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    Yeah, the two things I've done recently in my shop. It's like I want it to never be clean again.
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    Learning a lot from this thread alone. Thanks for the tips!
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    Bill Owen

    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    Beastly, keep the updates coming!
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    Corsair 750D Metal Carbon

    Today the assembly Stage Started, I feel more motivated to complete this project,☺️ I started assembling the top of the corsair case with 3mm rivets : My hand riveter was jumping off my hands from excessive force & did scratch the panels, thank God, two days ago I followed my sixth sense & did spare some thinned basecoat paint , I knew it will be useful to repair my stupid mistakes I don’t want to loose more time filling my paintgun, easy trick : very softly apply paint layers with a Q-tip , better than brushes known to leave ugly hair marks : just to know how the structure will look, I didn’t attach the two cases together yet : Adding some accessories : Assembling the right panel grill : the rivets were cut down & grinded as soft as possible to avoid cutting an electric cable : Farbwerk led controller custom window attached :
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    WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    This time just a small update. Doors are now completely processed and ready to be primed and painted. I also included a small magnet on the backside. As you might notice, I changed the position of the magnets. I was going to install two at the upper part but changed my door mechanism so I only need one at the bottom. Will see how things turn out. Then I started to fill in all smaller gaps at the main body. Hopefully, I can finish up this step during this week.
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    8 posts of dead air. You know better than that.