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RE Spartan

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  1. CF1 mod

    Well..got it all put together finally. hope you like..
  2. CF1 mod

    so i got the psu shroud pretty much finished.. and the front and top panels as well, also got the side panels mostly done but i gotta re-do the back side panel frame cuz it isn't quite what i wanted.
  3. CF1 mod

    I'm going to add a hole on the top. so i can display the rgb goodness in it
  4. CF1 mod

    I started a PSU shroud to cover the Thermaltake 850w Toughpower DPS G RGB power supply. I continued the theme from the front/top. I still have more to do to it..and clean up the cuts of course.
  5. CF1 mod

    Being that I an on a tight time crunch here I wanted to keep it simple. So I decided to go with just some basic panels for the front and top. I am cutting them with a jigsaw. Once I get them all rough cut, I will go back and clean them up with a file and sandpaper.
  6. CF1 mod

    So, I was able to get it this stripped with a screwdriver.. all drive cages and 5.25 bays were able to be removed..all that's left is the wall there that covered the drive cages. And then I broke out the angle grinder
  7. CF1 mod

    I'm doing a quick mod for February PDXLAN. I am using a Nanoxia Cool Force 1 case as the base of the mod. There isn't really a theme per say..but maybe one will present itself during the process? So first, here is the case I am using..
  8. Mrs Spartans rig

    Well after alot of paint, and sweat..I got it finished. I got 2nd place at PDXLAN with it. Here are some pics of it all together..
  9. Mrs Spartans rig

    lol thanks guys. ya i am not a huge fan of how the trunk ends either but at this point I am just trying to get it together enough to take to PDXLAN in a few weeks. Seems like every time I am modding up until i put the rig in the car to leave for lan lol. I got the pearl acrylic from TAP plastics. it looks so good because I used a green pearl on top of it. I am really lovin having an airbrush. Ron Lee Christianson is suppose to come over soon to give me some pointers.
  10. Mrs Spartans rig

    got some paint put on her pump too..Rustoleum satin white..Rustoleum citrus green with a green pearl top coat same colors on the MONSTA 360 rad.. and got the fans sleeved by myself.. and got a set of extensions made by MB sleeving
  11. Mrs Spartans rig

    add add 6 layers of paint to it...
  12. Mrs Spartans rig

    Well the acrylic power supply shroud had an accident when i tried to clean off some paint with goof off.. so.. made it metal lol..much happier with it now
  13. Mrs Spartans rig

    back side panel branch mounted cut some flowers from sheet metal using tin snips..
  14. Mrs Spartans rig

    I decided the front of the tree needed some modification. I was wishing I cut it before I bent it, but it worked out and I think it looks great. I used some nice white pearl cast acrylic from TAP plastics.
  15. Mrs Spartans rig

    back side branch done...well...cut and sanded. still gotta mount it. ran out of spacers. gotta wait til i can get more.