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    Excellent project.. small thing I was bothered with.. the mobo on the carpet. :O
  2. Bad capacitor replaced: Cleaned the pump before installing it to the bp modkit: The adapter I ended up making, fully tailored to the r4: early concept: Here you can see the adapter in it's final assembly: The fans are held by side pressure and parquet sponge that pads it from the sides. There are no bolts here. Easy in, easy out. On the inside of the case: Some sleeving done & got a p-760 instead of the x-560: more.. 24-pin.. stll wip, hardest one :\ more... While sleeving and making cables, my pin remover broke and bummer, I didn't have a spare, so my dad came up with a cool idea. He took a disc cutter and shaped one of the tool round edges to a new set of prongs: Some of the tools I use: Some copper tubes I plan to use:
  3. Introduction: This is my first ever, serious 'modding' project. I started it many months ago but I'm still going because of delays and real life stuff. I have another rig I use while making this one for fun. This log is also posted on various other forums, content may differ a little. My nickname is the same on all forums so you can look them up if you want. Some pictures may not depict colors as they are in real life. That's because of my crappy camera. Here's the official spec: Board - MSI Z77 Mpower Cpu - i5 2500k Gpu - Evga GTX 670 ftw (SLI planned). Ram - 16gb G.skill Sniper 1866 CL9 Psu - Seasonic P-760 Case - Fractal Design Define R4 (well, obviously lol) Water cooling equipment: Pump - Swiftech 655 -B D5 w/Bitspower modkit in matte black. Radiator - Black Ice GTS (2nd gen) 360mm & 120mm Alpha-Pro. Tubing - Nickle plated copper tubing in conjunction with Bitspower Multi-link adapters Coolant - Ice Dragon Nano Fluid CPU Block - EK Supreme LTx (nickle and plexi edition) or XSPC Raystorm GPU block - EK FC-680 (old style, also nickle and plexi edition, this one is from the last 2012 batch in October) VRM & Chipset blocks - Liquid Extasy (should be here by April) Res - 80mm Bitspower multi-z for D5 (also have 80 and 250mm versions) Sleeving: MDPC: Orange, Shade, Black, Aqua Blue MKII, White Techflex Clean cut: Black & Grey (only colors available) * The first post is gonna get updated from time to time so be sure to check it out for some new info. The plan: Taken apart anything that won't be used, hdd/od cages & gromits. My first interaction with sleeving was cleancut so I used that for the first sleeving tasks: Black & grey cleancuts: Sleeved the front panel with clean cut: Quick test assembled: Gonna give the usb 3 wiring a special treatment which I like to call the "mdpc treatment", more on that later. :) Sleeved some sata cables, some for practice and some for using in the actual build: In black (mdpc): Sleeved one of my fans: Painting the i/o shield white is a must (all pci brackets are white): Prepping: Quick assembly review: Got an acrylic piece that will cover the perforated floor of the R4: Cut into size: New board: New ram: The stickerless G.skill Snipers: Yellow covers removed and heatsinks cleaned from sticky residue: IO area cleaned from stickers: Assembled: A'right, water cooling parts started to arrive: Black Ice GTS 280... it's nice and everything but gonna need a replacement since it's slightly defected. Edit: Black Ice were kinda enough to ship a new radiator to me, a GTS 360 and as a bonus another 120mm radiator + free shipping with Fedex. Brilliant customer service in my book. The new radiator: Black Ice also shipped out a complimentary 120mm radiator, wasn't tapped so I tapped it to M4: An EK Ltx Nickle/Plexi edition I got off the bay: Also had to get a proper backplate for it: Cpu bits prepped: "Old style" FC-680: Bitspower multi-link adapters, some new sleeving (Mdpc orange): Rest of the colors: Swiftech "uber" 655, -B model with BP modkit & v2 top: BP 80mm multi-z res (tube only): Complete res, 250mm I also got the upgrade kit so I'm covered in both tube size (I've got 80, 150 and 250) and both variations, either attached to the pump top or separated because all parts are interchangeable! :) Close up: BP res brackets for 140mm radiators: Lian Li case feet (also got the wheels, not sure which I'm going to use yet): Installed:
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