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    Hello and Introductions

    Hello! This is going to be a thread for you to introduce yourself to us, let us know a bit about you and where you are from, I will start! **** Hello, my name is Kyle van der Merwe also know as Kylevdm, I am the host of The Mod Zoo podcast and have been around the modding scene since I was 14... I have a number of projects floating about you can see them all in my sub forum. I split my time between Glasgow, UK and Brussels, Belgium neither have great weather....
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    Yeah, so I've been a bit distracted lately. An InWin 301 project, two 303's, a trip to Taiwan and then Indiana(talk about polar opposites), starting a new fiberglass repair business, aaaand cleaning out the shop behind my house to move my business to so I can stop paying rent for where I'm at now. Jesus, I'm going crazy. Slowly but surely I've been working on getting the side panels just right so I can continue on with the frame project. QuakeCon being in a month is definitely a motivator now as well. So let's get into the build...I liked the panels. But with just the shellac, they weren't shiny enough. And you know, who doesn't want to spend a month spraying clear and sanding? That was the first coat of I'm not even sure how many coats. Three, maybe four rounds of clear with a sanding in between the coats. Why so many coats? There were a few high spots here and there and I wanted to fill in any chips, etc. What really added to the time was laying them down and only clearing one side at a time, but this also allowed me to really lay on the clear. And the color was looking awesome. After getting all the coats I wanted on one side, I taped it off so I could clear the other side without dealing with a lot of overspray. In between coats I was using 220 and 320 grit paper to knock the clear down fast, on this last round, it was pretty smooth to start with so I went with 800 for my first pass. I figure less chance of missing scratches that compound won't get out. After the 800 grit, I went to 1000 grit and 3000 grit with my new toy. I've got an air 3" polisher, but it was so nice not having to listen to the compressor kick on. My new fiberglass repair business has it's perks. Now don't worry, after all that sanding, I'm totally going to hit them with some compound to get them sparkling, but for now, they're shiny enough. And I need something to do while the router is running later anyways. While getting the panels ready, I re-thought my threaded rod idea. It's just such a pain to thread everything on and I figured there had to be a source for 1/4" studs out there. While looking, I ran across 1/4" set screws which hadn't even crossed my mind, but they're perfect. Now with everything sanded and the set screws in hand, I can do some assembly and get some measurements for the next pieces I have to make. The thing is turning into a monstrosity, but at least it's a good looking monster, LOL! Thanks for following along y'all!
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    So after getting the front panel on, I noticed there was nothing covering up the ugliness behind the reservoir. So I had to come up with something that fit the theme. I figured a nice curved shroud of webbing would do the trick! I grabbed another piece of cardboard and whipped up a quick template, then cut it out of a piece of styrene. Then I took the top grill and traced out all the webbing shapes and made them fit around the existing holes and cutouts. The dremel with a routing bit made quick work of the soft material, but it did take a while to file and smooth all the edges. Styrene is pretty pliable, so it was easy to bend it by hand into a gradual curve. Then I combined it with a nice mesh background so you can't see through the holes. Glued the two together before putting it in place. Dont need any fastening to secure it either, thanks to the spring-loaded tension. Now I can put the reservoir back in.. I added an ledstrip behind the front panel, so it lights everything up nicely. The ledstrip circles the CM logo ring as well. And that pretty much wraps up the fabrication.. I think.. unless I see something else I need to address lol. Only thing left to do is install the OS and configure the fans and lighting effects.
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    Since I've got a whole lot of water cooling stuff installed, it'd probably be a good idea to run some lines. I'm using Bitspower's 12mm OD PETG with their deluxe white fittings. Since I kind of screwed my self space-wise, trying to keep the case compact, I had to get imaginative with some of the loop. There wasn't enough space for fittings between the GPU and the window so all my runs had to stay between the GPU and the mb. Other than the tight confines around the GPU, most of the line was straightforward. The last two lines I can't do until I get all this in the shell with the radiator. So I guess it's time to mate things up. I want some lighting to brighten things up so I went with some Darkside white LED strips. I mounted them in the top of the shell to give some top down lighting for the components. I ditched the foam tape that was on them since it never stays stuck for long and went with Scotch clear mounting tape. It always does the trick even though it's a pain to cut and get the backing off of. After finishing the last two lines to the radiator, it was time to fill it it up with some Mayhems Blitz to clean the loop and check for leaks. Once that was flushed out, I filled it with Mayhems Pastel white to stay with the black and white theme. And now she's ready for her glamour shots! Again, thanks to my sponsors:
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    If that doesn't work I have another idea. I might make a front for it and figure out how to keep the filter. I should have the case next week so a log of sorts may follow if I can make the project move in a timely fashion.
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    Christmas was great cheers fella :) However I'm at a complete f*cking loss as to why Moto isn't a nominee in the bit MOTY... :blink: Personally I think that decision sucks large portions of donkey c*ck!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:
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    Update your Profile Page Header

    I updated mine to celebrate this guide :)
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    Thanks for following guys! Here are some updates on what is in the works... I'm happy to say we've added another very special sponsor to the project... Lutro0 Customs! This will be some beautiful sleeving work! Now for the progress... Measuring out pieces to make dual res holder from 1/4" thick Black Opaque acrylic sheet Custom Dual Res tube holder for the EK Res X3s EK Res X3s, ready for mounting What remains of the factory front I/O, this was part of the CM II's top panel. This will flip open. Modified "Laurey" style cabinet hinge, this spring loaded, and found at WoodCraft, http://www.woodcraft....ount-Pair.aspx Spacer for hinge made from 1/8" acrylic, this will be painted later Dual EK Res X3s mounted. This location will be ideal when it's time to fill the two loops. The flip cover, creates easy access for inspecting the loops, if ever needed in the future. The rear cover flips open now too! I wanted to use an ipod touch for monitoring and fan control. This will be mounted in the front top panel and running through the Bitfenix Recon phone app. Making the front phone mount Initial looks of the front phone fan control module. Think Luke Skywalker's targeting computer ;)/> Custom shroud for the reservoirs More coming soon! Keep checking back :)/>
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    New Corsair H80i and H100i!

    They are appealing to a lot of people, that's for sure. It would be nice if they eventually get to clear tubing with different colored coolants. Bring it even closer to custom watercooling without the cost and effort.
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    +1 for bullitt. I'd love to see a 007 mod. Think Aston Martin DB5 themed case stuffed with a bunch of gadgets. Mad Max comes to mind as an obvious choice. Just because I love Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, Hot Fuzz or Shaun Of The Dead.
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    Excellent design.
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    Mod Zoo Podcast Listener Q&A Thread

    You made me think I missed the podcast for a second, Fannblade.
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    WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    Unfortunately, after wet sanding, I got a little issue with my bondo. At the edge it seems that two layers havnt bonded very good. A small part chipped... After investigating a bit more, I just sanded the area down to the PLA and applied new bondo. Finished up with spray filler. Now it looks like nothing happend at all. For a better air flow inside the Wopr, I cut in a couple more slots. They are positioned right below the GPU, so nothing should get to hot on the inside. I also rounded the edges, just to make the transition between the base and body part a bit smoother. The edge will be painted the same as the body, so I prepared it already.
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    WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    EGAD! That's a month of soldering and swearing for me. You should have been a surgeon... Are you a surgeon?
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    Rocket Pods: The top mounted rocket pods are my way of continuing to push the boundaries. These pods will be primarily made out of acrylic. Making them this way took several revisions of the design to get them just right. Once I had the pieces cut out there was a ton of work chemically welding the tiny acrylic pieces to make up each pod. I still have to build 2 more of the smaller rocket pods and the rotating mount. During this 1st phase I will do all the structural work. For the 2nd phase I will add all the detailed pieces that will really bring it all together. Fine Tuning & Mounting Acrylic Panels: Since I've finished building most of the acrylic interior panels I need to mount them and fine tune them. I had to file parts of them so that they'd fit the contours of the cases interior. Most of this work can't be seen. It's time consuming but a requirement when you want perfect fitment.
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    I also made a quick testfit to see how to manage the cabels and you get a glimps on the final loop route.
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    So many new toys for Alphatier. I played around to find a nice loop route unfortunately not everything that looks good is practical. That is because the quick disconnects need some tube slack to work well. I am really glad i can detach the radiator frame from the Mainboard part it helped a lot today. And that is also the reason i need the 4 quick disconnects. And i also found a good use for the Alphacool packing material. The Foam is really nice to work with
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    Bill Owen

    Cyber Kitsune

    I love the armor! shared with Mnpctech FB group today, https://www.facebook.com/groups/131097993582256/permalink/1594650163893691/
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    Mosquito, you think I'm okay to proceed?
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    Thanks for the tips! I am using a jigsaw and dremel. The dremel isn't my first go to unless its tight curves or short lines. I have a large file I used but never thought about the needle files. I'll be at HF tomorrow to get some haha.
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    Enermax Case

    Hey all, Just wanted to share a small update concerning the case I won from Bill's Youtube Giveaway. The build is going to be slow going but I have done a little work to the case. Here are a few pics.
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    Next, I build some more details for the lid part. Therefore, I simply used triangular and square wooden blocks, which were cut in the right length. For the bottom part of the mid-section, I also build some more details. Here acrylic glass will be attached later on. Then, I made the wings. First some carbon foil was attached. Then, all pieces were screwed together and I cut in the space ship pattern.
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    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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    At Doom's Gate

    Wooowww i can't believe. Hope john liked
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    Question about the Pastel White Coolant

    Hi there you don't need to add any thing such as a kill coil. :)
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    Looking great.:D ATX I/O specifications are smeared over 3 publications, and some measurements on the risers are still not public. I can guess where you had a problem.
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    All I have to say is this is the biggest dream come true I have veer seen. I am a gamer, I run a twitch and youtube channel and a hug OriginPC fan because what they do for their customers is amazing. I have been in chat with Kevin, Eddy, and Alexis and they have been helpful. I am partnering soon with OriginPC through my twitch and youtube channel and currently an affiliate. My current PC aka a laptop has been overused and I can tell it is going to crash soon due to how many of the ports not working USB, drivers keep crashing, etc. With this becoming a giveaway I cannot wait for entry details, keep it up, and hey even better it has modzoo all over it :D
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    You clever dog, well done on hiding the Corsair USB cable under the armor. Nothing left untouched as usual, keep up the good work.
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    If I owned an H440 case I would put there my current system: CPU: AMD FX-8350 GPU: MSI HD7950 Twin Frozr III OC/BE RAM: 8GB Kingston HyperX Red CL11 MB: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 SSD: Kingston HyperX Fury 120GB SSD HDD: Western Digital 320GB HDD PSU: Nox Urano VX650 Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Current case: NZXT Apollo Black And I probably would swap the CPU cooler for an AIO like the Cooler Master Nepton 280L, which I can't currently do because my case is from 2006 and back then there wasn't any focus on AIO CPU coolers (I think) and it has no radiator support besides a 120mm on the back.
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    MetallicAcid's Monolith FT03

    Amazing work as always. That front panel turned out really nice. Keep it up!
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    The First Annual Dust Off

    Should we schedule for next month then? :D
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    "Area 51" theme fan grill design contest

    ahh i see it now monkey ball great laugh i almost added a ray gun to my gray i like it amazing how close to a penis a ray gun can be
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    MetallicAcid's Monolith FT03

    But an "Average Modder" has more experience than a "Beginning Modder" ;)
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    Mod "Echelon" in progress! This is the "Echelon" Edition of the thermal Armor Gryphon Z87. No Hydrographics, with airbrush painting
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    Now go Mod Something! :D Aye, Can you power the RTX, or do you need Power converter for your outlets?
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    Link to this buildlog shared by MaximumPC on Twitter :D https://twitter.com/maximumpc/status/451821285924827136
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    Well, on this one fine sping day. I wanted to get a good start on a long term mirror finish job. I had finished my cuting, that took over 3 weeks, and managed to not cut my finger off. I was feeling good about the lack of injuries and started on the next evolution, the wet sanding. Oh how that intricate cut look so nice. But it was fagile, and I had to be very carefull how much force I used to sand it. It was a tribal Yin&Yang on a case panel. While wet sanding on it for that mirror finish one of the "Sharp" points went under the fingernail. Well, I did not take pictures. I was NOT in the right frame of mind, nope not one bit. Heck, I don't think I even heard the cry of my daughter as she looked on. Ouchi was the NICE way to put it, and I was trying to be NICE because my kids were watching me warning me that mom would be mad to see what I was doing in the kitchen sink. (Wife hates it when I wet sand in the sink) Days later when the throbbing finally stopped, I still did not think to take a picture. That is the cut, and it was it was the right bottom point that impaled me. That spot has a mar where the metal bent and I had to fix it. I know to look for it, I'll never forget. Here is the finished look.
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    Back in 2008, i planned to put a acrylic window on a crappy cheap pc case (my first mod :P ) So i took a transparent acrylic sheet, a steel-made ruler and a sharp cutter. I draw a first cutting line on the acrylic with a light pressure on the cutter. I decided to cut one more time aong the same line but with more pressure... But the ruler decided to go away, visit its cousin "the rubber", so it let my finger alone with the cutter... :o That day, i beat a record: 9 stitches on one finger... Now a wear strong gloves when i cut something with a cutter...
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    Very nice addition to the Airbrushing arsenal.. IWATA is the best, period... and Excellent job on your build, as always...long time fan of your work Hanover... and Welcome to the Zoo! http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/12-hello-and-introductions/ btw, Mnpctech is now offering custom white delrin case feet for gaming PCs http://mnpctech.com/pc-computer-stereo-desktop-case-feet/
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    Lean And Green - dual PC

    Dropped the ball on the daily updates, dermatitis has come back due to prematurely stopping applying the ointment but I hope it goes away ASAP & I will try to not let it prevent me from making new progress. Luxury jumbo power switch because I had to use my pinky to switch Stealthlow on (16mm vandal switch) big 40mm ball based on how vandal switches work, :D I wanted it to sit flush through the layers so had to countersink the insides of the layers with files. Designed & made a bunch of replacement fan controller knobs because the stock ones were plasticky & boring plus I wanted to see if I could even make them with being so small. :D Made the rear IO/expansion motherboard tray pieces for the ATX & the mini-ITX with low profile expansion card size, drilled expansion card mounts & used hot soldering iron to sink brass thread inserts into the holes. These motherboard trays were remakes, previous ones were 1mm off with not accounting for the IO shield that comes with motherboards. The assembly for the marble button. Fixing the button assembly in place & fixing more panels together. Squigly on bit-tech pointed out the spindicator LED mod to me & Riekmaharg2 on bit-tech really helped me by making the electronics part of the Spindicator leaving the LED soldering to me, I'm a total newb on electronics but seem to be good & happy with that fact other than knowing a large chunk of my imagination is untapped potential so I blag myself I'm happy about being an electronics newb, it works somehow. :D Simplified the wiring a bit by making a copper washer I drilled holes for the negative pegs of the LED's to go through & I later caked liquid electrical tape over it all making it look real messy but insulated it all to prevent short circuits, cut a bunch of acrylic discs & pasted transparent vinyl's to them so I can select the colour with whatever looks best which I won't know for sure until final assembly. Spindicator in action. Few videos of it made with a kodak pointy shoot with 720p high fuzzyness, not high definition :D want to upgrade my canon eos 1000d to a 550d so I can shoot nice clear video because videos can say a lot without saying a word & I like that a lot. :D Made a case for the spindicator electronics which only just fits in next to the HTPC PSU. 2 more to go. :D
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    I've seen things grow over the years in this community. Being a lurker @ B-T since the beginning, and later as a poster, etc. I entered the w/c arena in its infancy basically for better cooling than air for OCing purposes; nothing else. But as an artist, I tend to find beauty in a lot of things and w/c was no exception. So the addiction took hold. You're still a youngin', Andrew. You'll see some amazing things come to fruition over the years -- just stick around, learn, build, experiment, and enjoy! Being under the wing of arguably the best modder in the world certainly helps fuel the fire for modding. :) Bill and I have been friends a long time, and I watched his stuff for quite a while before he approached me one day a few years back with some kind words on one of my mods (can't recall what it was though) and we just hit it off. It was cool getting an email from one of your inspirations! He's a living legend and a walking tome of knowledge so soak it up while you can, bro. Bottom line is: I do what I do simply because I want to do it; not for personal fame or anything like that. I do it for me. If others take notice, that's cool. If not, that's cool too. I just create and share. Simple as that.
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    [MNPCTech] Project: Rebel Alliance

    here we go for another 6 month adventure :P
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    Ronnie Hara

    Cosmos II- Skyline GT-R-

    I would first like to thank all the companies that got help and also to my great friends that have helped me in this project!Final photos of project ]
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    THE Purple Machine

    Congratulations. :D
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    [Scratch Build] ZOTAC "Valentine" ZBOX

    Like the one on the bottom and the top inbetween the large cut. Here's a screenshot : http://d.pr/i/Sgjh Anyway love the mod. Love it~~
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    Little update, still have to paint rads and install second 7970, also since taking this I've put the rest of the painted fans on the bottom and back rad. Sorry about low light, I'll take some nicer ones later. Here's the new pumps and res: I have since installed the new PSU, I seriously need to take a proper picture. Regarding the second 7970, it's just sitting on my work table waiting to be put in, but I'm feeling REEEEAAAALLLY lazy right now and haven't had the time to install it.
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    Happy following mate :D/> update :)/> top window done and finished off with a black matt vinyl edge Bought myself some aluminium 500x1000mmx1mm Drawing all the plates on the big plate and cut them to size :)/> Frontplate innerside. Ready to bend. Psu plate is done :D/> so happy this went good :D/>! Mounted Reservoir spot. Midplate done! creating some tabs to mount the midplate on. Thats straight :D/> Radiator placement ? :)/> See u next time ;)/>
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    John Morrison

    PC Design/Render Gallery

    My Phobya Case Design entry - which has been resurrected as a wood/alu variant by another modder: A netbook design: Mini-ITX nettop, based on a E-350 board: funky heatsink inspired design for a dual opteron board:
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