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  1. Nice work on the paint..I do enjoy a fine spray job.
  2. My hands hurt just looking at this.. What a Beauty.. :P
  3. A few shots of what i have done for Michael. Nothing cut or polished yet but you get the Idea.
  4. I usually strip powder coat by dipping in acid tanks at my local powder coat shop, very fast and no sanding. That's what I mean by stripping ..I wet sand clear coat
  5. I would stick to HOK from start to finish..that includes the primer. I use mainly Black or white primer ..all depends on if I have a light base color or dark.. Most cases I deal with are powder coat .. easy to strip if that's your thing.
  6. I wet sand large surface area with a flex block. Small tight areas I generally don't bother. I use Dewalt rotary for polish/finish
  7. Back on the Cover of CPU magazine with Brandywine.. http://www.computerpoweruser.com/DigitalIssues/ComputerPowerUser/CP____1502__/
  8. Good to hear you are well.. I will be busy for a few months anyway..with work for others.. Cheers :)
  9. Thanks my Friend.. Hope your having a good New Year :)
  10. Happy New year to you as well I know right.... Getting cleaned up in my spray booth for a couple more projects for Others.. Lets see now.. Who could they be? ;) :P
  11. Thanks. Hopefully done soon. Happy New Year to you and the rest of the ZOO
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