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    With everything laid up and mostly figured out, I put down another coat of epoxy to fill any voids, pits, etc. I'm planning on top coating all the pieces, but the better they go in to top coating, the better they'll come out. After that coat cured, more sanding....but it'll be totally worth it in the end. The next thing I wanted to tackle was some tape??? Oh yeah, and a flat piece of CF I laid up earlier under the tape! This is gonna become my door panel. I cut it to size then beveled the back edge so it fit the back panel as close as I could make it. Then I cut the back panel making sure I had enough of a lip for the door to sit on. Came out pretty slick, though I did get the weave going the other way. With that done, I started tackling the finish of the shell. It had some defects that epoxy just wasn't going to fix, at least not fast enough to get it done by QuakeCon. I also knew that I was painting the shell. Two reasons for this, one is that would be a lot of CF all in one place if I left it natural. Two, with the sharp corners, my weave wasn't as perfect as it was on the back panel. So I turned to a polyester filler to smooth out the exterior. I had one more thing to do to the shell before it went to paint...I had to drill out the fan holes. Let me tell you, fun times. I used a 4.5" hole saw and a couple of Bill's fan templates to put some giant holes in this thing. I was worried about the saw jumping or breaking the little bit of shell left between the holes, but it all came out great. With all that done, it was finally time to get spraying. First up, clear coat on the back panel, door, and frame. And an epoxy primer/sealer on the shell, which I promptly sanded and did some more filling on. Nothing like a nice coat of paint to show you all the imperfections. Thanks for following along! And thanks to: and a new sponsor: Who are going to be sponsoring some Fluid Gaming products for when the LANPack evolves to it's final form.
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    Jeremy Watson

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Glad to see you are back making Case feet. I have 2 sets of yours myself.
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