Phanteks P300 Case Review

Final Thoughts

Looks can be deceiving, when I first saw this case I felt it was too small and it might be a painful experience doing a build with high-end components in this case of this size. It feels good to know that I was wrong (took a lot to admit it), and this case to me is something that I would compare to the Tardis – smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside. Phanteks continues to show why they are one of the best case makers in the market, and the P300 pushes that envelope even further with it’s unique design elements and price. You do not feel like that you are sacrificing quality over price. The built in RGB controller adds in just a little bit of flair to the case without making it look like a Time Square Billboard. At a MSRP of just $59.99, the P300 is an absolute steal and will make for the perfect first case, or even a second LAN case for someone. The clean front is just ripe for the modders out there to play and have fun with the case and add in there own touch to it.


  • Great build quality in the lower price segment
  • PSU compartment integrated in the exterior for cleaner looks.
  • Tempered Glass side panel
  • RGB lighting + expansion possibilities with Phanteks RGB products  (RGB led strips / the new Halos fan frames)


  • None, given it’s MSRP.


So if you are on a budget, a first time builder, or just wanting to add a small mid tower case to your collection, I highly recommend that you check out the new P300. Will the P300 give the S340 a run for it’s money? I strongly believe that it will.


The P300 deserves our highest honors of five nanners and the Munky seal of approval.


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