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  2. FIRST! I should apologize. That was totally me that time. Thanks again, Kyle for fixing things!
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  4. Think im gonna just go with some stand alone Green 5mm leds and call it a day while the breathing effect would be cool i think it would be pointless because you wouldnt really see it to much
  5. So the printers are running basically 24/7 at the moment. For a better connection of the parts, I either added holes for metal rods, or tried to interlock the pieces before gluing them together. Here is the front grill. the missing rods will be simply pushed through the bottom holes at the end. The outer shell is almost done, just a few parts missing.
  6. as long as it's the same type, and you get the wires connected correctly, yeah, maybe. let us know what you end up going with. Put some pictures up.
  7. Hey also I have the phantek neon m5 in my case that has the ability to Daisy chain more rgb if that helps
  8. The RGB LED strip in your first link are the three pin variety, so they will not work with your motherboard. If you buy some controller, then that could work but you might not be able to use software to control them.
  9. Yes I did build my own computer, Yes I do understand basic electronics, My Mobo actually has 2 addressable rgb connections they are called J rainbow one at the top of the board and one at the bottom. My original question is will it fit the 5mm is the correct width correct? And then wiring properly such as soldering, Or do you have any suggestions as direct plug and play connections as this is an older mod and all of those links on the original thread are dead.
  10. What exactly is your skill level? Did you build your own computer? Do you understand basic electronics? I ask because in the video he's explaining the different types of RGB lighting well. Have you looked up the specifications of your board to find out what it may have for RGB headers, if any? It looks like your board has a 4 pin RGB header, so you can NOT use Addressable RGB lighting (the three pin type that the Video talks about)
  11. I have the MSI B550-A Pro I guess I should have stated that in original question
  12. It depends on what your motherboard can support. You can't just buy any RGB hub. If your motherboard has an RGB header, then you'll want to use that. However, there are two types. Addressable RGB headers, three pins, sometimes called ARGB NON Addressable RGB headers, four pins. They are NOT compatible, if you have 4 pins on your motherboard, you can NOT plug in an Addressable RGB strip. and, that is the same if your motherboard has 3 pins, you can't plug in a 4 pin LED strip. Watch this (291) RGB vs. Addressable RGB - FIGHT! - YouTube ( not my vid, but he explains it well )
  13. Hi guys I'm so excited to be here, okay first things first I just purchased a really good second hand Primo for a Primo price and I'm all about mods, mine has the white led light strips on the side panels near the power button and I would like to change them using the mod on this forum, now I have a few simple questions before proceeding with this mod, question one and the most important one is will these LEDs work? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RBVKLPX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_FGJ4DG85MX288B3Z9SZ3 Question 2 how can I wire this properly to be able to control it via any at all rgb controller. I just would like to make the lights breathe green as it goes with my overall them of the case. Thank you in advance for your time on my topic and any help you may be able to provide.
  14. Yeah, saw that also. But, resin prints alone can get really messy. And this technique also can create quite a mess. Also the fumes just go everywhere. I have to make a test myself, on how good this stuff really bonds to the surface. Hard edges and small details are still better off just by sanding and not coating.
  15. A new trend to reduce the time sanding is to do some light sanding, then pour 3d printer resin over it and cure it with a UV light. I have seen this done, even after applying filler primer, and the results were great, and less sanding.
  16. Lets start with the outer shell. At the end it should be easily dettachable to get access to the hardware more comfortably. First piece was part of the hood. Before I glued other pieces on, I made a first pass of sanding. Looking good so far. Next up were the back fenders. Unfortunately, my printer is not large enough, so I had to split all following parts down the middle.
  17. waiting for the other panels to dry .. intermediate panel where the leds will be positioned. cover panels
  18. So, lets start. First, I cut the 3D model into printable pieces for my printers. I am going to use a filament printer mostly. But some of the details will be made on a resin one to save some time in the post processing. The mod will be made in 3 sections. Outer shell, and two parts for the inner construction that will be assemled after everything is processed. So, I simply started at the front and worked my way to the back. All pieces for the outer shell are printed in ABS. First parts were the left and right front fenders. After the print I glued the pieces together and did a rough sanding. The fine tuning and filling will be done at the end after all parts are printed
  19. Looking forward to another Random build
  20. Oh that should be interesting!
  21. Finally, after nearly an eternity I am here with a new build. This time, Intel approached me to build a new project including the new Rocket Lake CPU. So here I am, lets start! Hardware that I got so far: CPU: Intel I9 11900K GPU: TBD (3080 hopefully) Mobo: TBD (ITX) Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB 16 GB SSD: Corsair MP 510 1920GB PSU: Corsair SF750 Cooling: Corsair Custom-Watercooling For the design, I looked a little into the game Rocket League and wanted to build something in the style of the cars used there. I really like the Octane design, so I will go with that. The timeline for this project is pretty tight, so I chose the most straight forward method for me, that I can do 100% in-house. 3D printing. First things first, I went into Cinema4D and created my own 3D model of the race car, and prepared it for printing. I tried to include all the holes for water cooling, mounting etc already in the model. Here are the first renderings. Wheels will be designed at a later point.
  22. let's discard the boy ... base cover processing that will go to LED with logo composed of 2 panels 4 mm and 2 mm upper. central covers with headphone holders. let's mount..
  23. ast element to complete the setup fantastic VIEWSONIC XG2705 gaming monitor [VIDEO]https://youtu.be/UUHFw3Xh1sk[/VIDEO]
  24. Yes, exactly, 1 pcie x16 splits in to 2 pcie x8's. I'm almost thinking it might make a sweet streaming rig, swapping out the second GPU for a capture card. I've still got some stuff planned for the mod, and then I'm going to be messing around with the software side of using this pretty hard core. So far Davinci Resolve Studio (my video editing software) does not seem to like the dual GPU setup in windows. I want to try it in Linux to see if it fares any better there...
  25. Wait, is that one Riser extension from one slot on the board, splitting to two Slots? or, is that simply a feature of that motherboard? Ok, watched the WHOLE video, and I get it now. You'll have to give us a "month later" report and let us know how that works out after some real world usage.
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