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  2. Any other orientation and it would have gotten into space that I already allocated to something else. If I spun it sideways, it would get into the about the only open space I have for a reservoir. I could go with a custom res or stick it in the basement, but I didn't want to do that and fighting a few wires seemed like the easier option.
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  4. my wife is in charge of the video cutting, but currently on a conference, try to make it the week after next week.
  5. I have to wonder why you didn't mount the psu sideways.
  6. With the outside kinda wrapping up, let's put the inside together. With the PSU mounted, I can set the height of my GPU and attach the bracket to keep it from flopping around. I epoxied the piece of aluminum because I didn't want to drill holes in the backplate to mount the bracket. And I got everything put on the board except for the cooling. I also wrangled some switches from another build. I don't think they're permanent, but I do need a way to turn it off and on. Starting to run the cables. The switches will go on the CF frame above the GPU if your looking at this pic. The panel they're on uses the same mounts the frame does. At this point I was waiting on seeing what I was going to be using for cooling so I checked to see if what I had so far fit. I also knocked out some decals to break up the solid black. How about a nice NVIDIA green . At this point, I couldn't wait. QuakeCon was a few days away and my cooling stuff hadn't come in, so I went with Plan B/sorta Plan A.5. I wanted to get this into the CM World Series, but couldn't for the life of me figure out how, none of their PSU's even come close to fitting and I'm not gonna put a few fans in it and call it good. But, I needed a cooler, and I happened to know where a Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 was. Off to my parents house! Yes, I stole the cooler off my parents computer. I'm a horrible person. But I did put a Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3 back on, which is not only cool looking but dead quiet. Not that they even care, the only question I got was could they still use it. And cooler installed on the board. Installing this thing in the shell is going to be....interesting. Actually just mounting the MB to the frame was interesting. Yes, I had to pull a stick of RAM to plug in the PSU. I mean, we've all run into that before, right? Right?!? But I would guess most people haven't had to ream out the mounting holes of the PSU to gain that 1/16th of an inch so they could get the RAM stick back in and working. Just guessing. I think doing a little testing with this spaghetti monster might be a good idea before shoving it into the shell. It all works and next time I'll start cleaning it all up so I can shoehorn it into it's home. Thanks for following along and thanks to my sponsors:
  7. Yeah, I was thinking about sewing the loops on, but I don't have any way to do it but hand stitch, and I really don't trust myself. I've got some strap tension locks that will work for now. It's not too bad. I don't want to carry it for a few miles, but packing it into a lan and waiting around to get checked in wasn't too uncomfortable.
  8. Holy poopie... Yes. indeed. That was the phrase I was thinking as well.
  9. And here are some final pics. The making of will follow shortly.
  10. If you had an industrial sewing machine, I'd suggest some seatbelts from a nearby junkyard. Since it's those cheap riveted clasps that failed, you could swap them out for small chain connectors.
  11. Close call on the backpack strap lol But... is it comfortable? 😄
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  13. Framing it out is such a nice touch. It makes it look a lot larger with that one detail. The screws cancel it out, of course.
  14. im very sorry guys but it was just to much manufacturing for a novice like me. i ended up shelfing the idea and continuing with a modified version of it. ill link the topic here if you want to check it out as soon as i have it up.
  15. sooo...i ended up going with aluminium
  16. While the window was curing up, I decided to get the back panel and door ready. The clear coat came out nice, but you can always make it nicer. So I knocked the finish down with 500, 800,1000, and 3000 grit sandpaper and then attacked it with some finishing compound. With the door shined up, I decided to put my latch hardware on it. Just some simple cam latches, but that's all it really needs. So I drilled some holes and slapped them in. Fine tuning them will come later. The door is covering a nice little spot that I'm gonna toss my keyboard, mouse, headset and cables, so all I have to carry into the LAN is a monitor. Since those items can be a bit pricey to replace, I wanted to finish the cubby with something softer than carbon fiber since I don't feel like buying new peripherals. I had some fleece backed suede-like material and I thought that would be perfect, soft, fluffy, just what it needs. I cut a piece to fit and using Super 77 adhesive, slapped it in. The edges are a bit rough, but I'll get back to those later, cause at this point I was in a bit of a rush to finish for QuakeCon and from the outside you can't even tell. I think it's kind of a fancy look. Makes me think of a hypercar with a nice tan interior, crazy performance on the outside, luxury on the inside. I decided the door could use the same treatment because things would be rubbing on it, plus the suede was a good material to keep the door from scratching up the lip it sat on. It looks horrible but it gets better. I trimmed off some of the fleece around the edges. And then some more Super 77 to stick it down. I did go back after this pic to straighten up the edges, they just bugged me. So now we're getting somewhere, let's see about making this contraption carryable. When I put all the parts together I slipped some tie downs in at the bolt locations. They're pretty beefy, rated at 700 lbs. but this isn't the place to skimp. And then some replacement backpack straps. Just a little spoiler about the straps. 1st off, they totally worked, I carried the LANpak into QuakeCon strapped to my back, no problems whatsoever. But $12 backpack straps gonna be $12 backpack straps. After judging for the mod contest and getting into the top 3, I had to take the case to the ballroom for the place announcements on stage. I was just starting to pick up the case and one of the ends of the straps gave out. Luckily I hadn't even gotten the case off the table so no harm done, but dang it! Thankfully it happened then and not when I was carrying the case around on my back. New straps have been ordered with a little more capacity and no cheap metal connectors, but this is part of the process so I had to throw it in. So with the straps it does work like a normal backpack. A little bigger and in need of some strap adjustment, but it works. And the case, with straps...under 10 lbs. Awesome! Thanks for following along and thanks to my sponsors:
  17. Finally another update on the WOPR For the LED panels I still needed to build a small shroud. I simply cut some acrylic into shape and painted in in the same color as the panels itself. They were put into place just by some double sided tape. If you know the movie, you know that the WOPR has some lables all around. At first, I wanted to make a stencil and spray it on, but watching the movie again, made me realize, they just used some vinyl to make the lables. So, I went over to my vinyl cutter and made my own. And attached them already. To start the computer and LEDs later, I needed some buttons. They should not be visible from the outside, So I put them behind the cover at the front. Programming the LEDs was now the last step. Its really a bunch of code. Here you can see a picture from the work in progress, but it already shows the effect pretty good. Now, I will install the LED panels and work on the cable management. And then its time for some final pictures and a video.
  18. Thanks! :D Cause the forum was down a while here is some more of the worklog. Finally, I started to cover the case with yellow and black foil, to stay in the Pikachu/Pokemon theme. And ofc all the holes for the ventilation needed to be cut out. The front panel also got a small Pikachu silouette. On the inside, I put a part of the movie poster. Ob the back side I attached a second silouette and the name giving letters. Last, I build the water cooling. Its a tripple loop system with independant loops for the GPU, CPU and memory.
  19. So with the shell, there was a whole lot of coat and sand and coat and sand again, but I finally got to the final coat of epoxy. The nice thing about the epoxy is I could put my top coat on an hour later, so no waiting for it to cure up for a day. For the top coat I decided on a Hot Rod Black that I had gotten for a previous mod. I liked it on that case and it was a pretty durable coating. On top of that, the satin finish meant that it was less likely for something rubbing on the case to dull the finish like with a gloss, and the satin finish doesn't show every little flaw. So win win. After another coat and curing. Now it was time to start fitting the hardware. For the GPU, I adapted a miscut aluminum bracket from a previous build. Making sure everything was lined up right before marking out any holes. And checking it out how it looks in the case. That's one of those moments where things come out how they looked in your head and it's kind of amazing that you got there. Next up are some brackets to help hold the GPU steady and keep it from stressing the CF frame too much. The plan is to run a piece of aluminum from the back of the GPU to this bracket to keep the GPU from flopping around. Before I got to far, I decided I should get my window panel made and installed. Nothing like having to pull everything apart to put this in cause I forgot it. Just some 1/8" acrylic and I'm attaching it to the shell with some epoxy. And some lead weight to keep it in contact until the epoxy sets. Thanks for following along and thanks to the sponsors!
  20. I really like the pokemon in the tanks too. Off to a great and intereting start.
  21. Bill Owen

    Core x71

    helluva job Ian!
  22. this is pretty freaking cool! I like the pokemon in the tanks.
  23. Lovely work. :D All my spiky designs get shot down. You are our last hope.
  24. Ok Curiosity is piqued, looking forward to seeing more.
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