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    Good evening people! For anyone looking to do something fiddly to do this weekend i have a perfect project for the you. All of the files for MK3D is now live on thingiverse for anyone to download and build. ( also included a list of everything you'll need in terms of bolts etc. ) If anyone decides to conquer this project i would love to see it, if you upload an image to social media tag me in it ( im @forsbergcustoms everywhere ). https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3992080 Enjoy folks!
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    PCPartPicker Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/d9JGpG Good afternoon my fellow enthusiasts! We are COMPLETE!!! Couldn’t be a happier feeling than a working mod. First, we need to clean and prep our trusty ol’ Phenom II Then we can slap on some Arctic MX-4 paste in preparation to install that beastly Freezer eSports Duo cooler ❤️ Cooler installed with our custom AM3 mounts, nice and snug Drives are in and mounted! That cooler is so over kill…. But cable management for the win! Tip of the Day…. Label those drives! Getting Ubuntu server installed We are up and running! Time to get PLEX set up so the family stops bugging me for movie access *laughs* That’s it until we are up and fully running with our RAID and software flying high! Otherwise we are switching gears to work on our Honda Prelude PC mod!
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    So I got some parts in to finish up the build. The first one being a Noctua NF-A14 Redux. I like the gray color of this versus the brown of the standard Noctua fans. This will replace the stock A14 on the C14S Noctua cooler. The Redux doesn't come with the isolation pads so I stole them off the stock A14 and they actually look pretty good with the Redux and the leather trim in the case. You can also see I got my paracord for the GPU cables. I went with gold for a bit of contrast and it goes well with the green. And that's it. Pretty simple mods but I really like the way it gives the case a nice classy look. Just what you'd expect in a refined touring car. And now some final shots. Thanks for following along!
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