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    What's your Modding soundtrack

    I have to go with Iron Maiden - Powerslave - One of my all time favorite bands and when building PCs, who doesn't want MORE POWER?
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    OnShape as an alternative to Sketchup

    Hey all, I have been seeing a lot of really crazy/awesome concept mods here and it looks like many of them are in SkechUp which is great... to a point. While prepping for my latest diy project last year back I ran across this: OnShape.com which is an in browser CAD tool created by the original creators of SolidWorks (one of the more popular CAD/CAM software's in industry). Best of all? It's free as long as you are okay with your files being public. Even more insane they have Mobile/Tablet apps which would let you carry your concepts into the garage to view, reference, and yes even tweak. If you teach or have a .edu address you can also get an education version to store files privately. I bring it up because in general I find SketchUp to be incredibly frustrating, unintuitive (and I am a Mechanical Engineer), and limiting when I am trying to design something. Anyway, not sure if this is the right board for this but food for thought!
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    GPU + CPU in parallel?

    Cool man, sweet that it actually works well. I'd still love to do some testing around the flow rates involved. Thanks for sharing!
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    Space Lab by RandomDesign

    And here are some final pictures of the mod: In addition, I made a short video about the making process: [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yqcZmZFM6w[/video]
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    Fresh Meat: A Dota 2 Scratch Build [7/5/17]

    Holy cow hides dude. That looks amazing. Leather wrapping on the cooling lines, really over the top there. And, great work on that stitching. That is one gorgeous build, wood, leather, and tech. Some great NSFW tech porn there. ;-)
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    Bill Owen

    Fresh Meat: A Dota 2 Scratch Build [7/5/17]

    agreed, about the leather, and this was well worth the wait, Thank you Stu!
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    Space Lab by RandomDesign

    To controll the crane mechanism, I included switches for each direction in the front panel. Then the entire construction got one layer of sprayfiller before painting the black primer on it. Its always good to get a little help. My wife was in charge of the paint job. While the panting was under its way, I worked on the cables. I sleeved all cables myself. Case the loop wil have two different colors for the CPU and GPU, I also decided to match this color in the sleeving as well. So the GPU got a combinagion of carbon black an a green tone and the Mobo got blue and carbon black. Then The cables were attached and hidden on the backside. I removed the original logo from the fan grill and attached small self-made bio hazard symbols. The cooling block for the GPU was decorated with the MSI Symbol to get a little highlight in this area. In the backgroud ou also could see some parts of the custom water loop. I dont have pictures of the making, but you will see it in the video when its done. So thats it basically. Next up are the final pictures.
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    Sweeeeeet. Looking forward to another one
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    Space Lab by RandomDesign

    Then I started with the moving part. The movement will be on two axis forth and back + left and right. Both mechanisms are working basically the same way. I used an aluminum rod and two sliding bearings on each side. They are placed on a wooden board that will also be the base of the other sledge. Because I included an opening in the top, I can now also work from this side on the mechanism. To move the sledge, I used a simple motor. I installed a switch so I can change the plus and minus. That way the motor will rotate in both directions. In the picture you can also see the limiting switches, I used to keep the movement in a certain area and ensure nothing gets damaged. The motor was then placed behind the mounting of the aluminum rods. The grapper it self was 3D printed. Here you can see the mounting. To move the cran up and down I installed a mini motor. To make it easier for the motor to work I included 3 rolls. Now the weight can be a bit more heavy. The Opening for the grapper is realised with a servo in the back. Its simply controlled with an arduino. For the grapper, I also printed out multiple claws, so I have the right size for everything. This is how the mechanism looks like in total.
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    Nano S mounting scenarios with Mnpctech Vertical GPU Mounting Bracket,
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    came out Killer, Thanks again for sharing Calen!
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    Mrs Spartans rig

    Ha! You acetone'd plexi. I bet the paint is on that shroud REALLY GOOD now. What do you have planned for the bottom of the tree trunk? The way it just kind of 'ends' doesn't look right to me. It might look better if you cut it to match the lines of the case edge. (on second thought. I think you may have already done that.) The way the branches wrap around worked really well, BTW. -And you made me check Delvie's for pearl plexi AGAIN! Edit: Even worse, I found one of the old sites that I tried before finally set up a web store.
  13. 1 point
    Bill Owen

    Mrs Spartans rig

    duuuuude, shes gonna LOVE it... and that Citrus Green paint looks awesome
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    Scratch Build: Rey's Speeder

    It was hovering.. the back part was just the mooring tie to keep it from floating away.. :P
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    Bill Owen

    Bit-Tech Account Approval

    It is normal for bit-tech registration to take several days. In their defense, you wouldn't believe the amount of fake registrations a Community forum will get on daily basis. It takes time for the Moderator to filter through these registrations. Also keep in mind that these people are not getting paid for their volunteer time.