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  1. Cheaps, this will seem like an idiotic question, but what is the difference between plexiglass and acrylic? My grandfather was a general contractor and he sort of uses words however he feels and he uses those words interchangeably. It seems like everyone else recognizes a difference between them :) Also, the stuff on the link is amazing; I wish I could do something that incredible for the mod.
  2. I have a friend, who's really into clean, post-modernish glass stuff (a technical description.) She's considering a desktop for her next PC and she might let me do a scratch build (at this point I'm more excited about it than her.) I'm wondering if you guys have tips for working with real glass in a scratch build. I'm thinking most of the tower will be clear, plate glass with frosted glass for cable management. I'll post some concept pics from Sketchup when I have something a little more detailed.
  3. Hi, I'm Cody. I live in the Dallas area. I'm a college student and recently (last night) discovered a workshop on campus where I will be able to continue modding through school. I started modding after watching MNPCTech videos over and over when I was 16. I fried my mom's Dremel on second mod. I've only hurt myself a few times. :)/> Look forward to modding with you guys!
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