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  1. OK I have not updated in a bit. I have had some family issues so haven't had much time for modding/ bringing everything back up to par. I will be moving soon so as soon as I get moved and settled back in this project is my #1 priority. It is going to take a very interesting turn I promise that :D
  2. Ok she might have been down but is not out! :) I got her back up and running on some air cooling but where is the fun in that :p. Will update once I get a peltier system back up and going I think im going to look for something with a bit more umph to make it fun :)
  3. haha ya sorry Didn't have the greatest lighting. Ill have it back up and running soon and hopefully finally finish it :p.
  4. From the looks of it pin 1 on the 4pin I could wire to probably pin 15 , then pin 2 to pin 9, and pin 3 to pin 16.
  5. True speak!! :) ok I might need a little help here. I found the manual for the vga power supply I have been using as a power source for my peltier I noticed it should have came with a cable adapter that plug's into the main 24pin on the motherboard then feeds a small 4 pin connector to the secondary psu so it will turn on and off with the system. This thing has been in my closet for years so I don't think I have that cable anymore. From the looks of it I can wire that 4pin connector into my main 24pin manually. I wonder how well this will work?
  6. Close ups of the damage :p... a set back now its time to look for a new block haha.
  7. There is only one issue with running a seperate power supply with the peltier and it can be very discouraging which is if your computer decides to do updates and shutdown when you walk away it will melt your water block :( … sad to say it litterally just happened again to me lol. Well that was a short run atleast it lived through a lan party last night all night @-5c
  8. Not that I can tell the last time I did this I went I felt overboard with it. I coated it in a silicone conformal coating and then topped it off with liquid electrical tape.. it was very messy so far the finger nail polish is holding up and not causing any issues. I think I need to get some better thermal paste and re seat everything my temps are around -5c at idle but each core is sporadic I think the stuff I put on there just didn't level out correctly.
  9. What are you doing it for? I coated my motherboard in nail polish to protect against condensation.
  10. Currently I have the water loop done and the pump running getting all the air out the peltier works and I now just need to get some heat shrink tape and wire ties to clean it all up. Almost done :)
  11. Ok the next part was a little tricky but I modified an old VGA power supply to provide power to the 245w peltier I have. I also went to home depo and purchased a tyco electronics Dual row Terminal strip to distribute the power and to save me on some soldering. I also coated my motherboard in Black finger nail polish to protect against condensation. in the Haf 932 the power supply is normally located in the bottom of the case I relocated this to the top.
  12. Hey guy's I have not been too into modding the past few years since PR/Pcapex kind of went away so I finally got excited and amped up and am in the process almost done with a project I have been wanting to do for sometime. The first time I wanted to run a peltier liqued cooled system I had a good setup going but didn't take any pics and then eventually killed it since then I have been very discouraged. But this time around I am doing things right :) First off I tore down my Haf 932 as you know the Haf 932 has a gray metal interior so I stripped it down and fixed that with some black plasti dip :) I also pulled out the ole dremel rotary tool and removed 10 rivets to get the HDD cage out.
  13. Hiya My name is James currently a resident of Tampa I have been into computers and small electronics from the early age of 9 when I remember seeing my first computer a good ole intel 386 Dx2 it was my future to be step dads computer and the first thing I did when they left the room? Took apart and almost got it back together again :D! I used to frequent good ole PimpRig all the time and when it started to go down hill i tried other placea like OCN but found their TOS policy's too suffocating. Its really good to see a community growing with many familar face's I will for sure be checking in here daily.
  14. ahh I don't have any photo's but the only thing I ever did I was soldering a few wires together making my own led lighting for my case It was just a simple design I took a molex y connector and soldered in a few high intensity blue led's to a resistor. Half way through I dropped the soldering iron and it was headed for my nether regions so I grabbed it between 2 of my fingers on my left hand needless to say I have a pretty good scar from the burnt tissue. :) Just thought I would share anyway even though I don't have pictures.
  15. ahh man this stuff really bring's back memories. I miss PR. I use to visit it 3-4 times a day reading all the work logs updating posts and comments. I remember my first time overclocking I got a ton of help from Captin Planet :D Its so good to see these old work logs again. I have been getting inspired to start another one of my own. :)
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