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  1. Most reservoirs are 60mm these days. Make some nice CNC-ed rings (Overkill Clear Grill style) to put around the reservoirs with for example MODzoo or MNPCTech text/logo
  2. You're an admin for a pretty big online modding community.You are the one that should be a shamed ... Now I will go for option A, let's go back ontopic and enjoy Richards work.
  3. I can confirm Richard tried option A on facebook. (I myself chose option C) That's how I got here, it was the 8th time Richard said "Oh my ... Toby trolling again" About the EK thing ... it was just funny, cause EK was finally able to get in contact with you after several tries.. This while you were trolling Richard again. If your comments had any constructive criticism or if you gave any tips ... Nope you're 100% backstabbing, sarcastic and negative over and over.
  4. Atleast Richard actually uses the sponsored gear from EK ... Keep on going Kier!
  5. Really sad news :( Didn't know him personally but did see a lot of his work. IMO the best steampunk modder ever. Rest in peace.
  6. L3p

    L3p - Parvum

    Thanks XNine :) Can't wait till some company comes up with something like this in 3-5mm aluminum ;)
  7. L3p

    L3p - Parvum

    Off course I want to thank all the sponsors and readers for all the support!
  8. L3p

    L3p - Parvum

    And here the last update before I upload the final shoot :) Did some last updates/add-ons on the ledstrips. Also completely tested and had the system running for a few days. Also made some photos without all the UV :) When I brought it upstairs something came in mind for the final shoot. Why not use the reflecting glass panel from the previous/future project :)
  9. L3p

    L3p - Parvum

    You mean you don't trust the Bitspower C47's?
  10. L3p

    L3p - Parvum

    Highflow's tubing is 12/8mm I believe E22's tubing is 12/10, imo much better :)
  11. L3p

    L3p - Parvum

    And another update. Had a day off at work ...... so back to work :) Finally an opportunity to work with E22 tubing After one day of measuring, sawing and filing. And ... something I wanted to do a long time .. filling the loop :) First with clear cause of the leak testing. After that adding the Mayhems UV laser green. (Thought this was cool :P ) And a little video of the filling + adding UV laser green to the loop with the pump running. Must See! :P Also ordered some extra ledstrips. On to the next, maybe last update :)
  12. L3p

    L3p - Parvum

    Small update! Material softer then POM, lovely to work with, Polywood. 3M Velco, super strong. On request a small howto polish EK CSQ blocks. Can't wait to fill it up!
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