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  2. I can't wait to see how this turns out.
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  4. hell yeahs, and Brian's gonna do some "weathering" too!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm bringing you a new scratch build project that I've been wanting to do for awhile now. I'll be making Rey's Speeder Bike from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And as luck would have it, Cooler Master's case mod contest was just announced, so I thought I'd enter! So without further ado, let's get started! About a year ago, my family and I went to Disneyland, and they had lots of Star Wars props on display, including a life-size speeder that Rey used. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would make a great themed case. I took a bunch of reference pics while I was there, and I also scoured the web for more. Using those pics for scale, I whipped up a quick model in Sketchup to figure out component placement and get an overall sense of size. I'll be going with an ITX format, so the case will be fairly small and lightweight. For materials, I'll be scavenging pieces from my scrap pile as much as possible, much in the same way Rey constructed her speeder from scavenged starship parts. Once I got the sizing down, I could finally start construction, starting with the basic frame. I cut the rear bulkhead from an old Lian Li V2000 case panel ;-) These square tubes will serve as internal support pieces for the rear engines. I'll be attaching the ends to the bulkhead with steel angle brackets. Brackets pop-riveted into place. Here's the front side of the bulkhead after fastening the tubes. Next is the main frame construction.. I'm repurposing these aluminum shelving supports. Cutting V notches allows me to simply bend it into a rectangle. All notches cut and piece bent! Placed on the bulkhead.. Dont mind the pencil markings, that was from an old mod made a long long time ago, in a garage far far away. :P 2nd one done.. Next up will be connecting both frame ends together with cross beams to complete the main part of the frame. Hopefully, I'll be able to tackle that tonight!
  6. As a telecom professional, I lace regularly. It seems to be a dying art. Very happy to see it making a comeback. Good work.
  7. More Final Photos & Videos Of APEX: http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/58b3ccbd0063b/2017-01-13-20_00_06_045.mp4
  8. ^ That just freaks me out Cheaps. SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR AFTER A WHILE CROCODILE DON'T FORGET TO WRITE. - Blaine the Mono - Wizard and Glass I feel like I'm ignoring the king since I'm working most of the details out on the Gunslinger. But progress has been made. Or rather details and measurements have been transferred over. Laying out the pump set up that will have the back of the pump going through the tray. For this to make a bit more sense, I guess I should let you in on my plans for the back panel. In the story of Roland, his era is a sort of feudal time that has come after a very advanced technological society has fallen. This technological society, created by those Roland calls the 'Old Ones', has been in decay for thousands of years and at it's peak was more advanced than our own. Even after thousands of years, some of this advance technology still exists and some still even works, though the people of Roland's time consider it evil or magic, and don't really understand it's workings. Roland and his companions stumble across some of these old machines and computers in their travels, some built by North Central Positronics, a company of the Old Ones that specialized in robotics. So my plan for the back panel is to give it a look of this decayed technology, electronics that have been wasting away for thousands of years, hence the pump and wires popping through the panel will fit right in with a bit of detailing and weathering. For the SSDs, I want to make some brackets that allow me to mount the drives with the side mounts instead of the back ones so I don't have to pull everything apart just to pop a drive out. I'm using some .05" aluminum for these brackets. And then using a vice to bend them into shape. Shot a little how to video for easily bending aluminum in a vice for my Down & Dirty Modding series. The finished product. And marking out for my SSD brackets and CPU cutout. A little bit more work and I should be caught up with the Gunslinger again, at least until I get to the details, that's where these will start to show their true colors. Sponsored by:
  9. The thunder of his own guns filled him with stupid wonder. - The Drawing of the Three Now for something a little different with the CPU cutout. My plan is to take the wires through there and run them under the board which is simple enough. The only problem I have is that each side of the tray is a different look so how do I change over the look on the wires? My solution, a junction box. Simple enough and it fits the look on the back side. The plan is to make a set of wires that run to the box, then extensions that come out of it, somehow locking the receiving connector to the box. I'm going to start out with some .06" 5052 aluminum for the main body of the box. And after cutting out the piece I need, over to the vice to bend it. I didn't want to have a lot of brackets holding it together and I wanted all the corners to match up so I broke the piece in the middle of one side so I can braze it and get a nice clean look. First off, beveling the edges so that my braze has as much surface to grab onto as I can give it. Then set it up in the vice. The marks on there are from a sharpie. I figured out that sharpie evaporates a little before the aluminum reaches brazing temp, so I use it as a temperature guide. Easy little joint. And then a die grinder with a sanding disc to knock it smooth. A little paint and it'll be invisible. I mounted it up with couple of mod blocks and cut a pass-though for the wire. I'm using a couple of standoffs to extend the mod blocks up to hold the cover on. The cover is .08" 6062 cut to shape. I tried some thinner aluminum, but it wanted to bend the aluminum at the screws. And well, I've got tons of .08 scrap. A few more brackets and some detail and CNC work on a few spots and I think we're ready for paint. Yay! Sponsored by:
  10. Love a good desk Mod, looks good mate
  11. Last week
  12. Liking all of the above, I've no doubt TT will have them already in production by now Cheaps
  13. Final Photos & APEX Goes to PAX East: APEX was a lot of fun to build and I enjoyed getting to try out new ideas. It was one of those builds where it all just came together and I think that shows in the final product. I've done a few more additions and mods to the design after these photos were taken. APEX is one it way to PAX East now to be displayed at Alphacool and ModMyMods booth #10044. You can check it out there as well as the new mods. I will update with the new pictures after it gets back from PAX East. Final Photos: APEX Photos From The Unveiling of APEX at CES 2017:
  14. Hello guys, sorry for the late update but here it is. A very big shout out to Alphacool and Aquatuning for delivering the parts needed for the Custom loop! Hope you guys like it I'm also going to take some nicer pictures soon! Also if you have any suggestions for the colour of the liquid please let me know. I have the following colours I can use: -Mayhems pastel white -Mayhems blue dye - Mayhems uv pink - Mayhems uv laser green dye I think I'm going for the pastel white whit some blue dye in it to give it a light pastel blue colour. Let me know what you think! cheers! NO LEAKS! :D
  15. I usually start with a mod when I start with a well-defined project and then add details and changes during construction. As in this case that with a simple modification to the case, I repositioned the power buttons, reset and USB ports from the front to the rear. Here is an overview of the case: These are the supports for the GPU Take down some of parts
  16. The lighting of the case will be entrusted to the BitFenix Magnetic RGB LED controller may change due to their effects and lights. Although the c BitaseFenix Shogun already has a controller for the LEDs. And then some of sleeving with BitFenix Alchemy 2.0 sleeved Cable;)
  17. guess I didn't think about that, because the way I transport mine is face down so the GPU hangs from the I/O (that's the way the case sits in the box with the handles up) lol
  18. Depending on how far you are going or how bumpy the trip is, you might want to take some foam and block up your gpu to keep it from wiggling around. I always worry about breaking the header or pulling a tube out of it.
  19. No real reason to, but it doesn't hurt anything to have them. Whenever I bring mine anywhere I typically bring a little distilled water (I just bring whatever I have in one of my gallon jugs), a small hand towel, and my piece of tubing on a barb with a funnel. I've never had to use any of it, but it doesn't take up much space, so figure why not.
  20. Any suggestions/warnings taking the new rig to the first lan party? Hopefully bouncing along in the car doesn't spring any leaks etc. of course, but I figured I'd ask. Reason to travel with paper towels like when I first tested the loop or anything? Thanks guys.
  21. Hey !, I leave here the last video of the finished project videolog, I hope you like it! I'm sorry, but the audio is only in Spanish, but it's worth seeing! I hope you like it See you!
  22. I've decided on the Cougar 700M Mouse. Designed for Cougar by CRE8 Design. I love the aluminum frame and height adjustable palm rest. I'm debating on color theme, maybe Blue with Orange highlights... COUGAR 700M, http://cougargaming.com/us/ph/products/mice/700m/
  23. "Now this build is really going to get good. The Watercooling Arrives!" Watercooling Arrives From ModMyMods & Alphacool: I am extremely excited about the arrival of the watercooling and other parts that recently arrived. As mentioned I will be using a custom dual pump setup. I was lucky to get one of the 1st few sets of the new VPP755 V2 (version 2) Alphacool pumps. I've used the V1s and I liked them a lot. More than likely I will paint the pump housing to match the IKONiK build. Another piece I had really wanted to see is the beastly UT60 Special Edition White 420mm radiator. This super thick rad will also get some custom work. I intentionally ordered a few different versions of fittings compared to what I used on the APEX build. This allowed me to try out a variety of parts made by Alphacool and sold by ModMyMods. Here's a few pictures of the water cooling and other gear using my new photography setup. I will also be using the new photogtaphy setup to take final photos of the IKONiK build. I will be starting right away on modding some of this gear so the updates will more often. Without further delay; Here's some highlights from the watercooling parts sent by ModMyMods for the IKONiK build.
  24. Made in CPU magazine!! Pg 33!! https://www.computerpoweruser.com/DigitalIssues/ComputerPowerUser/CP____1703__/
  25. Lets paint the 3D parts, repaint the case and make the well know stripes from the logo of the series. Next chapter, some assembly photos and the project at Maker Faire Lisbon 2016!
  26. Ah, I figured. I was thinking of something lighter like veins.
  27. Finishing Up & Testing the Loop: Time to put some coolant in the loop and test out all the components. Typically I do a 24 hr run with the pump on high to put the loop through it's paces. This helps to assure that everything is in tip top shape before it goes off to shows. I also decided to add a pressure release valve as an extra precaution. When all the lights are on and the coolants in you can really see the color combination shine in this build. It was a but of a chance doing blue coolant and accents but it definitely paid off. I've ever seen it done and it looks absolutely stunning.
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