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  1. Nice work on the paint..I do enjoy a fine spray job.
  2. My hands hurt just looking at this.. What a Beauty.. :P
  3. Cool Video...Really glad your happy with it... :)
  4. A few shots of what i have done for Michael. Nothing cut or polished yet but you get the Idea.
  5. I usually strip powder coat by dipping in acid tanks at my local powder coat shop, very fast and no sanding. That's what I mean by stripping ..I wet sand clear coat
  6. I would stick to HOK from start to finish..that includes the primer. I use mainly Black or white primer ..all depends on if I have a light base color or dark.. Most cases I deal with are powder coat .. easy to strip if that's your thing.
  7. I wet sand large surface area with a flex block. Small tight areas I generally don't bother. I use Dewalt rotary for polish/finish
  8. Back on the Cover of CPU magazine with Brandywine.. http://www.computerpoweruser.com/DigitalIssues/ComputerPowerUser/CP____1502__/
  9. Good to hear you are well.. I will be busy for a few months anyway..with work for others.. Cheers :)
  10. Thanks my Friend.. Hope your having a good New Year :)
  11. Happy New year to you as well I know right.... Getting cleaned up in my spray booth for a couple more projects for Others.. Lets see now.. Who could they be? ;) :P
  12. Thanks. Hopefully done soon. Happy New Year to you and the rest of the ZOO
  13. Thank you sir,, Happy New Year to YOU
  14. Many of you may have believed me to be gone....Well I'm back and putting some more work into the Green Machine.. My Latest Sponsor to The Green Manalishi Project has sent over some Beautiful Cables.. Joey at Ensourced does Top Shelf work here with Urban Camo.. Many thanks to a quality guy. I feel its important to support others in this community who have gone to great lengths to make a quality product. His dedication really shows.. These are flawless and much better than anything I could ever do. Enjoy a few photos.
  15. Thank you..Appreciated Cables are in production!!
  16. Any day now.. Just need some power.. I cringe to think of the leak potential here.. ;)
  17. I have awakened.... Loop is complete. Now have some samples from Joey at Ensourced to look through.. Next to paint.. The EVO drive. Test Driving a new Lens with these Shots.. Canon 17-40mm L. Seems to get super sharp at f5.6 and Amazing at f8. I really like this One Now For some Overall Shots to test out the lens. For Fun
  18. Thanks guys..sorry for lack of response here. All the usual suspects are keeping my hands tied. Should have something in a couple weeks.
  19. Good Stuff Here.. I can almost smell the Wood.. ;)
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