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  1. Yesterday
  2. Project No Name

    The build is completed, hope you all enjoy the photos, Just want to say a big thank you to all of my sponsors, Alphacool, Nanoxia, thermaltake and to the wire custom sleeving. You can find more photos on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AMLCustomPc/
  3. Last week
  4. perplexed?

    See writing stuff here helps. I already see some alternative possibilities. > Mnpctech's vertical GPU mount brackets may work to rotate the GPU - Hang it from ceiling and still allow a 120mm fan in the top. Have to ponder that some. Thanks Bill > IO side panel can flip so no panel damage - Just be upside down. > Get another side panel to cut a window into.
  5. perplexed?

    So after a long search for the case of my dreams. I found a candidate that checked most of my boxes. Did a search for availability and prices. Ended up buying a used special edition case. BitFenix Phenom M (Nvidia Edition) Can I still message it to fit my dream or it is the sacred cow? I had dreams of: > A side window - could get another panel to cut on, but it would loose the eye. > A 220mm fan in the top - that may get weird. > Rotating the GPU - That may get ugly > Re locating the IO side panel stuff to behind the front cover I really am confused about the etiquette
  6. Project Timeless Warriors

    Thanks guys I’ll tell the wife about what you thing of her engraving skills, waiting on confirmation of GPU’s going in this to get cracking on the samurai armour for the gpu blocks, sill unsure though weather to do it out of acrylic (two colour layer stuff) or just plain acrylic covered in nappa leather.
  7. Project Timeless Warriors

    Absolutely beautiful!
  8. elysium 1074 scratch build

    thanks !, I use it in the office and work well, it looks bad, and that was what I wanted.
  9. NEW! Dark Base 700 by be quiet! is tastefully designed and could be the "bespoke" mid tower case of 2017.
  10. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    oooh yea! :D
  11. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    Hot holy mamma...so close now!
  12. The Ultimate GPU Review Test Bench

    So today I got a few things done. I test fitted my 3D printed side combs to keep the cables in check (keep in mind, these screws are only temporary!). I replaced the stock rubber standoffs that the HighSpeedPC.com test bench come with, with regular standoffs for a more permanent solution. I installed the MNPCTech custom aluminium machined feet with alternate position for the radiator side, I have either symetrical for the test bench itself or I have offset to help with the uneven weight of the vertical pedastal type setup I have.
  13. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    Update! Alot of stuff has happend since last time. Since DHW 2017 is just around the corner i have pretty much stayed over at work building this week (including today). So to start things off ive now painted both the gpu bracket and touched up some minor scuffs on the backside of the motherboard tray (including cutting down the screws for the plexi on the back so they dont stick out. I've also sanded the "rays" on the logo to give them a frosted look (thx Metallicacid Customs PCs for the suggestion). After that was done i took of the ugly sticker on the side of the PSU and got started on the power button. I took the broken motherboard i have as a mockup for the new one since it looked like both of them had the connectors in pretty much the same place (they did not but more on that later :P) and started to solder the connectors to the button and then sleeved the whole thing. After i was done with the switch i started on the carrying case for the computer since i was still waiting for the rgb-strip to arrive. I decided to make it very simple by attaching the sides with L-brackets and when all sides are done some wood glue. The inside of it does not have to be pretty since i will be covering it all up with foam so that the pc will have comfy ride in it. (SUNDAY) So today i finally have the rest of the components and the rgb-strip. I started by putting the bottom layer on the plate so that i could see how long the strips would be and then cut all to size and stick them on the plate with the bottom layer as a guide for them. I then started the almost infuriatingly fiddly task of soldering on some short cables between them (it took some time but i got eventually). I then soldered on the connector for the motherboards 3-pin rgb header and put the other layers on for a test fit. After some testing with the other layers it was time to open up some of the componentes. After everything was mounted to the board i mounted it to the motherboard tray and discovered that i had designed it so that i could reach the other m.2-slot without removing everything (totally ment to do that..it was not a happy accident at all...). And now the moment of truth..have i been a colossal asshat and soldered something wrong? Luckily for me i had soldered everything just fine, check it out . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh2eH-ZzTtI Cya! .png
  14. Project Timeless Warriors

    wow that looks really cool
  15. The Ultimate GPU Review Test Bench

    So here's my motherboard, it's a unicorn, so don't try googling it xD MOSFETs - ??? 27B 73AX Capacitors - http://www.cooperindustries.com/content/dam/public/bussmann/Electronics/Resources/product-datasheets/BUS_Elx_DS_4407_FP0906_Series.pdf 0906R1 R15 31PH17F
  16. Air 540

    Looks better, but smeared consistently like butter, it doesn't change the square much. The short bits will be tough to keep straight with one screw in them. It occurred to me I don't remember seeing you do any plexi fusing. Care to take a peek into the plexi fab rabbit hole? Sorry. I just like poking people in the design phase.
  17. Air 540

  18. Project Timeless Warriors

    So been a while, but was waiting on some new tips from dremel, some more work has been done on the engraving and this is the result, finally flowers done and onto the smoke and then one of the samurai. Progress on from the flowers is starting to move along, more than ever More to follow soon, and its coming out amazing, also thought I would also spill the beans on the design (subject to change of course, but gives you a rough idea of what it will look like. Was going to leave it as a surprise, but I thought I would share what is going to happen on the image side of things.
  19. Earlier
  20. You could build a cardboard case for the time being. It will be tough to work on the desk with it full of components. -Also, being a computer builder and not having bunch of empty cases lying around? BOO!
  21. [Scratch][Build Log] Project Caroline: Aperture Science

    Well, its been a few weeks and life happened. In an effort to help my daughter in college I gave her my corsair 600T with acrylic side panel. Which meant my PC was now homeless, so in the new desk it went. I have a new power supply for the system but I need to get the custom cables made and sleeved before I can remove the current power supply. The office is a shambles now but its in there. Now to pretty it up.
  22. Project - IBM - X - Finished

    That looks fantastic.
  23. Project - IBM - X - Finished

    I have already thought about it but if it put a back cover ,the case look not to be nice. Thank for your advise
  24. Build Log - Temporal Snow

    Thanks for sharing, leaning toward getting one for new project, after Inwin nudged me,
  25. Air 540

    Annnnnd there's spikes. :D Plexi scheme: Too generic. It would look exactly like a storage crate. You want something to break the box shape more. How about switching the spikes with 1 inch risers, and wrapping a plexi strip around like a 3d racing stripe. If you use feet, you could tuck a bit under the case too. The spikes could hold it together, of course. -Yeah, I know it's not your style, but it would look good.
  26. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    Thanks! Yea im surprised myself
  27. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    Good result. I've replaced tons of mangled hinges, so I'm kinda shocked they are holding up.
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