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    Gee... uhm... modding? :P
    Photography, design, cars, badminton and a bunch of other stuff :D
  1. I always loved the Gulf racing cars for their color theme, can't wait to see how this one turns out! The GPU looks great!
  2. The_RAT


    Oh I will soon enough ;D I've built a NAS and two other PCs for friends a couple of months ago but it's nothing out of the ordinary to be worth sharing. On the other hand though, I will be upgrading Blu, which is still my current PC, once I get to gather enough money to do so. Hopefully I'll be getting a summer job pretty soon and that should fix the "money" problem quickly :P. I was thinking of doing something a bit more radical this time around since I have a bit more experience. (It may or may not involve an Arduino board. ;P) Or maybe something that's not nearly as extreme but rather something that's just extremely clean (MDPC style) because that's almost harder to properly make. Or both. I'll keep you guys updated ;) Ps: Sorry I haven't really been active all that much on the forums because school is taking 114% of my time :$ Ikr? :D I saw the switches on Shiny and I thought to myself "I have got to use blue ones for my build!" and while searching for some at a local electronics hardware store I found blue ones with embedded LEDs and I just bought two without the slightest hesitation xD
  3. Personally, I definitely like minimalist for the looks but I find that the craftsmanship of those Shiny(mnpc)/Biohazard(e.e.l.) is just out of this world!
  4. I just had to post this Microsoft (yes, you read that right) Mustang.
  5. The Flubber robot would be really cool!
  6. Alrighty, thanks a lot for the help everyone! :D/>
  7. The_RAT

    L3p - Parvum

    These fans look like Nanoxias if I'm not mistaken, if you reside in the USA, you can get them from Performance-PCs.com. Newegg used to have them but it looks like they stopped restocking them :(/>
  8. Omg that's so sick. Is it going to be a fanless system or you're going to strap fans to that? :P/>
  10. +1 follower. I want to see more pics! Looks pretty different!
  11. 220 mb/s!?!?!??!? :blink:/> daayumn you Europe. Here in Canada, this is what you get for 55$CAD/month (35GBP/month): *curls up in a corner and starts crying*
  12. Here is my little furry friend: Topaz! He's an 11 month old Australian Shepherd. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper energetic and incredibly smart :)/> Bonus pic of him when he was a little 3 month old pup :P/>
  13. I currently ride in one of these: ...mainly because I'm too lazy to go get my driving permit. :$ If I were to buy a car right now, though, (if I had the money too), It would definitely be a Tesla Model S. That car is beautiful, practical, 100% electric, luxurious and just generally awesome. :D/>
  14. Hello everyone! My name is François, I'm 17, I live in Canada and as you probably have figured out from my name, I speak french. My PC related history isn't nearly as impressive as most of the people on here but here it is anyway: I started getting interested about 4 years ago to PCs after a friend got me into the impressive and fast-paced world of PCs. Since then, I've built 4 PCs for friends, modified the Alienware I used to own and built myself my very first PC, "Blu." (The final pictures are in the member worklogs :)/> ). I also play a lot of badminton, I am interested by pretty much anything but I especially love art, design, photography, cars and, obviously, computers. :P/> I'm still in school and I'm planning to go to university in either industrial design or some kind of engineering. (that may change though :)/> ). Now here come the "Express facts about me": -Favorite color: Blue -Favorite game: HL2 -Nvidia or AMD?: Whichever is the best for the build -Favorite car: Tesla Model S -Favorite music: Anything that's different and good (I mostly listen to electro) -Favorite lightbulb: Philips Hue -Weirdest movie I've ever seen: a tie between Rubber and Black Dynamite -Favorite fruit: Mangoes -Least favorite food: Cauliflower dipped in chocolate (Trust me, it's gross) -Favorite type of pizza: All-Dressed -Favorite forum: this one. -Weirdest introduction post: this one. Anyway, that's me in a nutshell (not literally. i'm not that small). You guys have done great work on the forum and the community here is awesome! :D/>
  15. Are the MX Blues really THAT loud compared to, let's say, your G15? :huh:/> The room where my PC is in the middle of the house and I don't want to annoy everybody with clicks every time I use it :/
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