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    apocalipzs reacted to Mosquito in Questions for Mod Zoo Coverage of 2015 CES!   
    We shall be posting videos that were taken at CES, relatively soon :)
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    apocalipzs reacted to Cheapskate in making a customized new motherboard tray for my project   
    I'd avoid heat bending. There's no way to get it as accurate as you want it with bending. Can you do something by fusing plexi brackets on the back?
    Kinda like...
    -Position the new tray
    -fuse brackets on backside where they would not be visible.
    -epoxy the roughly 2mm gap between the old tray metal and the new tray brackets.
    -This is assuming you are trying to flush mount to the old tray material.
    The nice thing about plexi is you can start with 3mm material, and fuse it into massive bricks or whatever you need.
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    apocalipzs got a reaction from MoMod in Project TITANFALL MOD by MoMod   
    I agree, that backlights incredible
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    apocalipzs got a reaction from Jlohm6 in New mod   
    Fabricate a motherboard cover from pvc sheeting. As for the RAM, usually they're just stickers on the RAM cooler, also the RAM cooler itself could be removed and painted.
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