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    Long time no updateBut its finally time to finish this project.Moterboard tray fresh of the printer.I used inserts for the screws that will be holding the motherboard in place.And here is the backplate in place.Radiator brackets and every thing put together inside the case.
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    I bought mine at the same time as the CNC, through Carbide3D, and it's $25 for a pair (1/4" and 1/8"). https://shop.carbide3d.com/products/precision-collets?variant=14102551527485 I got a Makita router tonight, and will give them a try tomorrow, since I got busy/distracted making a saw tonight lol
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    small reinforcements added to stabilize the structure as well as reinforcing they will be an excellent decorative element the fabulous EKWB EK connect controller has arrived in addition to the classic functions there are as many as 3 excellent temperature sensors coupled with EK Vardar X3M D-RGB fans here the unboxing [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
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    Let me say up front that you really don't want to accidentally back the ball nut off the end of the screw. I thought I was safe until it started pooping tiny ball bearings. -and BOY, they don't like to go back. -anyway... -I made some spacers. I really don't care if this one doesn't have corners. -I DO care if it stays stuck to the tape. -That knockoff tape! The entire chunk of polycarb came free. The part is OK. It was nothing I couldn't finish up with a wood chisel. I'm a little worried about the chunk of aluminum I just prepped, though. It's def going to come free. -Here's that spacer in the motor assembly. I still lack a buttload of M5 screws. -So I need to convert an Imperial pulley system to 8mm metric. I reamed the part out in increments in hopes it would stay centered. You can guess where this is going, right? -It worked on the first one, but his brother is just not right. I'm hoping it works anyway. That's where I'm at. I also sent a set of models to Bill. I'm hoping he can make the last parts I need. Last? I still have a dozen bits I need to make here.
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    Hyper Case DM-01

    Thanks Mos👍 Almost done with this panel.. Fill a few ruff spots with spot putty a rub and final primer.First off was to get some primer down. Not sure what to call these things, but hopefully they look cool! i'll show the inspiration for adding these soon. A lot more sanding some more primer and a few coats of spray putty. The inspiration DEEPCOOL'S ASSASSIN III COOLER FANS
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