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    E.E.L. Ambiense

    Make Modding Great Again...

    *peeks in; sniffs the air a bit; absently picks at the back-end a bit; sniffs the finger; backs out of the room slowly*
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    Make Modding Great Again...

    Oooohhh, this is fun little exercise. I actually find myself thinking about stuff like this from time to time, though I've put more thought into the gray area between scratch and casemod, an area I tend to end up in lately. I guess I'm in the same boat as Cheapskate and Mos, it's all a big sort of spectrum. Where something becomes a mod vs. a customized build, I don't really know. Builds have mods in them like custom cooling loops, sleeved cables, etc. but does that necessarily make them a mod??? Does just cutting a window in classify something as a mod??? I almost think you have to say that anything not stock is a mod and then start grading them out in levels from there. The one point where I think you can start to classify a distinction between mod and customized build though is, Who does the work? A modder modifies their case and creates a mod, while a builder gets modded parts to build a customized case. That may be the easiest classification for all of this, and it's still blurry cause not everyone can paint a case or sleeve cables, and then sometimes you have to farm stuff out in the name of efficiency and cost. Personally, I grade myself on the amount of change I've done to the case. Add a PSU shroud and some cables, or pull out the bays for a cleaner look, and it's a build. New panels and lots of reworking of things and I'll call it a mod. But I don't tend to hold others to that scale because it's partly based on effort, and I'm not going to detract from someone else just because something might come easier to me. Now when it comes to competitions and whatever of the month, don't even get me started, I'm salty right now.