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  1. I have painted a number of these in the last few years. As the others have said give it a good scuff then use a self etching primer. Remember this is going to flex a lot when you install it so you want to give it a good chance of survival. The end finish is only as good as the preparation you put into it.
  2. Easy way to get me excited, ships. Saw USS got excited, saw it was from the future and was sold! Would have loved to see a video of the Styrofoam getting eaten by the acetone.
  3. Hey Seananigans, A cover letter is an extension of your CV, it is there to provide them with more information about you. Most employers will sift through CVs and then use the cover letter to get to know you. First open with an appropriate address, if applying to local organisations ask for the managers name ie Dear Mr Smith, if a large organisation then Dear Sir/Madam is appropriate. Make sure to make each cover letter unique, you want it personal to the job. Start with "I would like to be considered for the position of 'insert position here'" Next describe why you think you would be suitable for the job, describe what you have done even if it is not from an academic institution. Make sure you refer to skills listed in the job description. Now explain what you can do for them, why would you be a great employee, not why you would suit the job. Why do you want to change industries? A quick summary of all of the above. Finally sign of with, "Yours sincerely, /sign here/ if a paper copy Your name" Make sure it is all typed up printed and then signed if you are handing it in personally or just in PDF form if online. Hope that helps.
  4. Hi Seananigans, sorry to hear about your recent redundancy. I am currently on my phone but when I get home this evening I will give a bit of advice as to what I have done and still do. Kyle
  5. So I have removed all the stuff inserted by the forum to cache images (we're trying to be completely secure) but photobucket didn't like it. If you open the thumbnail in a new tab it takes you to the image but it is still saying it doesn't exist for me...
  6. Our personal favourite part of the podcast is the 'What the Hell' segment. For those of you that haven't heard it before, it is where we share the experience that most recently made us exclaim "What the Hell?!?!". With 26 episodes behind us there have been many worthy of note, and we have combined them all for you here! Producer: Jeremy Birch Download the .mp3 or subscribe on iTunes!
  7. Looks good! I can't wait to see the basement take shape.
  8. The Mod Zoo Podcast is back! There is all the normal feces flinging from Kyle, Bill, Cheaps and EEL and a new guest Duke.Although it is a questionable time to be recording, random clowns on the loose, microphones from Guitar Hero being used and of course our favourite section 'What the Hell?'. Host: Kyle van der Merwe Co Hosts: Bill Owen, Jeremy Birch and Cheapskate Guests: Duke, aka Ninja ALBINO Producer: Jeremy Birch Download the .mp3 or subscribe on iTunes! [media]http://tmz-media.com/podcast/The Mod Zoo - Ep26.mp3[/media]
  9. Loving this! How long did it take you to get your turning effect?
  10. It looks great, are you going to keep the big hex heads or replace them with something smaller?
  11. What is the airflow like with that mesh? It looks amazing though!
  12. Yes you can, how easy are they to find? Next to impossible. If you head to Farnell (http://www.farnell.com/) and search... You might find them. I have found PCI-E connectors etc.
  13. Hello and welcome to the zoo! A nice clean build would loved to have seen exactly what you did, step by step!
  14. Amazing work! I can't stand acrylic, which just makes it all the more impressive to me.
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