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  3. Flames on Optimus... Damn you, Micheal Bay and your love of fire. Welcome to the zoo.
  4. Looks like you took Cheeto dust to the ultimate extreme. LD
  5. I started with the case, I chose the Corsair Carbide Series Spec 04 and started designing from there. I knew I wanted it to have a beat up look like it had been through battle so I started my research. I had seen what techniques and paint previous modders had used to add a distressed look. But it takes more than paint to truly build a one of a kind PC so I found actual Cybertronian letters from the movie to engrave onto the front panel of the case above where the autobot logo will sit. The front panel is also wired with leds behind bullet holes to add a flickering fire effect to the case.
  6. Inspiration This build was inspired by the new transformers movie The Last Knight and the design is based around a battle damaged Optimus Prime. I wanted to not only modify the case but the hardware as well, It will feature a Nvidia 10 series GPU, a new Intel Kaby lake CPU and z270 chipset. With all my builds I try to learn new techniques and challenge myself to do more as a Modder.
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  8. Got something done Today . Over the weekend i thought hard how to tackle the Alphatier Storage issue. After spending another 40 € in the Hardware store i can say I am happy with te result. I also got closer to fix me a pump mount. Not sure if i use the old 80mm Fan from an old Apple G5 or use the mount that came with the pumptop. What do you guys think.? I also blatantly want to show of my sleeving skills XD
  9. Some led shots for those who enjoy them.
  10. Next, I removed the original cover from the case. It was just glued in, so I removed it just but heatin it up. For the cover, I cut a hole and fit it in. Then, I glued the wood for the front into place. After everything was set, I made a short test fit for the watertank. I built a cover for the backside and inserted a hole for acrylic glass. I covered all edges with body filler. After everything was sanded down, I applied multiple layers of spray filler.
  11. Ok on to the next update! Work has almost completed on the tower 900. I had a plaque made by the infamous "Darth Beavis" Richard Surroz. Motherboard mounted, testing some lighting Thermaltake ASUS Strix waterblock installed Time to get the tubing bent Regardless of how many wires I have, I always try to keep everything clean, even in the back where you won't see it, still needs work here Final teaser for now! FYI I have multiple lighting modes MODON!
  12. Painting New Panels: Painting panels is pretty straightforward for the most part. Everybody seems to have their own way of doing things that works best for them. For these pieces I first started by lightly sanding or roughing them up so that the primer will stick to it better. With the acrylic primer is very important. The reason it is so important is the LED lighting inside the case will show through the clear panels even after they're painted, without the use of primer. So it's important to get a good thick base of primer before your color coat goes on. Doing so will help ensure that you get no bleed through from the LED lighting. For right now I will just leave them in primer which will allow me to wait until I'm done with the rough work. Mocking Up & Testing Hardware: I recently got a Be Quiet 240mm AIO so that I can test all the hardware and configure everything at the start of the build vs when it's finished. This had dome big advantages. It allows me to make sure there's no issues with the hardware and design the build with the configurable leds in mind. I had to also install an OS so that I can configure the fans as well. I will be using a combination of ring plus and Silent Wings 3 fans. The Ring Fans will give me some of the aesthetic look I'm going for while the Silent Wings 3s will do the intake and exhaust work. The Aorus motherboard, graphics cards and SLI Bridge are all configurable and offer multi-zone lighting. This allows me to controller everything through the motherboard and set different leds up in different ways. The ring fans have their own app and can be controlled by my cell phone.
  13. So many new toys for Alphatier. I played around to find a nice loop route unfortunately not everything that looks good is practical. That is because the quick disconnects need some tube slack to work well. I am really glad i can detach the radiator frame from the Mainboard part it helped a lot today. And that is also the reason i need the 4 quick disconnects. And i also found a good use for the Alphacool packing material. The Foam is really nice to work with
  14. A pic of the small 150mm Res and a Selektion of the Fittings. This will be also the position the i planed to put the res.
  15. What is in the BOX, many,many, many small Boxes XD Unfortunately i ran into trouble with my Cam and had to order new Bateries But i still manged to take a Pic for the promised Update
  16. Haha yeah, I actually took a moment of silence before proceeding to weather everything and dirty it all up lol. Getting the Speeder set up on my desk, transferring all my data and games. This is probably the first time I haven't had to scramble before a LAN just to get it running in time, hoping nothing goes wrong when I push that button lol. ..then having to spend the first day there loading all my games and stuff. Woot for being ahead of schedule for once!! :D My daughter took it upon herself to add a couple riders on the Speeder, as it did look kinda empty without someone, or some thing, piloting it lol.. I keep adding more detail here and there.. The front grill felt like it needed something, so I dirtied up a Geforce Garage badge :P
  17. :D not yet. But finally wanted to build something small ^^
  18. Finally ran out of space? :D
  19. Because the original case is to small, I cut new side pannels. To keep the original design, I cut vent holes in one side panel. Then the bottom plate was cut. I already include the hole for the fan for the radiator. After all 4 basic panels were cut, I glued them together and fixed it with screws.
  20. The great feeling when you get the Parcel you waited for forever and when it arrives you have to go to work . There will be some Updates soon. A BIG thank you to Alphacool, Aquatuninig and Hardwaremax for helping me out with the Parts
  21. Hey guys this is my dell keyboard mod, thank you. The victim... Dissassembling all parts. Washing with degreaser. Drying.. Covered all part that non need painted. Sanding.. Covering. Antirust in metal color used as base to create an irregular surface. Antirust red color, opaque. Applied with irregular sponge. Dark acrylic yellow Salt To keep anchored the salt I've used hair spray, before and after salt application Removing salt with strong brush, if there is problem use an old toothbrush washing again with hot water to remove rests of salt. Keys washing with degreaser. Drying.. Grafix application. Yellow medium acrylic used. To make a distressed effect I've used a silver acrylic pain, applied with brush or small sponge. Final cover Opaque transparent spray paint, ti fix all, and after washing agin. finished
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  23. So last year In Win launched the 303, this year see's the launch of the 101 - IMO I don't think you'll find a better made more versatile chassis for your money. Manufacturers LINK The case itself is chassis only, it comes with none of the obligatory cheap arse fans that no one ever uses anyway - price wise, it retails for just £62.99 in the UK (tempered glass panel version) which translates to roughly $82.00 US. I liked it so much I purchased one apon it's recent launch I use it for my daily driver
  24. And let's take it to the next level... Fans in place Rads in place, 10 fans for two 360 rads. We customize everything around here.. Cabinet upgrade Controllers mapped out. Started on tubing. Until next time.
  25. feces, I'm a little slow on the uptake, but thanks Bill! Also, I made a thing.
  26. Mocking up Skids (bottom): Now that I have the top all mocked up I can do the bottom set. I used the measurements from the top to locate where I should mount the bottom set which assures they will match up. I had to remove both of the stock feet from the MasterCase 5t. They come out really easily after removing a couple bolts and unlock by sliding them. I've been debating on modifying the stock feet so that they can be remounted with the new skids. I will probably wait until I have the skids exactly how I want them before playing around with them. As you can see the bottom skids fit perfectly. There's a decent amount of work into getting them in but it's already paying off. Top Aorus Logo: I knew pretty early on that one wanted to put the Aorus logo in a couple spots on the outside of the case. The one I knew for sure was on the flap towards the back of the case. A buddy of mine was already laser cutting some stuff and offered to cut me a couple Aorus logos if I did the design for it. They turned out perfect. I will more than likely paint it white before mounting it so that it matches the concept art design. Here's what the Aorus Eagle looked like after being cut and mocked up. I also got a chance to paint them white. Below I show the progress of making the acrylic mount for it as well Turning Templates Into Parts: The next task on the agenda is taking all of the templates made and turning them into actual parts for the build. Getting to this stage takes a little bit of work but once you're there goes along pretty easily. I use the templates to trace out cut paths in either acrylics or different metals depending on the use. For this side pieces I will use a combination of both for different reasons. These panels will all be at different angles and mounted in different positions. Typically I'm out most the stuff in one plain we're on this build they will be mounted in all different planes and positions. This will give it a lot more depth as it will be three dimensional versus flat surfaces.
  27. There is a commercial version that I think runs a pretty 1.5k a year (ouch) you can get around this if you are 1. not doing commercial 2. have access to a .edu address as an educator/student. As for outputs they have a cloud based "app store" which has connections to everything from CAM to Renderers.
  28. Haven't tried it, nor do I have the time to, sadly. Does it give you a way to output for machining? One of the things that sucked about earlier free versions of 3d cad programs was that they deliberately gimped the files or shut off file export. I definitely couldn't use it to design parts if they were free to all. We've already seen a few knock-offs of Bill's stuff. I agree SU is pretty clumsy when you leave the 90 degree axes. Anything that could output complex 3d shapes in solid models would be a Godsend.
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