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    Hi guys here my new project a scratch build hand made it's hard mod SPONSORS ARE WELCOMED enjoy! Here the project starting with aluminium bars to build the frame.
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    Beautiful. :D I want a disco wall now. I suspect I'd figure out I know people with epilepsy REAL quick, though.
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    Here it is! This is a gif of the lighting: https://i.imgur.com/zhxuomY.mp4
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    Radiator Cover

    Paper/cardboard is a good start. Thickness on the aluminum really depends on how well it's made an how you will put this together. Annealed alu under 2mm will not be very stiff. Personally I use a lot of 1/8", but for a cover plate you could probably go a lot thinner. -1mm-ish for bends. 2mm-1/8" if you fear warping it cutting. I'd recommend leaving a little space inside around the rad for glue glob around the cover seams.
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    Man that looks like a lot of work!
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    Lots of little things coming together to add up quite nicely. Great work!
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    More work on the handles. I made grooves in the handles using the big router in previous picture. Now just cut both of those in half and I will have my four handels. And a few pictures without tape.
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