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    Long time no updateBut its finally time to finish this project.Moterboard tray fresh of the printer.I used inserts for the screws that will be holding the motherboard in place.And here is the backplate in place.Radiator brackets and every thing put together inside the case.
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    CyberPunked Two 077

    So another small little update for you guys, this time just painted a few things and added a tester neon string light that I will be replacing with a pink one. I like the way its come out and when the pink one arrives I will glue it down so its straight, also on the subject of the case I don’t a quick assemble to see how the yellow panels looked. So happy with how its come out, but obviously its now time to do the samurai logo on the back panel, this was probably the hardest to do due to the layering up of the paint to get desired effect, ill go into detail after the picture. Might not look like much but this is 4 layers of paint for a worn look to match the build, I done etching primer (not a classed as one of the 4), then pearl black as base of artwork, when that dried i sprayed pearl silver, then using a cotton wool bud dabbed hairspray in cerian areas i wanted to stay silver sprayed over with platinum pearl then dabbed areas i wanted to go back to the platinum and used some red over that lol,... then used hairdryer in some areas to make the red paint not have chance to fume out in some areas to get a rough surface to get the desired look, I am happy with how it came out. Moving on I have laid the basic graphics down on the mouse with a metallic basecoat and just need to do the top layer now Top layer will be a translucent colour, added some extra thick paint as with the case via a brush then will sand back the graphics to add some wear to it too to match. Moving on I have the headsets to paint as well, but as a lot of people that paint will tell you it does not always go to plan as I must of picked up a old can of primer for the headset (same one used on mice but different can) as despite looking hard, the moment the metallic base was drying on it, the twat started bubbling up so I have to re sand those back. Other than that no issues so far. I will 100% need in final photos and video need to get plenty of lighting on this due to the pearl being really fine, to get it to sparkle. More coming a lot sooner once I have completed the mice, I also have a special thing lined up for inside the case that involves a small info screen, not transparent, but not what you would normally expect either.
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    I bought mine at the same time as the CNC, through Carbide3D, and it's $25 for a pair (1/4" and 1/8"). https://shop.carbide3d.com/products/precision-collets?variant=14102551527485 I got a Makita router tonight, and will give them a try tomorrow, since I got busy/distracted making a saw tonight lol
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    small reinforcements added to stabilize the structure as well as reinforcing they will be an excellent decorative element the fabulous EKWB EK connect controller has arrived in addition to the classic functions there are as many as 3 excellent temperature sensors coupled with EK Vardar X3M D-RGB fans here the unboxing [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
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    Let me say up front that you really don't want to accidentally back the ball nut off the end of the screw. I thought I was safe until it started pooping tiny ball bearings. -and BOY, they don't like to go back. -anyway... -I made some spacers. I really don't care if this one doesn't have corners. -I DO care if it stays stuck to the tape. -That knockoff tape! The entire chunk of polycarb came free. The part is OK. It was nothing I couldn't finish up with a wood chisel. I'm a little worried about the chunk of aluminum I just prepped, though. It's def going to come free. -Here's that spacer in the motor assembly. I still lack a buttload of M5 screws. -So I need to convert an Imperial pulley system to 8mm metric. I reamed the part out in increments in hopes it would stay centered. You can guess where this is going, right? -It worked on the first one, but his brother is just not right. I'm hoping it works anyway. That's where I'm at. I also sent a set of models to Bill. I'm hoping he can make the last parts I need. Last? I still have a dozen bits I need to make here.
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