ID-Cooling Stream 1 Case Review

System Build

Up to a 240mm radiator can be installed in the top of the Stream 1, but keep your video card length in mind when you are selecting a radiator.


With an ITX motherboard installed in the right-most orientation, there is adequate space to mount a reservoir near the power supply.  If the motherboard were installed on the left side, there is extra space to the right of the GPU for the reservoir.


Installing a custom watercooling loop in the Stream 1 is not that difficult of a task, given that everything is open and pretty easily accessible.  The ability to route the loop through the frame is an interesting twist on loop planning.


On the back of the motherboard tray, there are not very many options for bundling up wires.  I would probably suggest either expecting to buy self adhesive cable tie downs, or drilling some holes for some wire ties.  The side panel is transparent, after all.


Again, the wires can get unruly in the back pretty quickly.  I found that the 2.5″ drive bracket was a convenient place to bundle up and hold extra wires, it wasn’t the prettiest.


Depending on your SATA power plugs, the wires are likely to be coming straight out towards the window, but there was enough room that they didn’t touch the window in my installation.


One thing that bothered me quite a bit about that cross brace right below the PCI slots, was that cables on a GPU installed in this location couldn’t go straight on.


The HDMI and DVI cables attached to the GPU, though they can fit onto/into the ports, are at a definite angle to the GPU, and that’s not good.  I’d plan on picking up either 90 degree/low profile cables, or 90 degree adapters.


The other issue I ran into was that my fairly standard HDMI/DVI cables had to be bent pretty abruptly.  When I first set the chassis down after plugging them in, they actually held the two (2) case feet off the table for a few seconds, until the cables eventually bent enough.  Also not ideal, so again would plan to get adapters or 90 degree/low profile cables.


There is room for up to a 160mm long PSU, but the closer to that length it is, the more cramped it gets for routing those cables and any watercooling in this area.


Installing a watercooling loop in the Stream 1 was kind of fun.  It presented a new way to think about the loop with the ability to use the frame as part of it.  The chassis provided pretty good access to everything that needed to be installed as well, which is always nice.


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