four (4) knurled nuts.  There are no rubber washers or bushings for the side panel, but they’re not really needed since it’s not glass.


Coming up next ….. Interior Features

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