ID-Cooling Stream 1 Case Review

Interior Features

On the inside of the Stream 1 we can see that there is a decent sized cutout for a CPU back plate, and a few cutouts for routing cables.


Behind the CPU cutout is a bracket for installing up to two (2) 2.5″ drives.  I like this use of space, as it’s an otherwise unused area of most cases.


The bracket that PCI devices attach to can be removed by removing two (2) screws.  You can also move the standoffs or the PCI bracket over, to change the location of the ITX motherboard.


A Mini ITX motherboard can be installed in this location on the left, or shifted two (2) PCI slots to the right.  I would recommend installing it in the left configuration, for reasons expanded on later.


There are also threaded holes for installing additional standoffs (included) to mount a Micro-ATX motherboard as well.  Though the included PCI bracket only has two (2) slots, so you’d have to share that bracket between a pair of GPUs by putting it in the center two (2) mounting holes of the available four (4).


Probably the most unique feature of this chassis is that there are three (3) G-1/4 ports on both the front and back portions of the frame.  This allows you to route your water loop through the frame, if you want.


The coolant can flow on either side of the case, in the area indicated by  blue.

As mentioned earlier, the PSU can only be installed in one orientation, and with the location of the cross bar on the bottom it requires a bit of an angle to access it with the screwdriver.  You’ll either want a short screwdriver to get behind it, or a long enough one that the handle doesn’t interfere with the bar.


Mounting 2.5″ drives to the rear bracket is pretty easy, and can be done without removing the bracket from the chassis if you want, but is most easily accomplished by pulling the four (4) screws, mounting the drives, and reinstalling the bracket.

Graphics cards of up to 267mm can be installed in the Stream 1, though this number changes depending on what radiator/fan setup you might want to run.


One last thing I noted on this particular example was that there were a number of paint defects that were seemingly covered up by what looks like permanent marker… For a case in the $350 price range (at time of review) I wasn’t too pleased about this.


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