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  2. Cheapskate

    The Iron Turnip

    Last update: June, wow.. yeah. It wasn't even for this rig. -Speaking of that, I think the lip clamping was redundant. With the rough surface of the glass and plastic, the plexi was almost impossible to remove. NOW. back to the rig. -Remember that I made big plans to solder a double usb3.0 hub into here? Yeah, F that too. It turns out that .5 mm mill bits are TOO BIG to make the traces with, also I really don't have the free time. I bought a compromise part. It's a little clunky, though. -Better! -I had a similar problem running the other end through the bat handle. I had to sand the USB logos off to get the plug to fit. -Here I ground out a pass-through in the mounting bracket, and splattered a little glue around. -Well, that's nice and blurry. Here we have sawed off one end of a Moen sink cartridge. +1 to the scrap tally list. I needed something to cover naked female USB parts sticking out. I somehow made that sound more exciting than it really is... The tape marks where I need to dremel. -Pow. No progress pics, just done. I'll need to dab some silver paint over that epoxy eventually. -Meanwhile, I needed something I could do to the core during brief moments of free time. Shortening the wires seemed good. Here I've drastically shortened the SATA daisy-chain. The pump also lost it's big-ass SATA plug. -I removed one of the motherboard 4 pin plugs, and replaced 2 of those wires with a pump connector. -Redundant picture? Sure, why not? The 'work in small doses' thing bit me in the backside on a few occasions... -One victim was the GPU cable. Mark with latex paint and colored markers one day... Decide on doing the cut differently and mark again... Come back another day, forget the plan, and cut in the wrong place... Then the pin remover decides to not work anymore. I got one pin free finally, but it was so unexpected and violent that the pin remover took a dive, -and you know the damned things only land point-down. Anyway, I opted to solder, and one wire there gave me some trouble there too. Yeah, it's ugly. -So the problem wire caused me to pre-shrink two of the heat shrink bits. I couldn't replace them since my pin remover was broke, so you get a slathering of liquid electrical tape. :P It may be ugly, but it's stuffed in a spot where no one will ever see it. I just hope it fits... Thanks again to my very patient sponsors.
  3. kaisounovsky

    Modding a H100i V2?

    Hi I did mod a Coolermaster Nepton 280 L , adding a reservoir to the loop , Design is different but structure of all AIO is quite similar. http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2528-aio-coolermaster-280l-mod-another-episode-of-my-antec-1200-dragon-edition/ - If you intend to use a reservoir , you can refer to my previous mod , unfortunately, the image hosting website I used is no more functional, send me a message & I'll send you all photos or info you need
  4. kaisounovsky

    DIY Black Oxide Anodizing Steel

    This is the Third Tentative with few improvements in the process , the outcome is better : As a first step, cleaning then preparation with Hydrochloric acid , it is an activator, the metal surface turn more porous right after that, as a result, the black layer will stick better : Then a quick Rinse with deinonized or distilled water then I put the parts in the blackening Bath : I’ve Extended the immersion time to about 5 minutes , larger parts may need some more time for thicker black layer , I will redo the big screws later : This is a picture of the preparation & post-treatment stages : From Right to Left : 1- preparation : Hydrochloric acid bath 2- Cleaning mix : water & degreaser (to use just right before & after the immersion process ) 3- Automotive mineral oil ( this is a temporary sealant to avoid corrosion ) 4- Final parts : actually hesitating , I will see later if I'll just dry them from excessive oil, or clean them & paint with clear coat
  5. hardkmodder

    Thermaltake casemod Invitational. Kermadec

    Final Photo Y aqui no hay photoshop, solo es hablar con las personas adecuadas. xD
  6. DarkStyxx

    Corsair Obsidian 900D Mod - Project Stryxx

    Just started working on the new front panel design. I'm thinking of a thin aluminum on a small frame with mesh, use a passthrough bolt and spacer to possibly mount custom tempered glass over it with some LEDs. We shall see, I kind of like it how it is. I will be cutting out the drive bays and the cage mount for a flatter interior. I want to mount a larger front radiator and make it so I can mount up to two res/pumps inside. If anyone has a template for a mid plate let me know.
  7. Going to be some rapid updates as I move into finising printing most of pieces now. I've ran into a few issues... Spaghetti monster, colorized What happened: I was printing 3 pieces but the 3rd piece dislodged from the printbed and began printing in the air. Luckily the 2 pieces were easily salvageable and cleaned up for use. This is the top in sections. Will house a 120mm fan, a usb hub and a power button. This is the window section of the case. I'll be adding plexiglass to it last. Still brainstorming ideas on how to have the glass removable while still looking nice.
  8. DDCustomMods

    Mom's Mod - Everquest Themed Pay it Forward Build

    PCPartPicker Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zn9Zw6 Hey everyone! Time for a long overdue update! Let’s make this a big one! First I’d like to welcome aboard our newest sponsor GAMDIAS! Who provided a mouse and mouse mat. Also, our streaming partner @SomeRandomChicx from Twitch who provided the matching GAMDIAS keyboard! To continue with materials for this build, we ordered some sleeving to make our custom extensions from MainFrame Customs! Now to get onto what you came for….. the case modding. We unboxed the case and got straight to work. First, we flipped the optical cages. Then took the case apart and reassembled it in a reverse ATX configuration. Next to strengthen the motherboard tray to finalize the mod. The hardest part was making the front mesh back up in a way that still looked normal-ish Our temporary pile of parts while we took the case apart. Our custom vinyl stickers! They will pop nicely against the black case! Until the next update, Happy Modding! Mod Components: Case: Nanoxia CoolForce1 Fans: Nanoxia CoolForce 120/140mm Keyboard: GAMDIAS Ares P1 Mouse: GAMDIAS Hades Gaming Mat: GAMDIAS NYX
  9. I thought the original case was big. This is HUGE BIG. :D Lovely work, and thanks for sharing it at the zoo. I've been watching the whole time, but the rig was so wild I had no comment. It was fun to watch, though.
  10. kaisounovsky

    DIY Black Oxide Anodizing Steel

    I forgot to share this picture, this is mom’s stainless steel Pot after the process, got black oxide too … mama Gonna kill me
  11. kaisounovsky

    DIY Black Oxide Anodizing Steel

    Second Attempt : I used Crocodile pliers As Anode, & hold just one part to anodize, getting it as close as possible to the cathode & avoiding short circuits as I can , luckily, power source is short circuit protected. 60 seconds bath for each part. Hurrraaaa !!! it worked 😎: The result is not exactly the same for all the pieces, I was expecting this to happen, I was a bit in a hurry, I didn’t measure the solution temperature, I bet some pieces were getting a lower temp bath then some others a critical detail I ignored …. I wasn ‘t using a stopwatch to check the immersion time either. some are getting tiny rust spots , may be a bad preparation before the whole process !! By the way I tried to scratch the oxide with my nails & it is sticking to the bare metal as hell, I can tell this thing is way more durable than any paint. Theorically it is better to use a sealer solution to protect that layer of oxide, any paint clear coat can do the job, I just left the parts at free air , going to check tomorrow if they get rusty or not, the sealer coat may be unnecessary, who knows !! 🙁 Conclusion : this is only a test to check if it is feasible. & Yes , Anybody can DIY Black Oxide At Home. Cheers 😁
  12. kaisounovsky

    DIY Black Oxide Anodizing Steel

    DIY Black Oxide Anodizing Steel Hi Guys, this is a new experiment I wanted to share with you, it may be useful : I am actually on a mod project, & at some stages I had to cut a bunch of black steel screws, the problem is, after you cut steel, you loose that protective layer of black oxide applied during the manufacturing process. After a few days , if you don’t paint the parts, the cutted end, tend to rust : Painting about a hundred of tiny hex screws is kind of boring to me, furthermore, any paint type, needs a primer coat to adhere well to it, then a finish clear coat to protect it from scratches, I wanted an easy and time saving process to rebuild that oxide layer…. After hours of watching youtube tutorial videos, about anodizing aluminum, stainless steel, parkerizing knives, Nickel plating, black patina on steel ….etc… I found exactly the tutorial I am looking for : http://steelanodize.corrosionhelp.com/ The process is quite simple & do not require anything expensive, for instance a black oxide professional patina kit costs between 30 to 70 USD , for this experiment All I need is a household cheap product , Sink & Drain Cleaner : Caustic Soda ( Sodium Hydroxide ) or NaOH ( 350 gramms costs about 1.5 $ ) I will not go into the details & chemical reactions, I am not a Chemist , all the info are in the website I already quoted, to say it simple, it is an Electrolytic treatment of the steel, in a highly Alkaline & hot Solution ( about 90°) , applying a low Voltage ( 2 V to 2.3V ) & using a sacrificial Steel Rod as a Cathode. here is my setup : -Mom’s Gaz Range - Stainless Steel Bowl ( important : never use Aluminum , the Alkaline solution will literally eat it ) -wood bar to hold Anode & Cathode - 50% Caustic Soda deionized water solution - I put half a bottle ( about 175 Grams NaOH ) in about a liter of water & it worked fine. ( never add water to caustic soda or any other alkaline or acidic chemical, the reaction can be dangerous, always gradually add the chemical to the water so all the released heat is absorbed by the water.) -- Use Gas MAsk & gloves , the fumes are really nasty , & the chemicals irritating, i touched the parts with bare hands after the process, some of my fingerprints are half erased 😵 - Thermometer to check Solution temp , I don’t have a suitable one so I just left the solution boiling for a brief moment then turned the gas button at lower state. - some electric wires - Anode (+) : stainless steel preferably , avoid aluminum-Brass- Copper…etc - Cathode (-) : Must be Steel, Mild Steel, the kind that rust easily, preferably, grind it to bare steel before using it for better reaction. - ATX spare power supply - will use my DIY fan controller to regulate the voltage to 2.2 V , it is possible to use 2 x AA batteries to get about 3 volts, however, the result may be unpleasant, it is advisable to use a power source that can hold high Amperage & preferably short circuit protected , the cores of my circuits are LM350T Voltage regulators, you can google for schematics & build your own , there is a lot of possibilities with LM 317 , LM338 , LM350 , they work almost the same : http://diyaudioprojects.com/Technical/Voltage-Regulator/ - All the Parts to Anodize must be treated with degreaser before operation, I used a paint stripper, then a bath of Hydrochloric acid to prep the screws, then rinsed them with deionized water, they turned fade Light Grey. Some photos of my setup : My First Attempt : I consider this as a failure, the cage i’ve made to hold the screws is made of galvanized steel grill , for some reason, the cage was getting all the blak oxide to it & not the screws,
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  14. It Comes to an End: I can't thank you all enough who have supported the "Replicant" case mod. I'm amazed at the amount of support and positivity that has been shared with me. This competition was quite the journey and seeing Replicant finished; I know the extremely long hours were worth it. I manged to push myself further than i ever have before while assuring that every piece is clean looking and achieved at my high standards. I pulled off my goal to touch every single piece and mod it in one way or another. Everything was done in house and with my own hands; the end result is something I'm extremely happy with. Thanks again and make sure to place your vote! ••Make SURE to VOTE for the Replicant CaseMOD Invitational build•• Thank You to our Sponsors! Thermaltake - ASUS - AMD - Plextor - Gskill - ROG - Luxa - TT Esports A massive thank you goes out to our Sponsors as the Replicant case mod wouldn't have been possible without them! Thermaltake also did a great job helping us all out with anything we needed. They have some wonderful employees that truly love the sport of Competitive Modding! Hardware Specs: Motherboard: Asus X470 Crosshair VII CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700 Graphics Card: Asus Strix GTX 1070 Ram: Gskill RGB TridentZ DDR4 (16gb) Storage: Plextor 512gb NVM PCIE SSD Power Supply: Thermaltake iRGB 850w Cables: Lian Li Strimer & Thermaltake black and white sleeved extensions Fans: Thermaltake 120mm Trio RGB, Ring Plus & Pure Plus. Accessories: TT Lumi Plus addressable leds strips, 5" touch screen monitor, vandal switch Watercooling: Thermaltake D5 dual pumps, 4 X reservoirs, 480mm copper radiator, 4 X 120mm radiators, Pacific W4 Plus CPU block, GPU waterblock, 2 digital led controllers, Sync controller, 2 X inline digital temp sensors and white 16mm C-Pro fittings Final Photos & (Video Coming soon):
  15. we are struggling alot for the final... but hey ... here some small teaser for u guys . 2018 Thermaltake CaseMod Invitational (TT Season 1) Sponsors ; AMD Thermaltake Technology Inc ASUS Republic of Gamers G.SKILLPlextor AOC TteSPORTS LUXA2 #casemod #battlestation #asus #thermaltake #hcmod #hammanchronicle #thermaltakecasemod #invitational https://youtu.be/6rnHDIOQdl4
  16. https://community.thermaltake.com/uploads/monthly_2018_09/FATALBLAST.jpg.22b99d28e7dd103106130dc24bdcd593.jpg Like others ... my build also need foot. bigfoot. Not gonna miss to mod gpu wb cover. Hi , .. we running out of time . Gonna show some side view of mod .. its designed to be angry like LION Dance ! Here some WIP of front panel to control everythings . included power-up button . another update now playing with magic water channel , and channel block for visual appearance .
  17. Mount Monitor #AOC Agon Hi .. how u guys doing .. all good ? alrite .. i have alot alot to update *(sorry bad english) but i drop 1 picture first .. this one playing with RGB setup . . not proper yet .. buat all LED from @Thermaltake is awesome included Fan LED
  18. its 8.10 am here at Malaysia. raining . so... cool. here lets warm up the pc look all good.. next parts is coloring all panel.
  19. Installing res will be turned as water channelling when bridge installed .
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