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    Ooooh! You're reworking the internals too? Nice, I like your take on it. And that monitor is mental I have an Alphacool UT60 360 in mine, almost went Monsta but wanted a bit for breathing space for fans since I'm replicating the stock look of the 901 and essentially stealthing the entire internal reworking. I sealed up the front ports on the radiator to give me some extra space; without the front plugs I could get the end tank flush with the outside of the case so nothing was sticking through the PSU gap. Have a jump on my log, would be nice to compare notes
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    Scratch Build Alphatier with two MONSTER Radiators

    I saw your question in chat. Apparently, You can just copy/paste the link into the text box. I had to try it to find out. Your build is coming along nicely. I approve highly of things that are not square. In fact, I think I've drawn up something in the Sketchup contests with a similar layout. I can't wait to see if/how you skin the frame.
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    Scratch Build Alphatier with two MONSTER Radiators

    Thanks Mosquito, still a lot to do, the real fun begins when i get the water cooling gear from Alphacool and start installing the Hardware.
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    Tt Arcade

    now that's a case mod! lol
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    Scratch Build Alphatier with two MONSTER Radiators

    I was not happy with how the Back panel looked so i changed it up a bit with some cuts and a fold. I also canged up the vinyl to silver to give the Alphatier Frame a more uniform look.
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    OMG My Niece Good News

    Will there be food? I'll drive the 18+ hours for food.
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    Just hit up amazon to look at Evo's and realized cooling loops are a whole new money pit I knew nothing about...!
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    Yup, that's a component collision iff'n I ever saw one. Venting the psu out of the case somehow is something I'd put priority on. I think you might want to give up on push/pull too. You will need that space for cables or drives or hookers. As for aesthetic personal pref: I'd go with a beefier plexi sheet. -beveled edges too.
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    After a few experiments I ended up using a pair of G1/4 flangeless grubs sealed in place with lashings of Fernox LSX. The Fernox LSX never sets completely hard so you can unscrew the grubs at a later date. Everything is sealed so far so hopefully I won't have any problems come actual final assembly and leak testing.
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    well first thanks im trying my best too make things as crazy and complicated as possible it seems. which sadly also means its gonna take a while. i thought about those end caps too but i wasnt sure how to get rid of them and still make sure its water tight soo i thought screwing with the bare aluminium of the case would be easier in case something goes wrong instead of me starting to screw with the rad. ill definitly check out your log and am always happy to compare notes and opinions.
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    I like it. Keep up the great work. It's looking awesome. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Scratch Build: Rey's Speeder

    Got a cr4p-ton of work done over the weekend.. so much painting! Its a 2-tone color scheme plus faux metal parts, so there was a lot of masking.. and then there's the weathering and detailing as well. So yeah, lots of work! But I somehow managed to get it all done in two days. My wife doesn't know me anymore. But I digress.. on to the progress pics! After painting all the body panels a flat red, I masked off the front grill to be painted metallic aluminum. All the body panels painted.. Sweet double-exposure closeup of the front grill.. All the engine tubes were painted metallic aluminum as well.. Then all the body panels were masked off again to paint the yellow stripes. The front nose took forever to mask! The dramatic removal of the tape.. Ooh purdy! Ok, now it's looking too new. Gotta do something about that! Going off of reference pics, I start masking off the areas where the paint has been worn or peeling off. I drew a basic shape to mimic the actual speeder's defects, then I taped around it, using the ripped edges of the tape to get a nice rough delineation. After doing the edges, I filled in with normal tape to protect the rest of the panel. Did the same with the other pieces. Rear fins unmasked. The left one has been lightly sanded along the edges to add more wear. And here's the large area on the side panel. More suspenseful tape removal.. And the final shot for today, all the panels painted and on the case. Still looks too nice, so we'll be taking care of that in the next post. Stay tuned!
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    j-dogg's Sleeper Mod

    Corded Dremel is here, it's amazing what you can get done with tools that don't suck! It's nice and smooth, all the edges are beveled and sanded down. Why does anyone buy the cordless version is that for stay-at-home soccer moms? The cuts look nice. There are two more that mount 80mm fans, and one of them is above the PSU and has enough real estate for a 120, so until I decide what does on up there I'll leave it alone. The 2nd 80 is cut out now in probably 1/10th the time it took me with the cordless. My Dremel has two speeds, 35,000 rpm and anything below that it just says pussy speed. >:) here's some sanding wheel aftermath. After this......it's 120's at the base, and a trip to Lowes for a hole saw.