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  2. I'm fucked. My trash service is progressively becoming unserviceable. First they turned their nose up at smashed up tile, then paint, then wood, now they won't take sheetrock... literally the 2nd softest mineral on the planet. I've seen this pattern before. They must be near the end of their contract. I'm back to trying to build the computer. Tolerances are tighter on it, though. They definitely are more visible. -I spent a little while adding positioning tabs to the model. If you remember, the first batch were a little wobbly. Fortunately, there was plenty of room on the blank I made, like... a year ago. -I somehow managed to match up the part from page one with ol' knobbly here. -Test drive time! I found some great material for making dust guards, coincidentally, it's free bandit-sign season! :D -2nd session here is cutting notches for the tabs. Session 3 took over an hour because I forgot to speed up the machine with the override function. -Bed leveling? Whazzat? I managed to barely touch the spoil board despite just winging it. *flex* -After filing some round corners, I did a quick gluing session. I'm leaving my premium material top un-fused for the time being. I expect I'll break this up and try again some day. -and that's 90% of the GPU area cap. There's still a bunch of squares to fill in the gap opposite of today's set of parts. (oof, that one crooked trapezoid front and center. )
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  4. Even worse, it's cooled off enough to do stuff I put off because of the heat.
  5. Ah life, how it interrupts our hobbies and gaming.
  6. the led tray is finished use the small but very efficient ARGB 5V EKWB led strips we were left to the construction of the 2 panels today painting of the upper panel installation of the leds and test the metallic red to get as close as possible to the one in the sample is necessary to give a coat of white, with primer primer it tends to darken because this metallic color is not completely covering. now the underside white also serves to make the light extend better on the acrylic I take this opportunity to paint even the motherboard and M2 heatsinks since there are .... also some covers of the case. here is the finished tray .. for the most demanding small video with music .... [VIDEO]
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  8. :P Not yet. Stuff I need to do elsewhere has piled up. The big issue is yards. 4 days on my yard because I was dodging thunderstorms...and it's huge. Aunts yard, Aunt's vacant rental, Rental that just sold... and back to my yard yesterday. I had a great run, but the covid fear is wearing off. I may have to start doing stuff instead of farming it out to the contractor. Also, I've been doing little tune-ups on the new rig. I made a new spindle plate so the collet can touch the cutting table, for example.
  9. NOW Get back to that dam mod. go on get back to work
  10. today we proceed with the completion of the rgb i / o panel previously painted in metallic red creation and application of decorative elements and ARGB leds matt anthracite paint here you can find all the processing steps ARGB in action https://i.imgur.com/vlpmerM.jpg https://i.imgur.com/SrVVjAz.jpg
  11. Wow that really came out well. I love that red. The case feet also look good, the silver adds that weathered look to them. Nicely done
  12. today technical tests on color. I finish the new feet by painting them with matt anthracite and then with a solvent silver finish. no doubt about the talken products, even if they do charge, they are always at the top. I help myself with a rag soaked in silver and slowly I do nothing but follow the edges and go over them if they are not sufficiently defined. but now i can't wait to try this one to be precise, the color of the yaiba kusanagi is a non-metallic anodized red even if this paint is the most similar and is more available on the market, the metallic paint has crystals that reflect the light the color changes according to the reflected light. this is I / O prepared previously. also on here I will pass the silver to simulate the erosion.
  13. haha, awesome, great work Cheaps
  14. it continues without respite I work is a lot and time is running out .. today preparation of the side covers of the support arms, let's start .. I got a cardboard template to calculate how the piece will be made, after many cuts and resizing here are the parts to cut out and fold on the acrylic. still some small improvements and we are ..
  15. -The first tweak I noticed I needed was that I left myself TOO much clearance. It helped that the ballscrews were shipped backwards to what I designed. This is down as far down as it goes, and I still have 1 1/2" to go to the frame. I was more worried that the block I put on the end of the screw popped off with no resistance the first time I tested it. -What a gorgeous space-eating mess. This is my first test cut after calibration. -Success! The first try at calibration made this 5" drawing less than a inch across. The screws were so slow, I thought I jammed something up . This is square and the right size. -Shocking, I know. There is a wavy pattern in the X-direction cut I suspect is from the screws being bent. I'll see about stiffening the frame. I also have to chase down some strange sounds during fast travel. The pulley system is absolutely hypnotic. I'll have to add a cover for that and the side rails. -Anyway, I somehow managed to build a mill. It must not be as hard as I thought.
  16. hi guys a lot of work today, as always I specify that all the pieces are hand-worked duqnue without the use of cnc or laser cuts well as always happens to me I redo the feet that I don't like them anymore so FEET 2.0 let's go !! I studied a design that goes well with the rest, I take the curves and corners of the case I prepare the threaded spacers to be inserted between one element and another. once tested, finished, sanded and double checked, I proceed with the assembly the elements overlap interspersed with data that I use as thickness and the cylinders previously cut and threaded if I wanted to widen the base of these feet all I have to do is insert more thick bolts on the external ones, but I will decide later. here it is concluded, obviously they will be inserted in the lower part of the anti-vibration rubber and painted in matt anthracite gray with metal signs, like other elements of the yaiba I just have to try them on the case to verify the stability and the visual effect. the trim has risen a few centimeters I don't mind also because another cover panel will be inserted under the case to emulate the engine bumper See you soon!!
  17. that is really beginning to come together nicely. Can wait to see some paint on that!
  18. hello everyone, I state that I am speeding up the processing of this mod because the work is so much, today is the turn of the front covers ... as I always do I start with a cardboard template to see the overall dimensions and folds I can cut and redo as I wish until the result is satisfactory only when I'm sure will I cut the acrylic after this I proceed with the cut finishing and measurement control now I will make cuts because part of the panel must not bend but remain straight and have no marks I could have done some additional covers but visually it would have been too heavy at the sight of the front design. well now there is the most delicate part the bending, I use a self-made bender that I use in all my mods this one place bits of metal there where I don't want the bender to leave heat marks and here it is all went well. these little unfolded bits will allow me to hide the ugly to see shock absorber hooks. and here they are assembled, they still need to be well finished
  19. Cheapskate


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  20. Yeah, That's my current cnc. It's small, but it's a brick.
  21. Startin' to look like a machine now... Is that your other/current CNC you cut the ends of the rail with, or do you have a mill?
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