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    House of the Ryzen Sun [Sponsored]

    So after the high of last week’s delivery, I started fitting in hardware as I’d envisioned before shipping and discovered that due to the way the X-flow radiators are designed that while the 360 X-flow radiator was installed I didn’t quite have the clearance I need to mount another radiator onto the back mounting position without putting it outside of the case. Fortunately I’d thought about this in the planning stages, and Alphacool graciously agreed to send another 240mm X-flow radiator in case I ran into issues. Mounting this gives me acres of clearance, but doesn’t quite have the same aesthetic. I’d still like to use the 360 I think, but have left the 240 on currently to see if anything pops while I brainstorm. I do keep eyeing the back mesh and my Dremel… The other option here is to forgo the back radiator, and use the 360 and 240 radiators either still as separate loops or as one loop. This would be easier, but who said this should be easy? I set out to build a showcase, dual-loop PC; as I haven’t seen anyone put a dual-loop into this case and it looked like a fun challenge. Also while staring at the case, I’ve decided to build some custom acrylic backplates for both sides of the motherboard tray. Will be a much cleaner look, especially once I route various parts of cabling behind it. So while I've been given a puzzle on the radiator side, I've found a solution for one other issue: Airflow. Now we all love the sleek looks of the Phanteks Evolv, but one thing that's generally agreed is that those sleek lines come with a lower airflow from the front panel. Step in Mnpctech with his Evolv Vented Bezel. This is a full replacement for the front panel, using the existing mounting hardware from that panel. I've seen forum posters saying that their temperatures dropped 5 degrees after adding this mod, can't wait to test that out myself. It's a straight-forward, swap hardware across and mount on the case. EVOLV BEZEL URL, https://mnpctech.com/phanteks-case-mods/evolv-atx-vented-bezel/ I've left the acrylic cover on so I don't gather scratches as I work, so here's what it looks like from Mnpctech's own website That’s all the updates I have this week, to give me some more time to think about the radiator issue I’m going to start on cabling this week, and probably some paint of components.
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    Project ITX Treasure

    Another day and another small update, this time the small engraving on the GPU block. I personally can wait to see the red fluid and the LED’s lighting up the engraving in this block, here is rough placement ideas for the gpu. Slowly the chest is starting to come together, just got to design and print the gpu support.
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    Season 11 starts on Netflix tomorrow, 4/14/17!!!!
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    Scratch Build: Rey's Speeder

    I'm loving my printer right now! True I've had some kinks to work out, and I could probably dial it in even more. But it's been great being able to crank out some custom parts rather quickly, like those res mounting brackets. Something like that would have taken me a lot longer to fabricate with metal, or cut out of acrylic. Basic stuff like that doesn't take very long to whip up in the 3D design program, so it definitely saves some time there. It's a great tool to have, and just like every other tool in the garage, it has it's uses, and it surely will open up some new doors. but I wouldn't say I'll be using it for every build now. Maybe a few things here and there, or a prototype mockup or something. Sure, it could have saved me some time making all the greebles and ribs on BSG, so yeah I would have loved to have this thing back then!
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    monolith 534 (old coolermaster case recovered)

    Hy to everyone this case was recovered fron trash, I've give it a new life!!! I know my mod may seem uninteresting, but the way I work is to recycle as much as possible by doing something nice, and very little money. Inspiration for me... odissey 2001 No side panels... dirty, smelly and ugly. I don't want any button any dvd drive, nothing on the case. cutting plexyglass. I want the economic fans but silent. The BLUE colored fan was supplied in coolermaster case but was removed before throwing it away in the garbage. always on line I found the wireless switch. Remote control swicth. Dissassembling the tower internal graphics, maybe not necessary but I like ... Home sweet home. assembly Aliexpress too. after a month there's the blue fans. recovering the blue LED switch from the old cooler master, recycle it ... for the blue LED on the front I only do this a small scratch in the painted part of the front panel. install its motherboard found along with the houses, asun with a quad-core processor 8 GB of RAM, enough for me. Installing wireless switch, easy Front blue led Thanks for watching..
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    Mayhems Tubing and Coolant Guide for users.
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    Scratch Build: Rey's Speeder

    Here's your Monday Mod Update for March 27th.. Got the Primochill pump and res mounted! About the only place I could mount the pump was in between the motherboard and fans. It was a tight squeeze, but it will fit! Using the rubber gasket, I marked the holes to drill for the mounting brackets. After positioning the pump directly on the mobo tray, I noticed the top input port was just a little off-center, case-wise.. ...so I added a 1/4" shim to bring it out. Now it lines up perfectly with the reservoir. I wanted to put the Primochill CTR tube res across the top, so I positioned it in the center using a piece of tape to support it while I took measurements. Once I took down all the measurements, I jumped into Sketchup and whipped up a special two-piece mounting bracket to cradle the res, with mounting tabs on each end. Exported the STL and printed out two sets in ABS. These took just about 1 1/2 hours to print. Brackets installed, and res supported! But... just when I think I'm done and can move onto the next thing, I find out there's a problem.. With the res in the center of the case, I won't have room for the video card! Back to the drawing board... Going back into Sketchup, I revise my bracket design to move the reservoir over 3/4", but still using the same top pieces. The old centered bracket is on the bottom, with the revised offset bracket on top.. With the new bottoms printed, I now have room for the video card. Great, but now what about the tubing lining up with the pump input port? Not a problem with the CTR res and it's 4-port top cap! I can just choose the next hole over. But I was lazy and simply rotated the cap 90º until the tube lined up again. :D Only thing left to mount now is the video card, and I should be able to take care of that tonight or tomorrow. With the res bracket now holding the top securely in place, I just have to come up with a bottom bracket for the IO plate to sit on.
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    Cyber Kitsune