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  1. Could expand this idea a little. If you were to add say 2 80mm fans to the back of the psu pushing cold air in. then you could flip the bottom stock fan to push that air back out again. Anyone else have an opinion on that? Or am I totally bonkers?
  2. Do you have something insulating the mobo from the metal bracket?
  3. Single best tool I've made in the workshop has been my sheet metal bender. I get so much use out of it and there's so much more that's possible now that I could never do before. Hope you enjoy it.
  4. I had a REALLY good laugh at that when I logged onto the forums today! :lol: :lol: Instantly thought, "that had to be Cheaps". The Zookeepers have a good sense of humour. I rather like it though.
  5. Monkey say, monkey do. I'm surprised no one has put it to the test yet in this post lol
  6. I'm just gaining your trust before I go full blown russian spam bot.
  7. No need to reupload. you can use the img url
  8. Frozencpu are not accepting any more orders right now. There's some drama and confusion going on over there. "Site down until further notice February 15, 2015FrozenCPU.com will not be processing orders until future notice." From their latest news on their homepage. Performance Pcs I hear is good store too.
  9. Are those bullets live? Let's hope that system doesn't get too hot BOOM! lol Seriously though, I love that side window! It's a really clean looking rig..
  10. Digging that title, interesting start to this project. Like the idea of spending no/little money on it.
  11. Good to hear. I'd start a new thread if I was you.
  12. http://www.sheetplastics.co.uk are very good too. I've ordered from them multiple times. They always turn out to be the cheapest (for me anyway) even including shipping costs at £40 to Ireland, it's here next day. They cut to whatever size you want and have a huge selection. If you think materials shops (ie. plastics, sheet metal etc.) are hard to get in the uk, it's non existent here in Ireland.
  13. Ah righty, I have used the same B&D rtx for cutting plastic myself. If you go too fast and too high a speed it'll melt the plastic and the finish doesn't look great. Just take it nice a slow and give it time to cool off here and there. If the word overkill belongs in your name you might use a coolant too. I've used what we call WD40, an all purpose spray oil. I'm sure many here can vouch for using rotary tools on plastic.
  14. In the build I did for someone where there was 2 radiators mounted outside the case, I still used fans, in a push / pull configuration (with fan guards of course). The power wires and tubing were fed inside the case via a hole in the back panel that I drilled. Or as linked above, the passthrough would also work. Brandishwar has a great idea though with the external cooling box. Inside you'd have your reservoir, radiator, pump and a power supply. Then there's just the tubing that goes into your pc case to the waterblocks. I'd always use fans with radiators. If the wires aren't long enough to reach the power supply use extensions.
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