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  1. Today
  2. CF1 mod

    I'm going to add a hole on the top. so i can display the rgb goodness in it
  3. Yesterday
  4. CF1 mod

    Off to a good start I'd say!
  5. CF1 mod

    Looks promising. It's kinda rare for a PSU to have venting on the sides anymore. I fear it may really need the air.
  6. CF1 mod

    I started a PSU shroud to cover the Thermaltake 850w Toughpower DPS G RGB power supply. I continued the theme from the front/top. I still have more to do to it..and clean up the cuts of course.
  7. CF1 mod

    Being that I an on a tight time crunch here I wanted to keep it simple. So I decided to go with just some basic panels for the front and top. I am cutting them with a jigsaw. Once I get them all rough cut, I will go back and clean them up with a file and sandpaper.
  8. CF1 mod

    So, I was able to get it this stripped with a screwdriver.. all drive cages and 5.25 bays were able to be removed..all that's left is the wall there that covered the drive cages. And then I broke out the angle grinder
  9. CF1 mod

    I'm doing a quick mod for February PDXLAN. I am using a Nanoxia Cool Force 1 case as the base of the mod. There isn't really a theme per say..but maybe one will present itself during the process? So first, here is the case I am using..
  10. Last week
  11. Lambda Core

    I've assembled another test loop. It went without any major problems. I'm surprised by the efficiency of the radiator. When I've tested externally 480mm radiator was getting really hot, now 420mm radiator is just barely warm when CPU is full stressed. I think 480mm have just not enough clearance to the table. This time I plugged the temperature sensor into the loop - when CPU is full stressed temperature of the liquid barely hits 32 degree.
  12. WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    I started to sand down the fiber glass to make the following layer of body filler as thin as possible. After sanding the paper down, I also could work on some rough spots or on spots were the fiber glass had som imperfections. Then body filler was applied. After hardening, I sanded everything smooth. I decided to work area by area, so I coul concentrate on getting every surface as perfect as possible. So here are the first two surfaces already done. The openings will be taken care of later. And then, returned to sand the paper down.
  13. My G5 Project

    Thanks, Yeah i did put a clear coat on the tube and im going to a support under the top side of the res when i drain the loop to change the coolant in the next few weeks.
  14. My G5 Project

    It came out great. :D You might want to hit the tubing with paste wax or clearcoat to keep it from turning dark. That slight downward tilt of your reservoir might give you trouble later too. Any air left in the loop will get recirculated because it will drift up near the pump ports.
  15. Lambda Core

    Blocks on cards Also M3x40mm button head black screw arrived. I've encountered problems with sourcing such screws in my country, so I had to order them internationally.
  16. G-Frame - Scratch Build (updated Jan 8, 2018)

    lol I hear ya. I've got a couple big sheets of raw wood quilted sapele veneer that is currently sandwiched in paper between two large shelving boards taped together trying to keep it all flat... Need to get that in somewhere, and then make something that needs veneer lol
  17. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    I like the indirect lighting concept. This thing is looking pretty cool!
  18. perplexed?

    I love the 303, I'm actually working on my second one for a friend. It's got a lot of hidden potential just because the top and front are totally blank and it's really solid, so you can hack away at it without destroying integrity. Interior does get a bit weird though.
  19. G-Frame - Scratch Build (updated Jan 8, 2018)

    That's exactly what I did. Now just to find a place to store it until I can get back to it. It's a PITA moving it around every time I want do something.
  20. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    Its getting there! So time for an update, currently just have some sleeving and finale Assembly left so should be coming together soonish. I wanted some lighting effects but still didn't want any thing to flashy so i decided to integrating the leds there into the plexi tubes under neat the motherboard which i think turned out really nicely. I also made made the supports for rear 80mm fan, psu and some case feet. Some test fitting before painting. Ready for some paint. Some days later i masked of the painted parts and made the rest glossy white And ofc some pictures after it was all painted
  21. What's your Modding soundtrack

    That is an interesting find Cheaps, I think further investigation is needed...
  22. What's your Modding soundtrack

    Hahaha, I think it's the exact opposite; my folks haven't seen me in months!
  23. What's your Modding soundtrack

    I that a coral reference? YES! You in particular need to stop getting out in the real world and spend more time creeping the net.
  24. What's your Modding soundtrack

    I'm tryin' to make it back, man! Hopefully I can crawl out from under my rock soon enough.
  25. What's your Modding soundtrack

    Bump this bitch. It's getting lonely in the zoo. Got this album for Christmas, and it was a pleasant surprise. There's hope for this generation yet.
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