Phanteks P300 Case Review

External Features

The P300 gets most of its looks from the P400. The front is very similar to the P400, the side design is where this case is unique. The included tempered glass panel is a nice touch at the price point.


Like the P400, the P300’s front does not have any direct venting. There are vents on the bottom and the top of the front panel. For the modders out there, this front is just begging for some Dremel action or a nice simple decal to give it a nice personal touch.


There is not much to talk about the back of the case. One thing you should notice is that there is only support for a 120mm fan in the rear.


The top of the case features a 140mm fan mount along with a nice magnetic fan filter. All the case IO options are located on the top.


As seen in a lot of Phanteks cases, the top has a nice RGB illuminated power button, couple USB 3.0 ports, standard compliment of audio ports, and last but not the least – the RGB controller that is built into the case. I love how Phanteks has re-purposed the reset switch and made it into a more useful RGB controller button.


The bottom of the case has a very clean and simple design as well. The PSU vent has a nice removable filter that just slides out as needed. There are also 4 in the bottom of the case that holds the HDD cage in place. There are also 4 screws that can be accessed from the inside of the case.


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