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  1. Update, New hardware, The mother of motherboards! Thanks for checking out my new update :D Post your thoughs! :D My beauty! The Gigabyte Z87OC Force! This is packaging for premium cards done the right way! This Motherboard got much better pins, I don't know, but it might give me one extra FPS or something :rofl: I must say it is pretty tight in the top! Reversed Mobo, you need to stand out :P Altough 100% calculated! Everything for this time! Finally got my buy of this MOBO, and I'm so happy ^_^
  2. UPDATE 14/1-14 I test mounted everything I got at home to check that everything fits, as you may see at the Top radiator, the motherboard ends about 1mm from the fans. Still it wasn't a coincidence, I think I measured that about 12 times This won't be Noiseblockers, more about that later I had a small when I realized that the radiator is thicker then as a PSU! From the rear side. As you can see, I got space for another radiator on this side, Well, I don't think I'll use the space, better to be able to reach pump and PSU e.t.c That was everything for today! But wait, I think I got a cliffhanger for the next update! Over and out ;)
  3. Next package received! This time filled with watercooling! Thanks to my sponsors at Aquatuning for sending me this package! http://aquatuning.de/ A lot of stuff that will help me out later!
  4. UPDATE 13/12-13 Assembling the case! Putting it all together, must have been at least 100 countersunk screws! :o It is pretty heavy, even if it is aluminum! Not the optimal place to build at but I recorded the stuff while building so I needed the white table there ^^ This shows you one of the corners, look how many, 7 of them in only one spot :P How it looks when it is all done, a couple of hours later :lol: I ordered this one with double windows, you will know why later! ;) SpeededTimelapse
  5. My name is Lucas Gardebrand, Im 16 years old and living in Sweden I've been into modding for a couple of years and this is my 3rd project, I want to share this one with you! Why "BeOrange"? - Something more unique! I always start off my projects by telling some of the plot behind the project and also about the name! I thought that many systems out there are made with boring color combinations and are often just black or red. I thought it would be nice if builds could be more colorful. Since Orange is my favorite color for coolant, fans and components, I named the project “BeOrange” Let’s move over to the concept. This build were designed to be extremely clean, but also to have stunning hardware and to be an eye-catcher which can’t be unseen. My first project were mid tower, my second was a HTPC, how's about something big? I also wanna try to go more "extreme" I'm saying i7 and tri-sli! The build will go in two colors, Black and Orange. One of my greatest wishes is to be able to play even the newest games at tri-monitor setup, it would be so awesome! :D Renders This is my idea of how it should look like! Hardware Bought, not bought yet, not decided yet Case: Caselabs SMH10, double window edition! Motherboard: Gigabyte Orange OC-Force Z87 CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K GPU: 3-SLI 780Ti of some sort of brand! PSU: TBA Storage: A couple of SSDs Fans: Orange cougars ___________________________________ Radiator: Alphacool 560 Monsta radiator Radiator: Alphacool 480 UT60 radiator Reservoir: 2x Alphacool 250mm reservoirs Coolant: Mayhems Gigabyte Orange Controller: 2x Aquaeros Timelplan Winter 2013 - Get some of the hardware - Start modeling the midplate Spring 2014 - Get the rest of the hardware - Get everything ready for mounting Summer 2014 - Done with all mods - Filling the loops! Winter 2014 - Beeing able to show this build at Dreamhack Winter 2014! - Ending the project Let's do this!
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