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  2. After Black Widow, Thor was the second character in the promotion of Marvels Avenger´s video game I made a mod for. After some discussion with Crystal Dynamics, we settled on a design representing one of the most iconic pieces in the Marvel universe. Thor´s Hammer. With my design, I tried to keep close to the one from the video game, which has a more simplistic look. Nevertheless, I tried to incorporate as much detail as possible. I started with a 3D model, to fit in all the hardware, and to play around with different materials and colors. Base should be made from wood and the hammer itself a mixture between resin and filament 3D printing. Some details will be made from faux leather and fur.
  3. Hi guys I'm enrolled in announcing this new project, this is a mod client, consists of a mod on space 1999 certainly many of you You don't even know what I'm talking about ... Spazio 1999 is a British science fiction television series Designed in 1973 by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and originally broadcast from 1975 to 1977. He narrates the members of a lunar colony, adrift into space following the removal of our satellite from Earth orbit. The first season of this series was the last collaboration between Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and the most expensive until then realized for British television. The second season was the result of the collaboration of Gerry Anderson with the American producer Fred Freiberger. this TV series was a great success, today its special effects make it laugh but it is the story itself that is fascinated, I pèersonally revised the 2 seasons several times finding it always interesting. For this mod will be retro mod not to confuse with a Sleeper Mod will have not recent hardware, in fact it won't be used for gaming as usual but as unpretentious workstation! to you the video introduced [bbvideo] As already mentioned this is an unpretentious mod as desired by the customer, parts of other PCs will be recycled, some made from scratch. Let's start with the homes, I recovered this homes I don't know anything was a assembled recovered from the municipal landfill, it was dismembered with all its parts some trash some ridiate Anters sold on eBay I preserved the case waiting for a project ... and the time has come ... long ago I dismantled a homes of Arctic., Yes yes in addition to making fantastic silent fans, also made houses !! Mancavanio too many parts to be recovered has an interesting dissipation system, namely 120 mm fans that from the bottom of the case sent air through components and came out of the top This case had a floor lamp that served to hold the house raised a couple of cm from the ground and to which the air was sucked. guys I'm lucky ... destiny is telling me: "Go ahead that it will be a success !!" It goes perfectly !!!!!! to be continued....
  4. what happened in the end?
  5. Hi, does anyone have any gift ideas? I am looking for a little brother. Someone buying masks on this site https://www.themasker.com/shop-masks/ ?
  6. Coming along quite nicely!
  7. Kept working on the lower section. Cut some wooden stripes with 45° angles and sanded down the edges to make them fit around the base. Then I cut another panel for the top, that I glued in from the inside. As the glue was cured, I used my router to cut away the wood along the outer edges. In this lower section, I want to place the PSU and the pumps for the water cooling. So I cut in a couple more holes to get access to that areas later one. They will get covers later, also most are on the bottom side and will n0t be visible later on anyways. In addition, I added all holes for the water cooling and sockets on the outside.
  8. 2021 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 has started! we present you a clue about our project ! Here is the beast! The Case Thermaltake Core P8!! we started by disassembling the case:
  9. @Shikitan -I'd contact him at mnpctech, because this forum is very nearly dead. It's mostly for archiving old content now.
  10. First, I made a cut list, so I dont forget anything and all the parts are in the right size. Cut all the pieces from plywood on my table saw and miter saw. A good amount of wood already. Started with the lower section. I cut in small slits that will be filled with acrylic glass later. All panels were glued together and fixed with some pocket screws. That way I dont have to deal with a lot of filling at the end. Looks ok from the inside. Almost done with the lower section. Now letting the glue cure over night.
  11. Wow, made your own tires!! impresive
  12. I like your work around for the Headphones. That looks really nice and you didn't have to take them apart. Over all this is a GREAT build, the paint job and consistency throughout the build is awesome. Well done
  13. Hello I know this is from years ago but I recently cracked my s340 side panel window and nzxt dont manufacture these anymore. Is there any way to custom order one of these acrylic replacement windows for my s340?
  14. good guys we arrived at the end of this project to you the final photos soon followed video and videoworkog with interview as always A heartfelt thanks to Hwlegend Modding, Memo, PC Hunter, Epos and Cablemod good vision !! final video [VIDEO]
  15. Funny stages stand and modding Epos headphones Headphones could not be painted because it is not removable I built plaques with molded painted and applied on the side These headphones and stands will be completed to complete the Assiem location to other peripherals
  16. So cause the forum was down for quite a while, and already had updated the worklog in others, here are some pictures showing the latest steps in the project.
  17. Just in time for the new Black Widow movie, I can finally start sharing the worklog for my Black Widow project. It was originally build for the promotion of the latest Marvel´s Avengers video game. But now its a good time to write everything together. It was my aim to create a mod that was representing Black Widows character, and also fits into the Marvel universe. Thats why I am going to include some of her most iconic design features and weapons like the gauntlets and tonfas into the mod. I startet with some basic paper sketches. After the design was finalized, I transvered it into a 3D model with the correct measurements.
  18. I proceed with epos headphones, unfortunately these headphones cannot be disassembled to paint them as I thought, they would break confirmation also arrived by the manufacturer; "Once assembled cannot be disassembled" a pity but not everything is lost, I decide to create a stand that the values and theme plates This stand as well as having a style in the theme with the mod will have the 5V LED base powered by USB cable, therefore they will light up to the PC These LEDs are a bit different from the usual because although they are powered by 5V they have equally 4 pins not 3 as usually So I am obliged to buy a dedicated controller and LEDs strip. But they leave with order. Let's start from the central structure. Gluing with acrylic glue It starts with the base arts cut that work together once the center of gravity is checked, hole for the insertion of the central structure Strong bonding! Now drilling the intermediate panel for the insertion of the LEDs, now everything else can be painted
  19. Hi, if there is someone among you who is doing cosplay? Friends invited to a party, I urgently choose a suit. I want to surprise everyone, maybe I should buy one of these masks https://www.themasker.com/ ? It will look strange?
  20. Waiting for CableMod's Sleevated cables to reassemble everything and get a nice cable management
  21. EPOS headset are of excellent product, my intention was to moderate them but you can't disassemble, I think I'll make a stand for them theme ..
  22. The cooler for that M.2 came out great, really looks nice nestled in there on the MB. those headphones have a nice finish to them. Almost a shame to mod them to match the build, if that's what you're going to to.
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