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Pablo Garcia

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  1. Hey Cheap LULZ Who the Heck Negative the Hell outta You ???? - 49999906
  2. New 3D Graphic for DX 12 https://twitter.com/RikugunChaos/status/619644939807256576 @RikugunChaos
  3. wow Blown away by the Vintage Look Wicked Sic Mosquito
  4. Sorry NO Bill but im not Gonna use the Ladie Screw Driver XD ......... If your reading this
  5. im planing on Giving this Case to my Sister and take her Antec P280 but that Nasty Sticker Feet on the Back and my Other Fractal Arc Midi as well i offered the Arc Midi to my Nephew since he Bought me PC parts we both be having the Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-UP4 hes getting the A10 7700K and mine a Athlon 860K ... the Best Part is Teaching my Nephew Build his First PC
  6. INBOUND Parts Coming Soon we Will See **** The Purple Machine Reloaded ****
  7. Munkey Madness Caesaris real YO :o