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NZXT Sentry Mix 2 Fan Controller Review

Chris takes a look at NZXT’s update to the original Sentry Mix, aptly named the Sentry Mix 2.

Posted Image

If you’ve seen NZXT’s Sentry Mix, then you will be very familiar with the Sentry Mix 2. Retailing for $35 on newegg at time of review (July 2013), it is in the middle of the price range for fan controllers on the market.

The original Sentry Mix was advertised as “Six 50W Channels”, which actually meant 6 channels sharing 50W between them. The Sentry Mix 2 is a 6 channel fan controller with a 30W capacity on each channel. That’s a total of 180W for this fan controller.

NZXT Sentry Mix 2 Fan Controller
Features list from NZXT

  • Matte-black faceplate with glossy black sliders
  • 6 channels for complete airflow control
  • 30 watts per channel
  • Integrated color LED lighting with 5 different colors to choose from
  • All black cabling
  • PWM sized connectors

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Captain CurrySauce
Jul 15 2013 07:56 PM

Really nice review Chris. Wish the controller would sit flush with the 5.25 drive bay. 

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I'm envisioning this on upcoming build. Thank you for the review Mos!

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Thanks Jesse. Yeah, it bugs me a little that the left side is back from the front bezel just a bit, and those gaps...

Thanks Bill :)
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If it's one thing NZXT needs to stop doing, is manufacturing their accessories with cheap plastic. Their cses are solid, but their add ons need some work.
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Thanks for the review. I guess I never noticed that some controllers stated max wattage's were distributed between all channels. I think that's a stupid way of marketing things. Glad to see another higher wattage controller out there.

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Jul 17 2013 12:40 PM

Nice review, 30W per channel is definitely an upside.  I hear your frustration Chris about the gaps and the controller not sitting flush.  When products for the enthusiast market miss on little details like that it's heart breaking.  We're the ones that are obsessed with the little details and when a product is anything less then perfect we take notice.  I suppose that makes it hard to get it right, but high standards are high standards.

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I was informed that in going through the manual the first time, I missed an important point. Though it wasn't intuitive, you can press and hold the button for changing LED color for 5 seconds, and it will disable the LEDs. I've updated the review accordingly :) Sorry for the confusion.
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Nice review Chris.
Were the slider knob removable? Could you replace them with small vacuum caps on the slider shaft (band / PA equipment style)? Did you hook Six (6) Deltas up to it, to see if you could melt it down?

I'm shopping for 3-4 Good Fan Controllers. I need to control 15-20 Deltas for the PSU "Meltdown" project.
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You can remove the plastic slider, which exposes post that you could probably get something to fit on, but it's recessed probably more than would allow for a vacuum cap.

I don't have 6 delta fans, so no :P But, in looking at the 5900rpm Delta fans, their "input power" is stated to be 29.4watts, so according to the rated specs, you should be able to, assuming all the manufacturer specs are up to snuff.


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"PSU Meltdown Project".... I wish to be present for that....

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Dec 27 2013 10:03 PM

It looks nice but there are many other options thanks for the review Mosquito

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