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  1. Thanks Bill, it's been a motivational struggle but it's nearly there. Thanks Ron! I'm really happy with how everything came out, it's been a rewarding journey for me. In other news, looks like Photobucket has fucked me over too, will be migrating and reposting pics when I can.
  2. Ahh I missed this one! I wish the links weren't dead. Quick, kill photobucket!
  3. I promised myself I wouldn't post until this was done, but god damn it's been a while, and with the new spiffy digs around here I thought I'd up load some progress. Fresh Meat isn't done, but it's damn near close. I need to work out a lid stay (like a chain or something like that) and I'll be doing final pics. It does POST though, and I'm migrating everything over too it for my daily driver. I spent a lot of time this winter sewing. And plumbing. And here you thought those things didn't go together. All the tubing runs are flex, with stitched leather sleeves. I knew I would have to do flex with the radiator on the hinging lid and thought the leather would be a nice touch. Figuring out the runs and proper length was a lot of back and forth, but I got there eventually. So here she is! The desk is a mess, not a lot of room to work with. Just some quick shots because I was so happy everything booted and was working as intended. Crack the lid... Final pics, you know, whenever... Thank you as always to my sponsors for making my things work:
  4. Really awesome stuff you've got going on! One of those builds you have to sift though all the pics to get the details there so much stuff. Sweet!
  5. Looking awesome dude! Every time I see a weathered and war-torn build I want to do one!
  6. It's like the computer from every soccer mom's dreams Very awesome, I've wanted to steal the flickering lights out of those electric tea candles for a while, good thinking! This is going to be one epic mod once it's done.
  7. Thanks Mos, this will be done one day, I swear lol. Thanks Dave, it's getting there! Thanks much dude, my brain thinks of lots of little details to embellish upon and I can only oblige. Glad you like it. So I did some stuff. Little stuff mostly, but things I'd wanted to do for a while on the project. I had some free time over the holidays to swing down to Greg's shop and we had some laser fun. Here's what I got: We cut some EK logo circles for the EK components in the build (motherboard block, GPU block and res). I thought matching mahogany would go better than the silver. I wanted to make leather cable combs for this build. I thought mahogany would be too brittle, acrylic was completely out, and steel would have been doable but more work. It was either punch holes in the leather or try out the laser. The laser worked out pretty well and I'm really happy with the results. The downside was it smelled like burnt hair in Greg's shop. Thank god for exhaust fans. I cleaned everything up after they got cut. The laser didn't make it all the way through in a few spots so I had to clip some of the stray fibers and scrub off all the charred bits. Next up I hit them with some leather dye and conditioner to darken them up and match the build. Poly for the EK logos. Shiny and wet. The combs all finished up, they look awesome. I'm thinking about marketing them to the major cereal manufactures. Start your day off right with a bowl of Cable Combs! (Trademark pending, it's all mine you thieves!) I like. Oh I did some lighting on the inside of the case too, red Darkside strips in some select places. I've set the lofty goal of finishing the build this year. I believe in me! Wooooo. Okay, thanks to my lovely sponsors for coming along on this journey:
  8. You're putting in a lot of work dude and it's really starting to take shape. Keep it up!
  9. Best: RGB everything and NVMe going mainstream As the RGB Ambassador, I LOVE rgb shit. I want to play with addressable stuff and see how that can change the lighting effects. I'll admit mouse pads may be a little much, but bring on the RGB motherboard headers! Can i get RGB underoos any where? NVMe is a great technology. I loved that when SSDs really took off, telling people that the inside was only 1/3 full of a PCB brought odd looks, it was only a matter of time before they broke it down to onboard headers (screw you sata cables), and NVMe really cranks the speed up. Worst: Moving AIO coolers to quick disconnect fittings. People use AIO coolers because they look sleek and offer a less imposing component when compared to a heat pipe tower. Add huge gaudy quick disconnect fittings and you're killing the whole look guys. Knock it off.
  10. Awesome stuff dude, I'm betting as much fun to make as it is to play.
  11. It handles a dremel with a tile blade pretty well, and you can drill through it too, though I think a hammer drill would be too rough on it. I bet a water jet would cut through it like butter, that's what I thought you had done. Something to sleep on
  12. Very nice as per usual. What did you do for the slate cutting? Water jet? It looks like crisp edges.
  13. Looking really nice. Your desk is huge! Can't wait to see it filled up with goodies.
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