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  1. Radeon R9-290X: Hardware specs and benchmarks of AMD’s Titan killer Does it require any mods still? It looks so beautiful :o Benchmarks here : http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/167309-radeon-r9-290x-hardware-specs-and-benchmarks-of-amds-titan-killer-leaked
  2. Part 5 and final update has been uploaded. Enjoy and yes!! I get to post this.
  3. still waiting to post part 5. is the reservoir gonna be filled completely or just left as it is in the shoot.
  4. weird question, how thick is the full acrylic side panel of the cosmos 2? And bill, don't post part 5 here. I want to post it first :(
  5. OK, time to end this project. It's been hell of a bumpy ride and let's end it here. First of all, it's a 350D. What a expected surprise. I finally got all working and I'm currently using it right now to type this final update (hopefully). Unfortunately, I can't show you the cable management and I hid the SSD at the back. Anyway, I want to thank everybody who supported me through the build and I wish I can do more. Sad news is that I'm putting my amateur modding abilities to a rest as I will be focusing on studying overseas. Hence why I built this system anyway, without further ado. Enjoy the pictures.
  6. Well, I have bad news and good news. First is that I broke my tj08e case You will be like "Jake, how you broke your case?" I will be like "I cut a window that is near the edge where the support of case is blocking the acrylic. So I can't fit it. So I change case. But surprisingly, it's always Corsair who comes and saves the day. Not a big fan of Corsair but I always need to rely on them for fast replacements. Not gonna mod it because I'm tired and I'm just not in the mood. Enjoy the teaser. Guess the Case if you want. Next update will be the final pictures.
  7. omg. the amount of detail you did. just wao.
  8. Just a mini update. IT IS MADE OUT OF BRASS. Though abit offtopic, It's gonna be use to measure my case. I'm gonna use it in something you would not expect. Signed by the one and only Bill Owen. Thanks Bill if you are reading it. This ruler is one of two Bill has ever build. (he claims) Stay tune and enjoy the pictures.
  9. Ok, titan update. I hated the green led. It doesn't match my build theme so why not just paint it red. Ok the bad news that I have is that I broke the cover of the side. If you can see closely, you would notice it have broken off and left like half of it. I don't mind because it's gonna be a dark red build so you can barely see it at the end of the build. And if you see the second picture, you can see that some paint marks on the left. Note to self, never touch paint and be patient when drying. So, I decided to use a scotchbrite 3m pad to scuff up the surface to give a brush aluminium look. To me, it looks beautiful and I frosted the acrylic. At the end, I'm quite satisfy with the result. Next update would be the window. Enjoy the pictures now. And YES, It still works. Last picture shows it running.
  10. Motherboard gets installed and I reapplied my thermal paste on a straight line. Enjoy the random pictures. Next is my paint on the titan.
  11. I got wired sleeved. It's all black. Enjoy. I didn't put pic for psu because it's gonna get covered. If you're curious, is AX860. Here's a quick sleeving shot. Next update is the installation of the motherboard to the case. Enjoy the pic.
  12. any plans on putting another similar radiator for that radiator powah!!! ??
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