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  1. Looks very cool man!
  2. That's fanominal paint work man!
  3. Looking very cool. Loving the idea for the custom PCB, gonna make it very tidy in deed
  4. Here's a bit of an update for you guys Over the Christmas and New Year's period I was at home meaning (outside of socialising with friends and family, revising for my 1st set of Uni exams and working for some extra cash) I had a little bit of time to do some work on my case. Unfortunately however, it wasn't as productie as I would have hoped. I started by by moving all my hardware from the Corsair Carbide Air 540 it was in and mock it up into my project case. (forgive the mess of cables, they'll be more bareable once the shrouds are made and installed) Found a bit of a snag (an error on my behalf fo not taking it into acount): I forgot to take into account that the case doesn't originally have height for fans, let alone a radiator (rookie mistake by a rookie modder) So I mocked up this shrould I'm going to have to make So, ontop of removing the 5.25" and 3.5" bays and fabricating the PSU & 360mm radiator shroud, I'm also going to be fabricating this top fan shroud and updating the front IO to accomidate USB3.0 instead of an SD card reader. Unfortunaley I'm now back at university so the only wokr that's going to be done to it for now is conceptual and research. But as always, thanks for reading and any advise is always welcome
  5. Thanks buddy. I'd like it to be a solid piece and just make it detachable from the case, that might prove to be more effort than its worth but thats the current plan. If i choose to go for sheet steel, I was going to see if I can use the welding facilities at Uni, and if I choose acrylic, I was going to use an apoxy resign. The desiding factor on what I use will be whether they would be able to hold a full 360 rad without deformation or damage Cheers man. They're useful, but make sure you don't drop it on your feet - those suckers are heavy!
  6. Hey guys, just a small update. I've been playing around with the ideas for a PSU shroud/Cable shroud/Front radiator mount and I kinda like this one of all the itterations I've been playing around with. I'm thinking making it out of either acrylic or sheet steel - both would be painted to fit the case once its all finished. What are you guy's thoughts?
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